10 Top TV Shows for 2024

10 Top TV Shows for 2024

Masters of the Air

Release date: 26 January

Are you in search of every buzzy actor in the biz righteous now? Looking no further than Masters of the Air, which boasts a cast that includes Butler, Keoghan, Ncuti Gatwa, and Callum Turner. The series took to the skies as it followed the 100th Bombardment Group of the US Army Air Forces during the 2nd world war. It’s a companion series to Band of Brothers, full of then-up-and-coming superstars, another equal stacked series as per 10 Top TV Shows for 2024.

Daredevil: Born Again | Leaked Info, Photos & Videos ...
10 Top TV Shows for 2024 14

Daredevil: Born Again

Release date: TBA

After being yanked away from Netflix, Charlie Cox’s Murdock is get a new life on Disney+. After a small appearance in She-Hulk, Cox would repack his briefcase and head back to the courtrooms of Hell’s Kitchen, defend criminals by day and fight them by night. It’s a much anticipated revamp of one of Netflix’s most successful Marvel offerings, bringing back Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin as the villain. While it had been on track for the early 2024 release, it now looks like the complete matter is getting a creative overhaul meaning it’s still up in the air when we’ would get it.

The Night Manager' Season 2 In Works At Amazon, BBC; Tom Hiddleston Back
10 Top TV Shows for 2024 15

The Night Manager season two

Release date: TBA

The globe fell to its knees when the foremost season of The Night Manager hit our screens in 2016, introducing us to former military officer Jonathan Pine and Tom Hiddleston. Based on the novel, it was a sexy and slick spy offer and one we think we’d leave behind in the 10s. However, it was announced this year that not only would The Night Manager be back, but Hiddleston would be returning too. There’s no word yet on where this espionage caper would take us (and no word yet on when).

Penguin | Features, Habitat, & Facts | Britannica
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The Penguin

Release date: TBA

Colin Farrell packs himself back into the prosthetics to reinhabit his role as Gotham’s good crime lord from 2022’s The Batman. Land on HBO’s Max, the series would discover Oswald Cobblepot’s rise to the echelons of eight episodes and the city’s criminal underworld. Not much is significant about the series yet, but that’s just the manner the shadows of organising crime working, you understand?

The Sympathizer (TV Mini Series 2024) - IMDb
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The Sympathizer

Release date: TBA

If there’s one thing that Marvel’s aughts culture takeover taught us it’s that, if you have Robert Downey Jr, you better make the most of him. In The Sympathizer, he is playing a master of disguise, inhabits all the characters that making up the vague notion of The Man in this tale about a Viet Cong spy infiltrate the South Vietnamese society in 1970s as directed by legendary Park Chan-wook South Korean, the series has been describing as part thriller and chunk satire.

How having the right kind of rival can help you thrive in a changing world |
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Release date: TBA

Dusting off the jodhpurs and unlocking the memory box of saucy puns, as Jilly Cooper is getting a renaissance in 2024 with the bestseller Rivals adaptation. Chunk of the Rutshire Chronicles, which followed the horsey elite of 1980s Britain, the tale followed a rivalry between TV channel executives. The series would star Danny Dyer, David Tennant, and Aidan Turner. Expect sex, power struggles and a fair few ripping riding coats. Ooer!

Blade Runner 2099: Amazon Announces Live-Action Series - IGN
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Blade Runner 2099

Release date: TBA

There is not much Blade Runner 2099 news out there, just that Ridley Scott is steering the ship and it’s happening. While Blade Runner 2049 partially set up alternatives for a follow-up, a movie sequel was never greenlit. Instead, the next story, set 50 years on from the last outing in the world of humans, would land on Prime Video at a certain point in the future as per 10 Top TV Shows for 2024.

The Devil In The White City Trailer (2023) | Leonardo Dicaprio | Keanu  Reeves - YouTube
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The Devil in the White City

Release date: TBA

In what possibly may be the most cursing TV property of all time, it’s unlikely that this TV show will actually hit the screens in 2024, with it having no director or leading star anymore. However, we remain hopeful, if only as it’s a prospect that seems to have nine lives. As the production baby of Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, the series, which is about the notorious killer H. H. Holmes and Chicago against the backdrop of the World’s Fair, lost Keanu Reeves as its leading star and Todd Field at its helm. Right now it’s in limbo, but you could not kill this one that easy way.

100+] Avatar The Last Airbender Pictures | Wallpapers.com
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Avatar: The Last Airbender

Release date: TBA

Based on the hugely famous animating series of the same name, this Netflix live-action series seeks to right the wrongs of the popular terrible Avatar: The Last Airbender movie that we got back in 2010. The show followed a war-torn globe where humans could bend the elements. Aang, the last person in airbender, has to keep order in the breakable world and fend off ideas for total takeover. It will star Daniel Dae Kim and a full host of newcomers.

Squid Game' Season 2 cast announced at Netflix's TUDUM event - The Hindu
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Squid Game (season 2)

Release date: TBA

The bigger show that Netflix ever released is, of course, getting a second series. How couldn’t it? It’s a great stuff from the first series.

Wednesday Season 2: Here's Everything You Need to Know - Netflix Tudum
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Wednesday (season 2)

Release: TBA

The moodiest girl in the universe would be back for round two. Wednesday‘s initial season broke Stranger Things season 4’s view records at lightning speed.

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