Dive into Data: Harnessing the Power of Big Data and Analytics

Dive into Data: Harnessing the Power of Big Data and Analytics

Data analysis is an significant step to answer the experimental question. Analyze data from a well-designed study support the researcher answer questions. With this data, you do also drawing conclusions that further the research and contributing to future studies. Keep well-organized data during the collection procedure would support making the analysis step that much easy.

Organizing the Data

Apply an electronic database to organizing the data. Copying the data into a newest file to edit. You never required to working on the master data file in case something getting corrupted during the analysis procedure. A program like Excel permit you to organizing all of the data into the easy way exploration spreadsheet. You do adding filters to the data to making it easy to paste and copy seperate datasets between files.

Code text responses into the numerical form. If you work with survey data that has been written responses, you would requireda to code the data into numerical format before you do analyzing it. You might have to create own coding structure for responses based on a info you have received and the questions you try to answer with the data.

Developing a system to group the data. As you begin collecting data, starting thinking about the best manner to groupism everything. If you work with human responses or subjects, you would required to serve every human a number or letter code to protecting confidentiality.

Checking the data for errors. When organizing data, there could be a lot of pasting and copying between files. Periodically checking the master file against the data you have organizing to make certain that numbers haven’t been mixing up or placing in the false columns.

Selecting Statistical Tests

Running t-test to comparing two groups. A t-test is a pretty usual statistical test apply to compare the samples means (averages). A one-sample t-test is utilized to testing that the average sample is statistically important from the known value. A two-sample t-test is utilized to testing that two groups have statistically various means.

• Two sample t-tests are usually utilized in the clinical and biomedical zones.

Utilizing an ANOVA to analyse groups means. An ANOVA (analysis of variance) is pretty common way utilizing in the biomedical fields to comparing means of numerous groups. ANOVAs are a pretty powerful tool to find differences when you looking out at numerous comparisons.

Running a linear regression to testing variable effects. A linear regression testing looks at the independent variable variation and testing to see whether that variation is cause the variation seen in the reliant on variable.

Harnessing Big Data

Apply an ANCOVA to comparing two regression lines. If you need to comparing the relationship of two differ groups to the similar variable, you do apply an ANCOVA (analysis of covariance). An ANCOVA permit you to controlling for the variation you may check from the independent variable among two groups.

Explore much more statistical tests on the own. The tests present are not an exhaustive tests list accessible. These are few of the more common tests utilized, but there are numerous variations and much more complex tests that might be better for the data. When plan your experiments, do a thorough searching to decide which tests to utilize.

Analyzing the Data

Clearly defining the research questions. Do not lose aim of the study and sticking to the defined variables and research design. A good research strategy including run well designed collecting and experimenting the righteous amount of data to answer up the research question.

Consult a statistician. Statistics do getting very complicated very fast way, especially with huge datasets. Before you started the experiment, discussing everything with the statistician. They do helping you figure out what tests are appropriate to analyze your data and how much samples you would required in every group to have the awesome power to running the tests.

Big data analytics in education: Opportunities and challenges | by Yuniar  Fajar Perdhana | Medium

Run the selceted statistical tests. Once the data has been prepared and collected, you do begin to run all of the tests you have decided to running before the experiment started. Programs specific to analyze data must be utilized for this procedure. These tests are pretty much complex and it is much easy to run them utilizing a program such as SAS, GraphPad Prism, Stata, or R.

Presenting the Data

Making graphs that are publication quality. There are numerous software programs that permit you to turn the data into nicer graphs. Statistical analysis programs also having graphing capabilities that produced quality publication figures. Transfering the data into one of the programs and making them into a graph.

Group same data together. If you have numerous graphs of data that are same, grouping them together into one figure. It would support you understand the data if you do looking at all of the same data at the similar time. It is eacy to check out draw conclusions and trends about the data.

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