Apple Watch Series 7: Here are 9 things you should know

apple watch series 7

The Apple Watch Series 7 is a smart seventh generation Apple watch and my first Apple watch. Until then, I’ve been told that this watch is almost identical to the Watch 6. Apple is slowly developing this practice of providing subtle improvements to new products every year. For example, the Apple Watch 7 series comes with a larger display, larger battery and faster charging. The larger model will have a resolution of 396 by 484, compared to 368 by 448 in the changing model. That increase means that the device will have about 16% more pixels, allowing you to display more so-called problems – the industry name for information components from watches.

Point 1:- The Apple Watch Series 7 will have a faster processor and a redesigned case with flat edges. The new screen is designed in a new way of lighting that brings the display to the glass cover. Technically, this is the first major redesign since the Apple Watch 4 was expanded to 40mm and 44mm in size, but it is not as powerful a design as we had expected.

While rumours have made us expect a solid redesign of a flat look like the iPhone 13, we are still in the round, even though we have curvier glass.

Point 2 :- There are also no new health tracking features – it looks like we will have to wait for next year’s Apple Watch 8 to get rumours of blood pressure and glucometer sensors. And while the Apple Watch 7 reportedly has a new chipset, it seems that this is not an improvement on the Apple Watch 6.

The Apple Watch 7 gets a 70% shiny display that stays open while indoors, IP6X dust-resistant, water-resistant WR50 like the previous models, and more durability. The battery is the same (18 hours expected, but we got about 26 hours of regular use), but it is charging 33% faster.

A quick look at the price stats. Series 7 starts at Rs 41,900 entry level 41mm model and 45mm larger model will cost Rs 44,900. You will have to spend a lot of money to get a different version of the cell phone. Also, prices vary depending on the belt you choose.

Point 3 :- A quick look at Apple’s website is enough to show that the Apple Watch Series 7 looks very similar to the Apple Watch Series 6. Except for a larger size, there is no way to separate the two watches. The Apple Watch Series 7 comes with five color options – Blue, Blue, PRODUCT (RED), Starlight and Midnight. I had a green color variation, which looked great. Apple also sent a sports belt that looks better.

Point 4:- The big change is about the size of the display. It is now 20 percent larger and has very thin bezels. You get a clock with dial sizes 41mm and 45mm. Big shows are showing. The text looks great and sharp. And, for the first time an Apple Watch user, I must say that the display is smoother than what I have seen in other smart watches. The UI is well-designed and the changes are smooth

Point 5:- To use this great display, you get three new clock faces – Contour, Modular Duo and World Time. As Apple said in his keynote, the text on this face clock runs to the edge of the clock. This looks smooth inside the house but is not visible under sunlight. I was surprised to see the price of a watch offered by Apple on a watch. Also, you can customize it to gain personal experience.

Point 6:- Another remarkable addition to the 7th series is a built-in qwerty message keyboard that uses the Quick Path function. It can be used to reply to messages, emails and more. It’s a good thing to have. It adds life easily. I just found the display too small to edit the typed text. Also, it only works for quick responses.

Point 7:- Apple has not added anything new to the features of this watch. You get almost everything available on the Apple Watch 6. You can track activities like walking, running, climbing stairs and more. You can also use the Apple Watch 7 to monitor your heart rate and blood pressure levels. It also provides an ECG if needed. The reading is accurate and you can hope the clock can be a perfect everyday companion.

Point 8:- If you own an iPhone, the clock is fun to use. There are many customization options within the Apple Watch app. You can change the clock face, adjust settings and much more. You can also use the clock to create memojis and play music on any device connected to the outside. The clock can also be used for the remote control of the camera application. It works flawlessly. If you have a mobile version of the clock, you can also use it to take calls by registering a SIM card.

Point 9:- Battery backup has always been a problem for smart watches. The Apple Watch 7 offers relief by staying longer than a day. It was able to provide approximately 36 to 40 hours of battery on it on average. Also, the charger is said to be 33 percent faster than the previous generation charger.

As mentioned earlier itself, the Apple Watch 7 series is not a major upgrade to the Watch 6. It could easily be called the Apple Watch 6s. So, the decision is clear if you own an Apple Watch 6 or Watch 5, you can easily skip the Apple Watch 7 series. If you want to buy your first Apple Watch, then the affordable Watch SE is not a bad option . For anyone who still wants Apple’s latest watch, the Watch 7 is an excellent product.

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