7 Top affordable electric blanket in INDIA 2021



7 Top affordable electric blanket in INDIA 2021

Electric blanket or heat blanket is best for the places where winters are too cold and also for the ones who face health issues and need a warmer environment. The best part about electric blankets is you just need to switch them on and you are good to no time consumption no complexity at all. Electric blankets are best for comfort sleep also it comes with a setting so you can raise or lower down its temperature according to your comfort or requirement. There are so numerous shapes and sizes of electric blankets so you will be having the immense option to choose the one which suits you and your home best. Let’s discuss how to use them and which blankets are best yet affordable for you.


What is Electric Blanket?

Electric blankets are embedded with electric heat wires which provide you heat and warm you it can be placed over the mattress and under bedsheet like a warm layer for a night of better sleep and also it is equipped with control units by which you can control the temperature as per your comfort to have sound sleep.

Guide to use Electric Blanket:

Always buy new and branded Electric blanket:
As electric blankets generate heat by electrical heat wires so it has to be very proper and of good brand otherwise blanket made with poor or older product may lead to an accident also buy new one don’t go for an old one as there are chances of it’s wire getting tempered or loose that can cause problem as with good you won’t face such things.

Always roll your blanket rather keeping it like a heap or folding:
When you fold blanket it forms lines and hard turns which might break or cause issue in electric wire inside blanket it is advisable to roll it softly to avoid any strain on it.

Don’t create a heap over Electric Blanket:
Avoid keeping too much things on electric blanket it might lead to damage of you electric blanket by causing stress or maybe by catching fire. Especially avoid using any other heat appliance along with electric blanket as it can cause issues like fire or current so be aware about it.

Always read instructions:
Never forget to read instructions as different products have different maintainance so it is suggested to read manufacturer details like how to wash, how to use and everything to avoid any kind of harm to yourself or anybone.

7 Top affordable electric blanket in India 2021:

1. Serta | Super Soft Reversible Microplush/Sherpa Heated Electric Throw Blanket, Bay Blue:

Super Soft Reversible

Serta’s throw-sized blanket is both warm and inviting. It’s made of high-quality materials and features a dual-sided design for added comfort.

The controller includes an 8.5-foot power wire and has a 4-hour automatic shutoff option. It’s also machine washable and dryer-friendly.

It’s constructed of 100% polyester with a brushed microplush texture on one side and a sherpa textured side on the other.

There are also five various heat settings to choose from, depending on your preference.


  1. There is only one size available.
  2. It may take longer for it to heat up than other electric blankets.

2. Soft Heat by Perfect Fit | Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Blanket with Safe & Warm, King, Beige:

Soft Heat

This plush electric blanket promises to keep you warm top to bottom. The blanket is designed with safe and warm low voltage technology, so there are no worries of overheating or short circuits. It also boasts a triple-rib construction for added safety and small, invisible wires insulated in a soft, micro-plush.

This soothing blanket is divided into two zones and includes a dual control mechanism, ensuring that everyone’s temperature requirements are met. The blanket is machine washable and dryer safe, with an automatic shut-off.


  1. It is not durable comparative to other similar products.

3. MP2 Fleece Heated Blanket Wrap Shawl, Wearable Electric Poncho Throw with Buttons, 3 Heating Settings & 2 Hours Auto Shut Off, 50″x 64″ Paisley:

MP2 Fleece

The MP2 heated shawl includes safety measures such as a 2 hour AUTO SHUT OFF and three settings for heat control to meet your specific demands. To save energy and prevent overheating, the heated blanket turns off automatically after 2 hours of continuous usage. The heated wearable blanket with hands-free movement allows you to move your arms without sacrificing warmth.

The cloth may be machine washed; simply unplug the controller and throw it in the washer. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle in the washing machine.

There are no elector-magnetic emissions, and the safety level is UL/ETL certified. AFTER-SALE SERVICE: The MP2 Wearable Blanket comes with a 5-year warranty that guarantees your complete happiness.


  1. Need to handle with care.

4. Hyde Lane Faux Fur Electric Throw | Premium Wild Fox 50×60 Soft Electric Blanket | Fuzzy, Pilling Resistant Heating Throw | 3 Heat Settings | Auto-Shutoff | Machine Washable:

Faux Fur Electric

When you have to stay up late, you can select how warm you want to be when you sleep. With our proprietary LED controller, you can choose from three different heating levels for this blanket. We understand that some of you LIKE IT HOT and want to SAVE MONEY. Consider this… At night, switch off the heat in your home and snuggle up with our heated throw blanket. Then you’ll see a lower electric bill when you wake up.

This helps to relax painful muscles and joints by “opening them up.” Atheletes or fitness freak will appreciate these throw blanket with sleeves. Even if you’re iron-deficient and merely want to stay warm!


  1. Bit costly.

5. iTeknic Electric Blanket Heated Throw with Fast Heating Technology, 10 Temperature Settings, Overheating Protection and Auto Shut Off 60″x 50″ (Royal Blue)-Washable Heated Blanket:


This high-quality huge electric throw blanket 60*50” is made of luxury and ultra comfy flannel and can cover your entire body and relax each inch of your sore muscles, provide maximum soft and comfort emotions, and keep you warm in such chilly weather. It has no peculiar odour.

The heated blanket heats up in a matter of seconds. Warm heat therapy can be enjoyed freely and fast with 10 temperature heat options.

If you forget, the light will automatically turn off after 60-180 minutes. To save energy and avoid overheating, just set the heating setting to switch off after 1-3 hours of continuous usage.


  1. There is a possibility of cold spots in corners.

6. Beautyrest Microlight to Sherpa Reversible Electric Blanket Throw, Adjustable Multi-Level Heat Setting Controller Cozy Living Room Couch, Sofa, Bed, King, Grey:


This electric blanket has been designed to emit the least amount of electromagnetic field radiation feasible. The heating element has an evenly spaced pattern that allows for even heat distribution. For maximum safety, this product is UL approved.

You can personalise your heat settings with 20 heat settings to find the perfect level of warmth.

Smart home outlets and automatic timers are supported. The customizable auto off can be set from 1-10 hours, or a one hour preheat option can help jump start the warming process. With a 12’6″ controller cord and a 6′ power cord, you’ll have plenty of reach.


  1. Possibility of uneven spots.

7. Pure Enrichment PureRelief Plush Heated Throw – Fast-Heating 50” x 60” Electric Blanket with 4 Heat Settings, Storage Bag and Soft, Machine-Washable Micromink and Sherpa for Cozy Couch or Bed Use:

Pure Enrichment

This electric blanket offers four therapeutic heat settings to assist soothe nerves and relieve winter aches and pains. The blanket, which is constructed of high-quality micro-mink and Sherpa anti-pill material, provides dual-sided relaxation and shouts luxury. This energy-saving electric throw blanket, which is insulated with ultra-thin undetectable wires and has an auto shut-off after 3 hours of continuous usage, is also machine washable.

All you get is blanket with corded LED controller, storage bag, industry-leading 5-year warranty, and courteous customer service 7 days a week.


  1. Cord length is not that long.


We all need comfortable sleep especially in winters and electri blanket can bring that comfort to us just buy the perfect one by reading about them online like their reviews and guide to buy oneas this article also guided you to buy best yet affordable.

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