G-SHOCK Bluetooth watch (GSW 1000-1)



G-SHOCK Bluetooth watch (GSW 1000-1)

G-Shock is Casio’s shock-resistant watch and is also known for its toughness. It was developed by Mr. lbe’s idea of creating a watch that never breaks. With time G-Shock with time, it has become such a big brand by providing the most durable and stylish sporty look watches. Now G-Shock has unveiled its brand new smartwatch with wear OS by Google.

G-Shock smartwatch can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth and replicate numerous phone functions and has GPS functionality and Multisport measurement tracking.


What is G-Shock?

G-Shock watches are designed to withstand mechanical stress, shock, and vibration and are manufactured by the Japanese electronics manufacturer Casio. Gravitational Shock is abbreviated as G-Shock.

About  GSWH1000-1 :

The G-SHOCK GSWH1000-1 is built to last and has proactive and personalized technology that keeps users connected and motivated as they work toward their fitness objectives.

Running, trail running, cycling, swimming, surfing, skiing, fishing, trekking, and more are among the primary functions that can be used to assess a variety of sports.

The new GSWH1000-1 gives the Wear OS experience more ruggedness.

The variant has a titanium case back for enhanced robustness and corrosion resistance, as well as an all-black honeycomb textured case and band.

The model also has a high-quality, dual-layer touch screen display for simplicity of use, as well as a colour LCD display for viewing maps and measuring data while exercising.

The dual display is water resistant to 200 metres and includes the world’s first shock and water resistant microphone as well as a magnetic charging outlet.

An optical sensor that detects blood flow under the skin to measure heart rate, sensors for measuring altitude/barometric pressure, compass and bearing, a gyrometer, and a 3-axis accelerometer that detects body movement to measure step count and distance travelled are among the other technical features.

It also includes a rapid, high-precision GPS system that instantly captures position data and measures speed, pace, and other multi-sports statistics. To improve accuracy and connection speed, the GPS also supports GLONASS and MICHIBIKI.

The upgraded G-SHOCK Move App adds new technical abilities to the wristwatch, including Bluetooth® connectivity.Users can select one of three watch faces, as well as manage measurement data and training history for certain activities.

Sensor overlay is a new feature in the app that allows users to overlay their workout data on top of photographs or videos from their workouts to share them effortlessly on social media.

It also boasts a colourful, aluminium Direct Start button that allows you to start your workout with a single touch at any time, and a metal bezel that serves as a good-quality GPS antenna.

A magnetic dedicated charging cable is also included with the GSWH1000-1.

More Features:

  1. 200M Shock Resistance Corrosion Resistance Water Resistance
  2. Mapping on the Go
  3. Microphone with Built-in Water Resistant
  4. Alarm Vibration
  5. Data on the sunrise and sunset
  6. Fishing Time Graph / Tide Graph

World Time:

With over 300 locations to pick from in the app and up to 5 locations settable on the watch, the enhanced World Time feature is one of the G-defining Shock’s features.

Before trying to change the world time settings, do check if watch is connected. If it isn’t, you won’t be able to. In this section, you can easily change the time zone of your residence.

Casio recommends customizing one of the world time settings to your destination, stopping auto time adjustment, and then swapping the home time before arriving at your destination while changing time zone.

Phone Finder:

The Phone Finder functionality works by attempting to link the watch to a lost smartphone. You need to Press and hold the bottom-right button for around 5 seconds to activate the Phone Finder. After then, the watch will try to connect to the phone. The watch will connect and the phone will make a sound if you are within range.

The sound will be turned off by pressing a button on the watch. If the watch cannot connect to the phone within 15 seconds, it will cease working and you will have to try again. In order for the watch to find your phone while trying this functionality, you must be within 7-8.5 feet of it.

The alert’s tone and loudness can be modified in the settings (tool icon) section of the “Phone finder settings.”

More settings:

A visual watch guide and a battery level indication with seven levels are two other prominent features of the G-Shock Connected app.

Other settings include button tone on/off, light settings (2 or 4 second afterglow, complete auto light on/off), battery saving settings, and summertime (DST) option for home time (auto/on/off) in the settings area (gear icon on top right). Don’t forget to press the bottom-right “Send setting to watch” button.

How to Disable Bluetooth?

To completely disable Bluetooth, go to the app’s settings and select “Delete pairing registration” at the bottom, then perform a hard reset (hold top-left button until “HT” flashes, then press bottom-left button twice until the seconds digits flash, then hold top-right button).

If you want to prevent the watch from automatically adjusting the time using Bluetooth, you can disable the “Time adjustment” setting in the app or on the watch (hold the top-right button, then use the bottom-left button to cycle through the settings until you reach “RECEIVING,” then press the bottom-right button to change the setting to OFF, then press the top-left button to exit).

Multi-Band 6 time adjustment will be disabled as well. You can still use the Time & Place tool to manually start a time sync and connect to the app.


The GSW-H1000-1A4 (red) is equipped with all of the necessary sports features, such as distance metres, heart rate monitors, GPS map displays, calorie counters, and more, with the added benefit of enhanced use thanks to Google’s technology.

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