From Funnel to Flywheel: Evolution of the Marketing Approach

From Funnel to Flywheel

Your marketing strategy must begin with the customer problem. A successful service and product solves an issue for a customer. Perform market research to explore what the potential customers want. Utilize that research to decide how to position the product to meet their requirements. Then, you develop a marketing strategy to attract the audience to the product. With this structure, you need to evolve brand awareness, generate new leads and eventually sell the product or service.

Developing Service Offering and a Product

Define the ideal customer. Thinking of the humans who purchase the product most often or those people who have an issue that the product or service do solve. Your perfect customers might be of a certain income, age, and gender level.

• Determining who the perfect customer is will shape up all of the marketing efforts for the product. In order to get the most out of the marketing budget, targeting the ideal customers.

• You do decide the perfect customer through the client data you keep on the product sales. You do survey the clients and analyze research generated by competitors in the research firms and industry. 

• For example, if you sell outdoor technology equipment, your perfect customer might be a female and male between the ages of 25 and 50 years old, as these humans are both much more active than old humans and have more expendable income than young humans.

• In addition, you estimated that the ideal customer lives in the western US, as humans there spending much more time outdoors than those in other chunks of the nation, and has the higher level and upper level of income, as your outdoor equipment is relatively expensive.

Solve an issue for the customer. Consumers have issues that they need to solve. If you are working with clients in a specific industry, utilize your customer knowledge to find an issue you do address.

• Research the product idea. Many businesses generate great products that connect to other successful products they sell. Thinking about why customers utilize the existing products. You might be able to solve other issues that are slightly different.

• Say, for example, that customers told you that they require a durable cell phone charger that would hold up if exposed and dropped to utmost weather.

• To solve this issue, you develop a charger that is shock-proof and weather-proof. Bikers and Hikers tried the results and phone charger.

Apply the concepts of the market to the product and the perfect customer. Once you’ve identified the perfect customer and solved his issue with the product, you do think about the marketing components. Thinking broadly about what you want to do to market the product.

Evolution Of Marketing & Improving Your Marketing Strategy

Be clear about your ultimate goal in marketing. Before you begin work on the marketing structure, consider what you need as the end result. Once you end result identification, you do generate the plan.

• Your firm’s goal might be to increase brand awareness, or simply to increase product sales. You may also need to expand into the new market segment. If you’re in the biking and hiking gear market, for example, you might need to expand into mountain climb gear.

• Any aim you set must be compared to a benchmark for the industry. Assuming, for example, that there is a great amount of competition in the biking and hiking gear market. No single firm controls more than 5% of the market sales. If your aim is to increase our sales, you may set 5% as the end goal. The aim fits the conditions in the marketplace.

• You decide that your aim is to increase brand awareness. When someone realizes that they want a good cell phone charger when they go biking or hiking, you need that prospect to know about the company.

Expand your marketing efforts. To increase your sales, you might want to add on certain new marketing activities. As you add on new manners of marketing your product, your firm’s brand awareness will grow.

• Find a pathway to get the brand and business observed by humans. Utilize tactics and strategies like press releases and public relations. With these two processes, you are getting much more online traffic driving consumers to the or business and website.

• All companies must have numerous firms post blog content and websites. To expand the presence in a market, consider speaking at events and hosting a podcast. If the competitors don’t utilize these structures, you’ll have an opportunity to stand out.

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Develop a marketing plan and a budget to implement the plan. It’s important that you pen up a formal marketing plan. In order to make the plan a reality, you want to budget for each of the marketing activities. There are two major components of marketing: paid marketing, organic/website marketing.

• Paid marketing: Consider running paid ads on platforms like Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, to reach out to clients who are making particular searches.

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