20 Interesting Facts About Instagram You Should Know About

18 Interesting Facts About Instagram You Should Know About

A New Instagram Feature: Donations and Fundraisers

The largest social networking site in the world with photo- and video-sharing capabilities is Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. The majority of companies believe that Instagram is the finest platform for promoting and selling their brands, services, and goods. Instagram changes its distinctive features on a yearly basis to provide these businesses with the space they need. The findings show that 500 million stories were viewed per day in January 2019. This information demonstrates that the majority of people regularly use Instagram. As a result, companies develop new tactics while networking and learning about the Instagram algorithm. You should be aware of some Instagram unknown facts as a fundraiser.

“Fundraisers and Donations” is a brand-new function that Instagram has created. It works well for nonprofit organizations and people looking for financial assistance.

18 interesting facts about Instagram that you must know about

Instagram for Small Businesses and Creativity

Instagram provides all creative brains with a lovely space. The site allows you to both discover and share creatively stimulating and original stuff. A feature on Instagram allows you to convert a personal account into a corporate account. Many solutions are available to support small businesses expanding on this platform. To increase your reach, Instagram will also promote your posts and stories. You can start your own company with ease, market and sell your goods, and make money from your posts.

Statistics of Instagram’s expansion

Here are some Instagram statistics to assist you to learn more about the application. 

  • Before it was made available to Android users, Instagram had 10 million users.
  • Android users could access it starting in 2012, and by February 2013, there were 100 million active Instagram users.
  • There were 1.16 billion users in October 2021.
  • 995 images are published on Instagram every second.
  • In 2021, 61% of firms intend to raise their Instagram advertising spending.
  • Instagram is used by 60% of users to discover new products.
  • Every day, 500 million or more people visit stories.
  • In 2022, Instagram is the seventh most downloaded app from the Apple App Store.
  • The tenth most popular search term globally is “Instagram.”
  • In 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger co-founded Instagram.
  • Adam Mosseri now holds control of Instagram’s handle.
  • The main office is located in Menlo Park, California.
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Instagram celebrities

Here are some fascinating Instagram influencer facts.

With 390 million followers, the Instagram official account has the most users.

With 275 million followers, Christiano Ronaldo leads all Instagram influencers, with Lionel Messi coming in second with 195 million.

America alone has seven influencers in the top 10 Instagram influencers.

Making Money With Instagram

By enabling them to make money off of their posts and videos, Instagram has taken the initiative to aid in the growth of the influencers. Because of this, even the smallest influencers can profit effectively from their Instagram presence.

The three standard Instagram payscales are:

Micro-influencer: paid $88 per post for 10k followers.

Mid-level influencer: 200 dollars per post for 100k followers

An influencer with a million followers earns $670 for every post.

Instagram Interesting Facts That Will Captivate You

Top Hashtags on Instagram

In January 2011, Instagram created the hashtag function. Hashtags facilitate content navigation and increase interaction. Now, people may follow hashtags to keep up with current trends. Furthermore, it filters their feed to only display the appropriate content.

The top five Instagram hashtags with the least usage are:

  • 2.062 billion people follow #love
  • 1.36 billion followers on Instagram
  • 943 million people follow #fashion
  • 908.1 million people follow #photooftheday
  • 781.2 million people follow #art

Instagram’s Initial Image

The first photo was uploaded to Instagram by co-founder Kevin Systrom. It was his dog’s click. The greatest amount of traffic to this post occurs quickly. It demonstrates that if your post is cute and engaging, you may grow your business more quickly.

Instagram’s Top Food Likes

You might be surprised to learn that pizza is the cuisine that Instagram users like the most. On Instagram, you can find delectable food, but if you don’t like pizza, you can choose another delectable dish that suits your preferences.

Facebook users

Do you know that 68% of Instagram users are women, making up the majority of the platform’s user base? You may have observed that most Instagram users are women. Instagram offers a wide range of alternatives for other individuals to enjoy themselves and pursue business prospects.

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Instagram’s Most Popular Image

Stormi Jenner is featured in the Instagram post that has received the most likes. The picture that has received the most likes in a short period is currently on record.

Most Popular Instagram Filter

The most popular Instagram filter is gingham. With the help of the gingham filter, you can improve your photos and give them a stunning appearance, which will draw in more viewers and fans.

Age of Instagram Users

Young people are the generation that uses Instagram the most. The majority of Instagram users are in the 18 to 29 age range. Instagram is undoubtedly the ideal platform for the upcoming generation, where you may connect with others to share your ability and expand your start-up company.

As a news source, Instagram

Across 12 global selected markets, 11% of people use Instagram as a news source, compared to 32% who use Facebook and 20% who use YouTube.Instagram is not a go-to source for news. Only 13% of users believe Instagram is a reliable source for the most recent news, compared to 23% of users who view the news while on the platform for other purposes.

Instagram users under 35 are more likely to follow online celebrities than traditional news sources. 21% of people and 36% of people, respectively, follow mainstream journalists.

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Top Instagram Brands

As previously noted, Instagram, which has 390 million followers, is the top account on Instagram. The most followed brand after removing Instagram’s account is National Geographic. The brands with the most platform followers may be shown by deleting the individual influencers’ profiles. The most popular niche that heavily invests in their Instagram account is sports, particularly football.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is becoming a thriving sector on its own because some people (influencers) depend on it for their livelihood. Nearly 90% of marketers that responded to a poll believe that Instagram is the best channel for influencer marketing. Luxury, sports, and beauty businesses are currently the industries that work with Instagram influencers most frequently.

Instagram Stories

Before Instagram embraced it, Snapchat was the first to employ this function, and it has already produced several benefits. With more than 500 million users publishing their Instagram stories every day, it is currently a hugely popular feature of the program. That is significantly more than the 190 million daily stories on Snapchat.

Taking a stand

Brands are increasingly frequently seen taking a stand on social and political topics. Although it is a dangerous move, it can also enhance the brand’s reputation. A survey found that 66% of consumers thought brands could affect change by taking a stand on social media, while 70% of customers wanted the brand to address social issues.

When should I post?

The ideal time to post on Instagram was recently the subject of research. The findings indicated that content released between late morning and early afternoon (between 9 am and 2 pm), particularly on Wednesdays and Fridays, receives increased engagement.

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Buying a product

More than one-third of platform users have used a mobile device to make a purchase. They, therefore, have a 70% greater chance of doing so than non-users.

Instagram user profiles

According to an analysis of Instagram accounts, 29.9% of accounts either post extremely few or no videos or photographs over a month. 8% of Instagram accounts, according to the survey, are fake.

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