Are Students Suffering From Mobile Phone Addiction?


Considering all of technology’s benefits, your cellphone must not be your primary companion and discussion partner. Cellphone obsession is equivalent to alcoholism, drug addiction, and addictive behavior. Of obviously, it won’t damage your health the way alcohol does, but its “toxic effects” has an impact on human understanding and relationships with the rest of the globe.

Although we may disregard this as a typical practice in today’s society, the truth is that it has significant behavioral and social consequences. The usage of a phone for more than 15 to 20 minutes each day has been linked to poor sleeping frequency and quality. If you use your mobile inside an hour of going to bed, you’re 3 times more likely to have less than 5 hours of sleep.

Mobile effect of children

Children who use their phones more in class, irrespective of gender or prior grade average, receive lower grades, according to research.Smartphone addiction is a major issue that should be taken seriously. It has an impact on our health, relationships, and job. Individuals with smartphone addiction struggle from nomophobia, and that is the anxiety of being off and therefore unable to use their cellphone for whatever reason.

Mobile phones give users the ability to communicate with almost everyone else in the globe at any time. They help us discover whatever data we need and provide us with a lot of fun. While this technology was intended to strengthen us, it has unfortunately turned into something that is dominating us. The majority of mobile users today are addicted to their phones.

We can use our mobile phones to play games, gamble, and order online. Smartphones enable us to interact with individuals all over the globe, watch films, take pictures, hear music, search the internet, and engage in a variety of other activities. It’s difficult not to become glued to this entertaining superpower.

It is, nonetheless, critical not to fall victim to it. It is because the consequences could be disastrous. Headaches, decreased eyesight, sleep issues, melancholy, social withdrawal, anxiety, physical aggression, financial troubles, ruined relationships, and no or poor career advancement are all symptoms of technology addiction.

Mobile phones were developed to make our lives easier. To regain control of our lives, we should limit our use of them. If you believe you are becoming addicted to your phone, seek for strategies to break free. It also is your job to assist your family members in overcoming their addiction.

Symptoms in Signs and Symptoms of Mobile Addiction

Display Withdrawal

When a smartphone’s battery runs out or dies, addicts become nervous and irritated. They also become anxious and agitated after misplacing their cell phone. In such a circumstance, they are now on the edge of anxiety and panic attacks.


Many mobile phone junkies even feel their ring tone or vibrate while it isn’t in use.

Prefer to Communicate With Others Through the Internet

Mobile junkies would sooner interact with individuals online than chat to the people around them. Even at social functions, family gatherings, or outings with friends, they would be constantly on their phones.

Frequently Check Your Mobile Phone

Even when there’s nothing vital to accomplish, cellphone junkies take their phones and keep checking all of the time. They merely navigate through the applications to display a message, see who is available, and engage in other pointless mobile pastimes. They are so enamoured with their cellphones that they will monitor them even while riding, showering, or in the midst of a crucial conference.

Anxiety and Sleep Disorders

Mobile junkies are prone to sleeping difficulties since they use their smartphones until late night. Everyone is aware of the consequences of sleep disturbances. It has the potential to obstruct our job and have a negative impact on our health. Mobile addicts frequently cut themselves off from the rest of the world. They spend much of their time online socialising, gaming, and viewing videos. The absence of human touch would be the first step on the path to depression.


Phubbing is a phrase that describes the behavior of frequently checking their phone even if you’re in a crowd. This is a behaviour that mobile addicts acquire, and it is detrimental to their personal relations. They isolate oneself from their family members who seek their affection and attention while they strive to connect with individuals online. As a result, mobile junkies have serious relationship problems.

Attention Span Shortening

People become addicted to mobile phones are unable to focus on work for extended periods of time. Far to much video gaming has a negative influence on the brain and reduces the capacity to concentrate. Furthermore, mobile junkies have an insatiable want to check their phones. As a result, they are unable to concentrate on the task at hand.

Headache and blurry vision

Headaches are a common complaint among mobile junkies. Over awhile, they experience migraine problems. Long periods of time spent staring at a screen are also harmful to the eyes and can impair vision.

How to Get Rid of Your Smartphone Addiction


You could not overcome cellphone habit unless you are not willing to give it up completely, just since you cannot conquer other sorts of addictions. Once you’ve decided that you want to overcome your cellphone addiction, you could do that by completing the instructions outlined below.

Set a timer for using your phone

Set a daily mobile usage goal of how many hours you want to spend on your phone. Give each pastime, such as social networking sites, messaging, playing, or watching movies, a certain span of hours. There are applications that can track how much time do you spend on various apps. Make use of these programmes to figure it out.

Other Activities to Indulge in

To keep yourself engaged, engage in hobbies such as drawing, singing, enjoying indoor/outdoor games, accomplishing domestic tasks, and so on. This will reduce your desire to view your smartphone on a regular basis.

Professional Assistance

If you are unable to live with your cellphone habit with your own and therefore do not believe that your family members could help you, it is time to pursue expert assistance. Counselors who specialized in mobile addiction counseling are available. They provide both individual and group treatment to help people overcome their addiction.

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