How to Enable Fingerprint Authentication in WhatsApp on Your iPhone or Android

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Phone

WhatsApp is one of the most popular mobile messaging apps. Although it provides a secure (non-controversial) forum, there is little native security given to access to the app. Thankfully, WhatsApp updates are also available with modern phones to provide fingerprint authentication for accessibility.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Phone

WhatsApp has been releasing several updates to the iOS and Android platforms, many of which are limited to beta versions. That means that fewer users who have subscribed to and participated in their beta developer program in both forums can access and use the features under these updates on eligible devices.

Among the many updates is the ability to protect WhatsApp conversations using fingerprint authentication.

It has been almost six months since Facebook’s social messaging app introduced biometric authentication to iOS models. That feature works by entering a native Touch ID or Face ID.

Android users will be happy to know that it is now available on the platform. Like iOS, the same rumours have been circulating about bringing the same layer of verification to it.

HOW TO Authenticate WhatsApp Fingerprint

For iPhone users, this feature is available on the built-in WhatsApp platform. It works like a Signal or Outlook lock, except that WhatsApp does not provide additional protection for each chat in the app.

To use WhatsApp Fingerprint authentication on your Android device, you must sign up for the WhatsApp Android Android beta and install version 2.19.221 or higher.

To join the beta program, sign up for yourself, and then click the “Become Explorer” button. You will receive a (green) confirmation – You are now an inspector. You can opt-out whenever you want. Once the app has been updated, you can enable the setting and secure all your conversations with the fingerprint lock feature.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Checker

You may not see the feature even after you update the app. In this case, you will need to make a backup copy of your chat history, and then re-install WhatsApp to get the latest configuration from the server.

The only option is to wait until the feature is activated on your device. However, it must meet the requirements of eligibility.

If you can enable the feature on your Android device, you can open WhatsApp using the fingerprint sensor on your phone. Also, you can still answer calls and respond to messages from notifications when the app is locked, without the need for biometric authentication.

In this guide, here are steps to secure your conversations on iOS and Android platforms. With this, you can avoid viewers who may enter your private life or open your chats at random.

It’s incredibly easy to set the fingerprint lock using biometric authentication on your iPhone, but first, make sure you have a compatible device with the iOS 8.0 version and higher. Enabling the feature means that you will have to re-authenticate each time you open WhatsApp, even if your iPhone is turned on.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp from your home screen.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint home screen confirmation screen

Step 2: Touch Settings and select Account.

Enable the WhatsApp account to verify WhatsApp Fingerprint

Step 3: Tap Privacy to open the menu.

Enable Whatsapp Fingerprint Verification Settings

Step 4: Scroll down and press Lock screen, then open it. If your device has a face ID, your face will open conversations, while Touch ID is made for the app. In this tutorial, I explained the steps I should take using Touch ID as I have not yet upgraded my iPhone. However, if you are presented with both options, you can select one to open the dialog.

Enable Whatsapp Fingerprint Authentication Screen Ios

Step 5: From the lock screen menu, select how long you would like WhatsApp to wait before logging in again. This could be a 1, 15, or 60-minute interval. However, you can choose to “quickly” see how easy it is to get into your face or your fingerprints.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Authentication Touch Id

Now every time you wish to open an app, touch the fingerprint sensor, and it will open the app.


To use WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification on Android, check that you are using version 2.19.221 before attempting to enable the setting. If you have previously signed up for the beta version of Android, update, or uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall it to make the feature work on your device.

Step 1: Once you have the correct version of WhatsApp, open the app and open Settings

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Settings

Step 2: Tap Account

Enable WhatsApp account verification settings settings

Step 3: Tap Privacy

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Settings

Step 4: Scroll down to the Fingerprint Lock option and tap on it. That will enable the feature on your device.

Enable WhatsApp Fingerprint Verification Settings

Step 5: You can choose how fast you would like the lock to work if it is activated by selecting “instantaneous” or by choosing between 1 or 30-minute intervals. When you set the feature for the first time, WhatsApp will show you the information. That information asks you to verify if you want to use your device’s fingerprint sensor to open or lock the app. Then, press your registered finger once with the help to confirm it and use it.

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