How to Pick the Perfect Beverage Fridge for Your Home? Where Should You Put a Beverage Fridge? Are They Worth It?

How to Pick the Perfect Beverage Fridge for Your Home? Where Should You Put a Beverage Fridge? Are They Worth It?

You could feel overpowered by the variety of brands, features, and capacities available while shopping for a beverage refrigerator. Fortunately, buying doesn’t have to be challenging. The abundance of options for drink chilling and storage may even make it simpler to choose the ideal piece. Knowing just what will meet your unique demands is all that is required. Shopping for a beverage refrigerator is considerably easier once you’ve chosen which characteristics are crucial to you. Take into account these helpful hints when purchasing a beverage refrigerator for your house or place of business.

Choose the Beverages You’ll Be Storing First, choose the beverages you intend to store. 

Will you primarily be keeping canned goods in storage? Or will you require a device that not only holds soda, beer, or other liquids but also bottles of wine? You should choose the appropriate beverage cooler based on your diet and preferences.

Why Your Home Bar Needs a Beverage Refrigerator

While dual-zone beverage coolers can hold both wine and canned cold beverages, other versions are exclusively meant to hold cans. Each type of beverage is kept separate inside these coolers. And, of course, if you only want to preserve your wine collection in a temperature-controlled environment, there are also specialized wine coolers.

Determine how many drinks you want to store.

There are numerous sizes available for beverage centres. The majority of small-capacity beverage refrigerators are adequate for the typical home or workplace. Choose one that carries little more than 60 cans if you simply intend to frequently store drinks for one or two people or replenish your stock. These units work well for tucking away on your counter or fitting into tiny office areas.

A mid-capacity beverage refrigerator that holds 80 to 100 cans is ideal for a small household or group. These units require more area to sit, but if you like, you can also install a built-in unit to conserve floor space.

How to Pick the Perfect Beverage Fridge for Your Home - Home Stratosphere

Determine the location of the beverage refrigerator

What beverage refrigerator you buy will depend greatly on the space that you have available in your house or place of business. Tiny to medium-sized appliances typically fit in small spaces, as beneath tables or on worktops with little surface area. The majority of the larger units currently on the market may still function well in your home or workplace, while larger units may demand more space. Larger models typically stand between two and a half and three feet tall, with a few exceptions.

Indoors versus Outside

You should also decide whether the fridge will be kept inside or outside. Outdoor variants typically have stainless steel exteriors, making them more durable. Some outdoor units additionally feature triple-paned doors.

Freestanding vs. Built-In 

Determining whether you want a freestanding or built-in device is the final step. Almost anywhere there is an electrical outlet, freestanding beverage refrigerators can be installed, giving them versatility. In spaces with limited space, like small kitchens or apartments, built-in refrigerators are designed to be mounted beneath existing counters.

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Keep Energy Usage in Mind

For the discerning customer, there are numerous energy-efficient beverage centres available. Look for products that have earned the Energy Star certification while you shop. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy established the Energy Star standard in 1992 to identify and market energy-efficient electronics and appliances. Items with the Energy Star label typically consume 20% to 30% less energy than comparable products.

Be Aware of Your Options

A modest, simple model can be adequate for you if all you need to do is regularly stockpile a few Coke cans. However, you might want to benefit from the wide range of features that are currently offered with many higher-end devices. You might find the following choices useful:

Dual-Zone Climate:

These machines have distinct temperature zones in either top and bottom or side-by-side chambers. Given that wine is frequently chilled at greater degrees than beer, soda, or other canned beverages, these are great for storing both wine and canned goods.

Safety Locks: Locking refrigerator doors can typically only be opened with a key. This is helpful in preventing kids from consuming alcohol or preventing expensive items from dissappearing.

Digital temperature controls: You can store your items at the ideal temperature with the help of digital readouts and easily adjustable temperature settings.

How to Buy the Best Beverage Refrigerator for Your Home

Shelving that is movable

Moving inside shelves let you alter shelf height to properly accommodate your drinks.

Interior LED lighting in these refrigerators is more durable and energy-efficient than conventional lighting.

Reversible Doors:

The side on which the door is mounted and opens can be changed with units that have this functionality.

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Examine Your Budget

Beverage refrigerator costs range from cheap for simple models to pricey for units with a tonne of options. You can choose a price range for your purchase by considering the features and prices, as well as the qualities you need in a refrigerator. The typical price range for products suitable for home or office use is between $170 to $1,800, with some premium items costing between $3,000 and $4,000. Before you start shopping, make sure to determine your needs and create a reasonable budget to prevent making any excessive purchases.

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