8 Best Recliner Chairs for Every Style and Budget

8 Best Recliner Chairs for Every Style and Budget

Manual Standard Recliner Leni


Take a seat, grab the remote, and recline for a relaxing night in front of the television. There are no levers or remotes needed; simply put your weight onto the seat back to fully recline up to 63.5″. There are over 20 different striped, patterned, and plain fabrics to select from, so you’re sure to find something that works for you. Over 12,000 five-star reviews emphasize the recliner’s appealing design and high-quality materials, and many reviewers agree that it’s “exactly the right size” for their settings — neither too huge nor too little. Because of the short seat and small footrest, this chair may not be suited for those with larger frames.

Recliner Gistad


Ikea is a popular brand for low-cost, minimalistic furniture; more than 100 of our survey panelists said they bought couches and other furniture from Ikea, with many saying they bought it for their small flats and living spaces. The Gistad recliner from the brand is a wonderful buy, offering a sleek, compact black faux leather or burgundy woven chair with manual reclining that adjusts to three distinct settings (upright, leaning back, and full recline) for around $350. Despite being inexpensive and appealing, Ikea furniture is infamous for being difficult and time-consuming to assemble. This is not the case, according to reviewers, with this simple-to-assemble chair. Remember that our survey panelists expressed dissatisfaction with their Ikea furniture breaking down after extended use.

Raleigh Reclining Chair with High Legs

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This La-Z-Boy reclining chair’s personalization possibilities are practically limitless — there are 400 color and pattern combinations to pick from! Experts at Textile Lab appreciate that there is a high-quality material for every family, including soft chenilles, structured weaves, and fuzzy flannels in a variety of finishes and levels of durability. So many possibilities can be intimidating, but the brand does provide three free fabric swatches for you to try before you buy. Furthermore, the rounded armrests, lofty back, and deep cushions make the chair ideal for resting. If you are tall, this chair may not be a good fit for you because La-Z-Boy markets it as being ideal for “petite” people who are 5’3″ or shorter.

Power Recliner with a Push-Button


This gigantic chair reclines completely with the stroke of a button. It’s designed for maximum comfort, with deep body cushions and soft, pillowy armrests, comparable to Serta’s other plush goods, such as their top-rated mattresses. Just keep in mind that, while the chair itself is enormous, the increased cushioning and larger armrests result in a narrower seat. Synthetic fabric options, such as fuzzy polyester weaves and smooth faux leather, amaze our Lab analysts because they are generally more durable and easier to care for than natural materials. The chair has received positive feedback from customers, with one saying, “I’ve paid double the price for other seats and this one is just as lovely.” 

Teasley Manual Recliner in Vegan Leather


This recliner’s mid-century modern style is entirely on trend, with tapering legs, curved arms, and a plush imitation leather seat (available in black, caramel, navy, and white). According to customers, this push-back recliner is both comfy and stylish. “I’ve never seen a better-looking [recliner]. Simple to assemble and comfortable, “one person wrote The chair reclines almost completely, making it ideal for relaxing or napping. Unfortunately, some customers complained about the material flaking with wear, which is a regular problem with faux leather fabrics. If you want the condition of your chair to last, keep it clean and dry, and avoid placing it in direct sunlight.

Irving Leather Recliner with Roll Arms


The club chair design is adaptable to a wide range of interior design styles, from modern farmhouses to traditional ones. And it’s so fashionable that no one will notice it’s a recliner until you lean back, causing the footrest to rise. Our poll respondents are impressed by the quality of their Pottery Barn furniture and appreciate how long it lasts, with one responding that her Pottery Barn furniture lasted more than a decade of daily usage. We adore this chair, which is made with firm cushions and steel coils for strength and durability. It’s also made of gorgeous, silky leather. If you do decide to acquire this chair, keep in mind that the majority of the over 40 color options are not available.

Heated Massage Reclining Chair


This chair is more than just a recliner; it has massaging and heating functions, as well as a spacious pocket on the side for storage. Pull the reclining handle positioned behind the right armrest and recline in this plush chair. Then, for the most soothing experience, select from five massage modes with ten intensity levels, available with or without heat. According to reviewers, it’s an excellent choice for seniors and pain patients because the heat and massaging capabilities can assist relieve pre-existing discomfort or prevent back pain caused by prolonged sitting. One poll respondent who owns Latitude Run furniture says it “has held up pretty well over time” and has “not lost any shape or support.” 

The Plus Glider


With the USB charging connector on the control panel of this motorized recliner, you can keep your electronics close at hand and completely charged. This chair not only reclines, but it also swivels 200° and glides back and forth, making it an excellent addition to any baby room that requires a rocker. We enjoy the stain-resistant fabric, which is simple to clean when mishaps occur. One tester praised the glider, saying she “liv[ed] in” the cozy chair while recovering from a C-section. She also mentioned that it was big enough for her toddler to sit with her as she fed her baby. Some reviews stated that connecting the chair’s sections during assembly proved difficult.

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