A Fantastic Collection of Free Design Course Websites

A Fantastic Collection of Free Design Course Websites

Design is a broad field that includes many disciplines such as graphic design, web design, UX/UI design, and others. There are plenty of free design course websites available online to assist you to achieve your goals, whether you’re a novice hoping to learn the basics or an experienced designer wishing to extend your talents. In this article, we’ll look at a terrific assortment of free design school websites that provide useful tools and courses to help you improve your design skills.

Canva Design Academy

Canva is a popular online graphic design tool, and its Design School provides a variety of free design classes. Canva Design School offers an interactive learning experience with practical exercises and real-world examples, ranging from beginner-friendly courses on design foundations to expert tutorials on branding, typography, and more.

Adobe Creative Cloud Training

Adobe Creative Cloud is a popular software suite among designers, and Adobe’s official website provides a wealth of free training on a variety of design themes. Whether you want to study Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or any Adobe application, their lessons will help you master them with step-by-step explanations, video demos, and sample files.

Google Create

Google Design is a platform that distributes design insights, resources, and tutorials. They provide a variety of free design courses on topics such as design sprints, UX research, material design, and others. Google Design classes offer practical advice and strategies that are supported by real-world examples from Google’s design team.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a popular online learning platform that provides free classes in a variety of areas, including design. They have an arts and humanities department that covers topics including art history, visual arts, and design principles. Design courses from Khan Academy offer video lectures, interactive tasks, and quizzes to help you create a strong foundation in design ideas.

MIT OpenCourseWare

The MIT OpenCourseWare platform is well-known for providing open access to MIT course resources, including design classes. They provide a diverse range of design courses in fields such as architecture, urban planning, visual arts, and others. To help you understand design principles in an organized and academic setting, MIT OpenCourseWare provides lecture notes, assignments, and project examples.


ALISON is a free online learning platform that offers basic to advanced design courses. They provide courses in graphic design, web design, digital photography, and other areas. To help you enhance your design talents, ALISON’s design courses feature interactive lessons, quizzes, and practical tasks.


Skillshare is a well-known online learning community that provides thousands of free and paid design courses taught by industry experts. They cover a wide range of design themes, including illustration, typography, and user interface design. To help you improve your talents and interact with other designers, Skillshare’s design courses feature video lessons, project assignments, and peer feedback.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine is a renowned online newspaper for web designers and developers that provides a plethora of free design resources and lessons. They cover web design, UX/UI design, coding, and other topics. Smashing Magazine’s design lessons feature step-by-step guides, case studies, and practical examples to help you keep current on design trends and approaches.

Coursera is an online learning platform.

Coursera is a renowned online learning platform that provides free design courses from the world’s top colleges and organizations. Coursera offers in-depth and structured classes taught by industry experts in areas such as graphic design, UX/UI design, typography, and more. Assignments, quizzes, and peer-reviewed projects are frequently included in courses to provide a thorough learning experience.


Udemy is an online learning site that provides a variety of design courses such as graphic design, web design, UX/UI design, and motion graphics. While not all courses are free, Udemy frequently offers discounts or promotions, and the marketplace still has many free design courses available. Udemy courses are created by instructors from all around the world, offering a variety of perspectives and insights.

Adobe’s Discover Graphic Design

Last but not least, if you just want to dip your toes into the field of Graphic Design, Adobe’s Discover Graphic Design materials are a great place to start before digging into more advanced topics. While this isn’t a full-fledged course, the blog entries shared by Adobe are useful for experimenting with different aspects of graphic design to find what resonates with you. There’s a lot to learn here, whether it’s how to choose between serif and sans-serif fonts, how to obtain visual inspiration, or what a vector file is. The program is entirely free, however, if you want to obtain a certificate to include on your resume or design portfolio, you must subscribe to Alison.

WebFlow University: The Ultimate Web Design Training

Ultimate Web Design Course is a free course provided by WebFlow University, an online learning platform hosted and built by WebFlow, a CMS and design tool.

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