12 Social media trends for 2023

12 Social media trends for 2023

The key to success is authenticity.

Aside from video content, which has consistently been on the social media trends list in recent years, authenticity has gradually become the defining component of success for social media trends. Authenticity, real-time updates, and posts that customers can relate to are more of a demand than an expectation in an age of overly-edited photographs and videos and customer cynicism.

The rise of TikTok and the emerging BeReal platform indicates the need for filter-free material and genuine relatable circumstances and characters. This social media trend is gradually displacing traditional, filtered “insta” content.

TikTok and a short video

When it comes to video material, YouTube, unsurprisingly, remains the undisputed top in social media trends. This is especially true for the 92% of marketers that see it as an important aspect of their marketing strategy. As major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn expand their video capabilities to keep up with the growing popularity and new trends, the video momentum has only grown. However, with the development of TikTok, an intriguing tendency has emerged. Short-form videos have become a popular social media trend among younger audiences. This movement is being driven by Generation Z, but others are following suit. And it’s easy to see why short, compelling videos are so popular. They are simple to make and relatively affordable, resulting in some great user-generated content.

Micro-influencers and their impact

In terms of influencer marketing, this tendency will be even more prominent this year. As more people purchase from home, your brand promotion approach will be determined by collaborating with influencers who have a large following. Influencer marketing is an efficient social media trend but it may be expensive.

Because of the unexpected attention on social media, the cost has risen, and well-known influencers are demanding a large fee when promoting a brand. In that circumstance, smaller enterprises lose a significant market share. This is why reaching out to smaller influencers in your niche may be preferable.

Social commerce is becoming more popular.

Go where your customers are, or even better, go first and set up shop. That’s certainly what Facebook and Instagram had in mind. They were the first platforms to provide social commerce capabilities. They had the right idea, given the gradual shift to online commerce and the influx of new active users. So, if they haven’t already, the Facebook Shop and Instagram Storefront will quickly become two of the most popular social media trends on their respective networks. Buyers today are more knowledgeable about social media trends than ever before. They are thoroughly investigating your brand and services. As a result, this method of commerce has enormous potential. Prospective customers value convenience.

Customer service using social media

Social media networks have come a long way from being simple means for connecting individuals and sharing material. With their commercialization, another piece of the puzzle begins to fall into place. As social media platforms grow more important for social media trends, it only makes it natural that they will be used as a customer care channel as well.

It is critical to have an open channel of communication with your consumers to resolve potential difficulties as soon as possible. What better approach to engage with them than to use an already available function that allows you and your consumers to communicate practically instantly?

Social media personalized ads

Paid advertising is effective, which is why more than half of firms intend to increase their social media advertising spend. Given the increased popularity of video and graphic material on social media, it’s no surprise that Instagram will receive the majority of social media ad spending for social media trends. Not to mention the recent increase in audience the platform has seen.

Personalized ads on social media

You must be aware of what is going on down the metaphorical social street. Follow the conversation so you may join in and actively participate in what your audience is discussing. However, conversing with multiple individuals at once is difficult, and you may lose track of what they were discussing. Especially when the interactions are taking place in multiple locations at the same time. Don’t be concerned; Mediatoolkit has you covered. Social listening can be utilized in a variety of ways in social media trends. For example, if your brand is mentioned, you want to be there, especially if a customer has a problem or a query. A prompt and helpful response does more for your brand’s image than any advertisement could achieve.

Close-knit Communities

The unexpected growth in social media users isn’t ideal, at least not for everyone. For some users, noise is becoming a concern, and they are looking for alternative modes of communication. Preferably in smaller communities of like-minded people, where they can freely produce and share information. These micro-communities have smaller audiences but high levels of involvement. Facebook and LinkedIn were perfectly positioned to capitalize on this social media trend, and it shows. Facebook Groups experienced an increase in the number of groups, which corresponds nearly perfectly with the current situation in the world, as people are socially oriented and want to communicate with others.

Social justice and brand involvement are on the rise.

More and more corporations are deciding to engage in public dialogue on social media about problems of social justice, politics, and the environment. This might be a bold marketing strategy or genuine involvement with social media trends, both of which could hurt a segment of the audience. More than half of social media users, particularly younger viewers, appreciate the social media trend of business activism and would like to see your company actively participating in controversial issues and social media trend help. Consider how a global brand, such as Nike, uses social marketing to address social justice and inequality concerns as part of its marketing activities. You can be certain that they have calculated the amount of response and publicity that their campaign will produce.

Bringing social media and email marketing together

The distinctions between various digital marketing channels are becoming increasingly blurred during social media trends. Marketers aim to bridge the gap between them to collect as much data as possible and use it efficiently in social media trends. As a result, a multichannel approach has been developed to provide users with complete brand immersion. To make this marketing plan work, you must establish and maintain your brand’s tone, as well as align your social and email campaigns. Using both channels for distinct objectives is an excellent method to combine them. Social media platforms are excellent for increasing brand exposure and consumer interest, whereas email marketing is more focused on conversion.

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