The 4 Best Egg Boiler Reviews For Australian Cooks (2021)

The egg boiler is a quick and easy way to get a lot of protein into your systems. Add the water and eggs, set aside for a while, and you’ll have boiled eggs in no time. This is a tough gadget with a small footprint that can be carried around with you wherever you go. While an egg tastes just how you would like it to, you understand it’s cooked to perfection. Every person has their own distinct personal tastes. Some individuals chose hard-boiled eggs, while others like runny eggs. There must be, however, a certain manner to prepare the eggs and egg boilers makes it easy for you.


Picking the proper mode, in short, will definitely give texture you’ve been looking for. It really only requires 10 to 15 minutes, and you may cook a variety of various sorts of eggs. If you are a gym freak or you love having eggs as your breakfast which is actually very good for your health by being rich in proteins. Then having an egg boiler is best for you.

Here we are to help you find the best egg boiler for Australian Cooks.

1. Sunbeam EC1300 Poach And Boil Egg Cooker, White

boil eggs

At a time, you can boil up to 6 eggs. Up to 2 eggs can be poached at a time.

2 poaching trays, egg tray, and water measuring cup with piercing pin.

This tiny egg cooker would be a favourite in any household thanks to its non-stick finish and convenient buzzer.

To nicely boiled or poached eggs, delectable omelettes, or steamed vegetables, feel better in the morning. The one and only decision you’ll have to make is whether you want it runny, soft, or hard centred.

It’s difficult to time the boiling of eggs, if they’re boiled or poached. The Sunbeam Poach & Boil Egg Cooker is an excellent way to solve this issue, as it consistently produces flawless eggs.

2. Breville BEG100 The Eggspert Egg Boiler


With the Breville Eggspert Egg Cooker, you can schedule your eggs to precision and avoid overcooking or overcooking.

The preset and forget egg boiler makes it simple to make boiled, poached, or omelette eggs: simply add the appropriate quantity of water using the water measuring cup and you’re ready to go.

The cup has lines on it to help you figure out how much liquid to pour for the desired consistency: soft, medium, or hard.

The buzzer will sound when the eggs are done and ready to serve. There are no risks (unless you don’t turn it off).

Four egg trays for poaching or omelettes, as well as a seven-egg rack for boiled eggs, are included in the cooker. Rice and veggies can also be steamed in the cooker.

3. TODO All in One Egg Cooker, Boiler, Poacher and Omelet Maker

omlate maker

The Toast n Egg Cooker makes a 4-minute egg and bread breakfast each time, with the proper texture egg and colour toast each time, eliminating the guessing that used to come with cooking the proper boiled or poached egg.

The egg functionality, toast feature, egg and toast feature, and quit function are the four buttons. The cooker can concurrently boil four eggs in the steamer-rack provided, poach one egg in the non-stick plate, and toast two slices of bread.

You may interrupt the toasting process at any time using the mid-cycle Cancel option. It boasts a high-lift feature that allows even little slices to be lifted out of the toaster. The crumbs tray that slides out is simple to clean.

4. Breville BEG800SIL The One Precision Poacher, Silver

Breville BEG800SIL

This equipment will let you to cook restaurant-quality sous vide dishes, especially eggs, at home, in ways you never thought possible. The Eggspert feature is the one to utilise if you want to make flawless café-style eggs.

It also includes an egg topping for a perfectly sliced boiled or steamed egg.

The built-in core temperature sensor function keeps track of the in particular for the cooking method selected. Between 50 and 100 degrees Celsius is the thermal gradient. Cooking duration is limited to 12 hours.

You can postpone the start of the cooking process so that the eggs or other items you’re preparing are ready when you are ready to have a meal.

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