Best Children’s Books about the Olympic and Paralympic Games

Best Children’s Books about the Olympic and Paralympic Games

The Horse Who Came Home

Hannah’s father, a former Olympic show jumper, runs extremely respected troops where they buy, train and sell out ponies for large sums of money. The whole family supports, especially Hannah’s elder sister, Millie – on the rise a social media star. But when Hannah saved Bella, a gorgeous Connemara pony, and started to chunk together her history, she discovered that not everything at Heartwood stables is as ideal and good as it looks.

Cyborg Cat and the Masked Marauder : Adepitan, Ade: Amazon ...

Cyborg Cat and the Masked Marauder

After a busy trip to the frightening Crawly House at the safari park on a school trip, Ade and the Parsons Road Gang felt good – even if Ade’s legs were getting weaker and he wanted the wheelchair more, it’s alright as he had learned a few cool moves with his wheels. He had been invited to join Salim’s wheelchair basketball team and life felt good.

There’s only one issue – to be on the team he wanted a sports wheelchair. And that costs a lot of dollars. So Ade and his friends set about fundraising. It’s all going good until someone begins to disrupt the events, and few of the dollars go missing too. Who is the Masked Marauder who’s decided to stop Ade from getting his wheels?

The Extraordinary Life of Serena Williams (Extraordinary Lives)

The Extraordinary Life of Serena Williams

A Grand Slam champion, An activist, An inspiration, Serena Williams started playing tennis when she was just a small kid, and is now the Olympic champion who’s won many more Grand Slam singles titles than anyone else.

Throughout her life she’s battled numerous issues, from sports injuries and life-threatening illnesses, to racism and sexism in the tennis globe. Now she’s an icon in sport, activism and fashion, a motivation to every young human who has daring to dream huge.

Gold Medal Mysteries: Thief on the Track

Seb, Hannah, and Maria are at the World Championships in Tokyo, bond over the excitement at watching the favourite athletes compete.  But Jesse Marks, a star runner on the USA relay team has had his gold medal stolen! The sport park is alive with gossip and as the 3 new buds started to investigate, several suspects started to emerge.  With time running out before the final race is run, could the detectives uncover who is out to destroy the team?

My Encyclopedia of Very Important Sport: For little athletes and fans who  want to know everything (My Very Important Encyclopedias) [Hardcover] DK ...

For little fans and athletes who wanted to identify everything

This exciting book for kids is packed with fun facts about a range of famous sports such as karate, football, skiing and badminton, as well as ones you may not have heard of like cheese rolling or biathlon. Whether you were a fan of teaming sports, extreme sports, winter sports, water sports, and even board games such as chess and go, this book has it all!

20+ Free Paralympics & Badminton Images - Pixabay

Wheelchair Sports at the Paralympics: Paralympic Sports

Discover all about wheelchair sports as Paralympic and the individuals who participated in them in this goody photo-illustrated book. Events covered include Paralympic tennis, basketball, fencing and rugby, with descriptions of the rules and how they differ from the Olympic counterparts. The reachable text includes a Q&A element, along with info features including an index and glossary.

Black Brother, Black Brother

A high powered coming-of-age tale about two brothers – one who presents as black, the other as white – and the manner they are pushed to navigate a globe that does not treat them equally.

Donte wishes he was invisible. As one of the some black boys at his school, he felt as if he was constantly way swam in whiteness. Most of the students do not look like him. They do not like him either. Dubbing the ‘Black Brother’, Donte’s classmates and teachers make it clear they wish he were more like his light skinned brother, Trey.

When some incident with a white student leads to Donte’s suspension and arrest, he’s certain the only manner to get even is to beat up the student at the school’s most valuable game: fencing.

Dream Big( Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Excellence ...

Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Excellence

Olympic dreams coming true in this motivating image book from Michael Jordan’s mom, author of the NYT bestselling Salt in His Shoes. Long before he wanted to be a professional All-Star basketball player, Michael Jordan had seen dreams of winning an Olympic gold medal—and with perseverance and dedication, that’s exactly what he did. This heartwarming book, illustrated by Barry Root and penned by Michael’s mother, offers a glimpse into a sports hero’s childhood and stresses the role that good values play in success. Dream Big basically is an inspiration to all.

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