One Plus Nord 2 Review



One Plus Nord 2 Review

OnePlus is considered among the most successful smartphone manufacturers. The OnePlus project began in 2014 with the release of its “flagship killer,” the OnePlus One, and has since evolved into a flagship smartphone brand. Along with the smartphones, the company has introduced earphones, televisions, and other products to broaden its offerings.

In Hyderabad, OnePlus erected a large 186,000 square foot R&D centre. OnePlus also promised an R&D investment of Rs 1,000 crore over the next three years. In addition, the company will participate in 5G trials in India in collaboration with Qualcomm’s Hyderabad R&D centre.


So today we will talk about the new launch of OnePus which OnePlus Nord 2 launched on 22nd July 2021. OnePlus has gone to great lengths to make the Nord 2 appear and feel like a high-end device. Below the screen, there’s a little more bezel than you’d expect from a really high-end handset. Without a question, the OnePlus Nord is the greatest mid-range phone with excellent features.

OnePlus’ newest attempt to gain a firmer footing in the market, which it had mostly abandoned in its pursuit for premium sector dominance some time ago. In India, this is the third instalment of the Nord series. OnePlus takes pleasure in providing a good performance for the money, and this is the foundation on which its empire has been built.



OnePlus Nord few design changes. Although some may find the appearance unappealing, this is nonetheless a well-built smartphone.

The handset’s back is composed of glass, and it feels pleasant to the touch. The camera parts protrude somewhat from the phone’s back, however this is a common trend among current smartphones.

The back of phone is protected by Gorilla Glass 5.

You can use the hush switch to toggle between silent, vibration, and full volume modes on your phone. The phone’s bottom edge has the USB-C port, also the speaker and a SIM card slot.

The phone comes in three colours: Gray Sierra, Blue Haze, and Green Wood. However, not everyone will be able to purchase all three colours, with Green Wood being limited to India.


OxygenOS is the Android software available in OnePlus Nord 2. OxygenOS 11.3 is a hybrid of the OxygenOS we’ve seen on prior OnePlus devices with certain ColorOS features.

The merger should also imply faster upgrades, something OnePlus desperately needs right now as company struggles to stay up with update timetables due to its multiple phone launches.


OnePlus Nord 2 boasts a capable main camera which shines in bright light, and also performs admirably in low light with night mode. The main camera is capable of shooting photographs with little noise and excellent colour reproduction. Saturation, dynamic range, and white balance are all excellent. The Nord 2 employs artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically distinguish 22 distinct scenarios, such as food, indoors, or animals, and adjusts the colour and contrast level accordingly.

The daylight performance of the Nord 2 is excellent. The Nord 2 shoots good photographs with the night mode settings turned on, keeping colours and highlights while losing little detail.


OnePlus Nord 2 has a fantastic display, as well as a decent in-screen fingerprint scanner. This worked swiftly for us, and it’s not always a feature you’ll find on phones in this price range.

The camera cutout is also included, and it blends in well enough that you won’t notice it once you start using the gadget. Although the viewing angles are good, the outdoor readability is only fair.

Battery Life:

OnePlus Nord 2 has a 4,500mAh battery, which should be more than enough to get you through a full day on a single charge. The battery life on the OnePlus Nord 2 has been excellent.

Every day of usage has resulted in us having at least 15% left over at the end of the day. To keep you powered up, OnePlus has provided a selection of outstanding features. The addition of 65W fast charging, which we found to perform extremely well when you’re in a hurry to charge your phone, is a significant advance from OnePlus for this smartphone.

If your phone is completely dead, you’ll discover that this will recharge it in less than 30 minutes. That is OnePlus’ assertion, and in practise, we found it to be true.


OnePlus has implemented a new performance toggle mode to the Nord 2 that unleashes the chipset’s full capabilities. The OnePlus Nord 2 runs heated thanks to the high-performance mode, which increases battery consumption and heat.

While using the phone, had no problems with the performance of any of the apps. The Dimensity 1200-AI is a powerful chipset that performs admirably, and the Nord 2 easily outperforms the Nord and the OnePlus Nord CE in terms of CPU performance. This phone won’t be as speedy as a high-end phone, but it’ll enough for most tasks you’ll need a smartphone for. It’s possible that you’ll have to wait a few seconds longer for apps to load.

So our Final verdict is of you want to buy a mid range phone with best camera and battery life and lot more great features go for OnePlus Nord 2 because at such price you won’t get any better phone. But in case you are searching for wireless charging or waterproof features then this device is not for you. Hope it will help you to finalize your phone purchase.

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