These 7 Companies are Making the World a Better Place

These 8 Companies are Making the World a Better Place

With a rising emphasis on social and planetary responsibility, as well as how our activities today affect people around us, both now and in the future, more organizations are seeking to provide reasonable answers and produce income by producing goods that make the world a better place. Here are eight great innovations.


This non-profit organization is cooperating with microfinance institutions through the Internet and a global network to help reduce poverty by allowing people all over the world to borrow as little as $25 to start their businesses and become self-sufficient. Since the company’s inception in 2005, over 1.6 million customers have borrowed money, with over 900,000 loans totaling around $722 million across 86 countries. The repayment percentage is 98.71% with an average loan size of $416. Kiva has assisted innumerable people in starting small enterprises and being successful on their own when they had no other options for borrowing money. This increase in self-sufficiency in many developing nations is empowering a large number of people by raising their purchasing power and lifting them out of poverty.


This organization is the world’s largest network of local organizations, intending to empower more people to self-organize and mobilize to accomplish social changes at the community level. Assisting individuals in places where there was no prior awareness of a feeling of community or how people may contribute and enhance their lives and communities by working towards a common goal. Meetup has resulted in the formation of over 9,000 action groups in local areas throughout the world.

POC Medical Systems: Quality, affordable healthcare remains one of the world’s most pressing issues. additional practitioners are recognizing the value of focusing on early diagnosis of curable diseases to assist improve the state of healthcare, which implies additional medical gadgets and information exchange systems that are simple to use and affordable are required. POC Medical Systems offers some innovative options, including a Point of Care Testing tool designed exclusively for breast cancer screening. Consider how much better the world would be if we could save millions of lives through early identification of breast cancer and other life-threatening diseases. We would have a better chance of stemming the stream of sadness caused by the deaths of spouses, mothers, sisters, and daughters. to this devastating disease.


This forward-thinking firm is forever altering the way we utilize batteries to power our lives. KalpTree has created a Li-ion rechargeable battery that overcomes existing lithium-ion battery weight, safety, volume, and form factor limits, resulting in novel safety and cost-saving features. This approach, as lightweight, flexible batteries, may be made in any shape and allows for lighter electronic gadgets. This means they can be employed in wearable devices for a wide range of applications, resulting in lighter, more balanced instruments. Using these batteries in electric vehicles will allow them to travel further at a lesser cost. These batteries’ design freedom can transform many objects we use daily, reducing negative environmental impact and providing a solution that is accessible to more people around the world.


Almost every form of building in the globe has some type of HVAC system, and Truven is looking towards converting each of these homes into a self-monitoring system; efficiency without sacrificing homeowners’ comfort. With Truven’s True Energy system installed, an HVAC system can not only tell you how well it is currently operating, but it can also use past data to monitor reasons it may not be running as efficiently (such as an upstairs window open). Truven aspires to be the next step in home automation, with contractors adding sensors from the start, home systems utilizing data to keep the owner happy, and notifying technicians of problems before the owner realizes their system needs to be addressed.

Compact Solar Devices Inc

This breakthrough firm created the Sun Port X1, which allows solar energy to be collected anywhere without the need for massive, bulky panels. While you connect this gadget to an outlet, a solar field is working with Sun Port to return the same amount of electricity to the grid that you just used, allowing more people to live carbon-neutral lives worldwide. Sun Port uses an app on your phone to track how much energy you consume, which is then repaid via Sun Port’s connection with solar farms. This is a low-cost solution that acknowledges that more people have access to existing outlets than to solar panels or solar devices. 

Suncor Energy Inc

While most of our business depletes our natural resources, this company has developed a novel way to give back to the environment by establishing a process to reclaim mine tailings. Mining waste is dried into a soil-like material that can be utilized to restore the land and offer healthy ground for the growth of new plants and trees. This re-vegetation process not only eliminates the problem of mining waste but also creates new land that may be farmed or used to supply extra natural resources.

Grove Labs

This inventive team of MIT students decided that if we all looked at food differently, the world would be a better place. Their technology has centered on assisting more individuals in growing their food and developing their home ecosystem. The company is developing low-cost goods and systems based on aquaponics, a way of generating food using fish, microbial life, and plants. This method has been shown to generate healthful vegetables, fruit, legumes, and herbs that people can cultivate and manage themselves rather than relying on pricey organic produce from shops that they may not be able to afford. 

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