How to Get 50000 Twitter Followers in 60 Days: The Complete Guide

How to Get 50000 Twitter Followers in 60 Days: The Complete Guide

Choose a distinctive and appealing brand voice.

Finding your voice on social media is more crucial than anything else. Make some inquiries about your brand voice before creating a Twitter account. We’re discussing audience identities, brand messaging, and brand vision.

All of this will assist you in creating a niche that individuals desire to fill. For ideas, go to the American fast-food restaurant Wendy’s.

Your Twitter profile is complete

Google and other search engines can look up your Twitter profile. Fill out your profile like a pro to increase the likelihood that potential new followers will notice it. Verify that it has:

  • A stellar profile picture
  • Tags, keywords, and pertinent location data
  • Some personality

Perhaps taking a page from PlayStation. The profile of the international gaming corporation features a branded profile photograph, clear location information, and common spelling variations of its name (e.g. PS4, PS5, PS VR).

Get validated

Verification on Twitter is back! Twitter is once more authenticating accounts after an unplanned interruption in 2017. Verified accounts can display a blue checkmark on their profile, letting users know they are authentic companies. The procedure aims to prevent copycat and spoof accounts from gaining popularity on the platform. Visit this page to learn more about the verification procedure and how to apply. If people believe you are the real deal, they are more likely to follow you.

Post visual materials

There is now a sea of visual information where there was formerly only text and emoticons. On Twitter, 97% of users are mostly focused on images. So, it makes sense to add them to your content calendar. Use this:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Memes\sGIFs
  • Infographics
  • Brutal quotes

Holiday carb infographic sign from Whole Foods

What’s best? The character limit on Twitter is 280, not including images. Thus, a visual post can convey a lot more information than a text-only one.

Find out what makes a great tweet.

Any distinctive social media content requires both art and science to create. You’ll gain a sense of the art, and fortunately, the science can be encapsulated in a useful list.

The top tweets on Twitter, per Twitter, were:

  • two or fewer hashtags
  • speak in conversation
  • are concise and pleasant (Tweets under 140 characters still perform best)
  • Employ visual material that has been adjusted and tested using analytics
  • React to recent events and popular topics of conversation

By going to the Trends area of Twitter’s Explore tab, you may find Twitter trends.

Publish when it’s appropriate

The most effective time to tweet is at 8 a.m. on Mondays and Thursdays, according to studies. Hence, if you’re just getting started, posting frequently throughout these periods is your best bet.

You’ll have enough information after 30 days to use Hootsuite’s Best Time to Post function to determine the best posting times for your current followers and possibly new followers.

Accept new elements

To learn about new features, keep an eye on Twitter’s announcements. Have you heard of Spaces, a live audio chat tool for Twitter that was introduced in 2021? If not, you might pass up the newest chances to promote your brand. To learn about new and forthcoming services like Spaces, Tweet Takes (Twitter’s response to TikTok’s visual answers), and more, follow @Twitter on Twitter.

Apply hashtags

Twitter hashtags enable individuals who don’t already follow your brand to find your posts and engage with them. So, including hashtags in your postings is a quick approach to reaching more people. Twitter recommends including 1-2 hashtags in each tweet. Ensure that they are pertinent and, if at all feasible, connected to a larger trend like #FridayVibes.

Apply emojis

A strategically positioned winking face could help your article stand out in a sea of text-only tweets. Color attracts people, especially the yellow/red combination found in many facial emojis. So, it makes sense to use one or two relevant emojis to make your Tweet stand out on the timelines of your audience. More people will follow you as a result of more people seeing your Tweets.

Make threads on Twitter

Run a Twitter thread if you have a tale to share that is longer than 280 characters. A thread is a collection of Tweets that are connected in a row. The “Tweet number/total number of Tweets in thread” nomenclature, such as 1/6, 2/6, or 3/6, is how Twitter identifies a thread. Not only do people enjoy interesting stories, but sending out several Tweets increases your chances of being seen. Once you’ve written your first Tweet, pick the plus icon to start a thread. Twitter will add the numbering automatically once you hit publish.

Be active, active, active

Engaging on Twitter often is one of the best strategies to gain followers when you’re new to the service. It implies:

  • interacting with your current supporters (answering comments, messages, etc.)
  • monitoring brand references and answering them
  • observing retweets and leaving comments on them
  • commenting on posts made by non-competitive accounts in your niche

Liking content frequently, i.e. daily Engagement increases your visibility in the Twitter feed by demonstrating to the algorithm that your account is active. Also, you’ll put your name in front of individuals who already follow accounts that are similar to yours while giving your fans a reason to stick around.

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