The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your New Computer

The First 10 Things You Should Do With Your New Computer

Just ordered a shiny new computer? Whether you’re setting up a Windows desktop, a MacBook or Mac, or a Windows laptop, there are some things you would be required to take care of before you begin surfing the net or playing new games. First, assemble your PC using the instructions in the manual, and then continue setting up the PC. This blog article teaches you what you’d do with a new PC or laptop PC so it has everything you wanted.

There’s a lot you could do with a new computer, but if you are just getting started, it could seem quite daunting. Luckily, computers have gotten better over the years, which signifies you are not required to be a tech whiz to learn your way around a PC or Mac. From setting up your new computer to safe way installing your favorite programs and browse the internet, this blog taught you using a Windows computer.

Sign in to the new computer.

After you connect all the essential components—for example, if you have connected the desktop tower to the keyboard and monitor—you’ll be required to sign in to the PCs. If you have a Mac, you would be prompted to develop a sign in or account to the existing iCloud account. If you’re applying Windows, you could sign in to the existing Microsoft account, your Microsoft account, or develop a local account on the new computer. Setting up the computer. If you are setting up a new desktop PC, there are some steps you would need to go through before you could begin using it. After finding a place near the desk to put the tower, you would be required to connect the mouse, monitor, and keyboard, as well as plugging the tower into the power source.

Set up a connection.

In order to connect to the net, your PC would be required to have access to a net connection. This might come in the format of the wireless network, or you might be required to connect the PC directly to the network’s modem or router. All of this depends on how the network at the location is configured, and the capacity of the PCs.

Most new Windows PCs come with extra software you don’t require.

Most of these unnecessary programs might also cause the PC to act sluggish and start up slower, so uninstalling them will make the computer work like new. You could skip this step if you built your own Computer.

Protecting the PC with antimalware and antivirus software.

Windows enables Microsoft Defender by default, and macOS has a built-in Firewall that’s also turned on as soon as you turn on the PC, but that does not mean that you could not get a 3rd-party antivirus suite.

First 10 things to do if you got a new PC - CyberGuy

If you prefer Firefox or Chrome, apply the default web browser to install it.

If you’re using a Mac, the computer comes with Safari. If you have Windows, Microsoft Edge is the default web browser. If you’d rather utilize a browser like Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Brave,, apply the built-in browser to downloading it.

Make certain your computer has something to revert to if required.

In the past, you’d just reset the PC to factory settings if something went wrong, but you could now simply restore a previous version of the OS.

Move files from your old one to your new Computer.

Sadly, this isn’t a built-in procedure, so you might need to utilize third-party moving services to transfer all the files and programs. You could also apply a network drive for a USB flash drive or Windows computers for Macs and Windows. If you’re utilizing Windows PC, share over the similar network is easier to attain!

Like the software, drivers could be outdated.

This isn’t a likely possibility, but it could lead to problems such as the mouse not working. You could update the drivers during the in Device Manager or Windows Update.

If you do not need it anymore, dispose of it properly.

After transferring the essential files and software, you could get rid of the old computer. Remember to wipe it clean first; then, you could recycle, donate, or sell it. Learning keyboard and mouse basics. The keyboard and mouse are the primary means of interacting with the PC. Taking a little time to get familiar with how they work and how you could interact with the programs and operating system.

First 10 things to do if you got a new PC - CyberGuy

Creating an account.

If it’s your first time turning on a brand new PC, you would usually be asking to develop an account. This account would hold all of the downloaded files, documents, pictures, and any other files that you develop. Getting familiar with a desktop. The desktop is the major working area of the computer. Your desktop appears each time you log into the account, carrying shortcuts and icons to the programs and files. The desktop would function and look differently dependent on which operating system (like macOS or Windows) you’re utilizing.


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