Tips to sharpen your kid’s memory

Tips to sharpen your kid’s memory

Children are struggling more and more in the modern, technologically advanced environment to concentrate and remember information. Don’t you think so?

The age of distraction is not an arbitrary term!

10 tricks to boost memory in kids | Parenting News,The Indian Express

Having said that, there are numerous amusing memory tricks that you may do to improve your child’s recall. We’ve put up 10 tested tips that you can practice at home starting right now, from memory-enhancing meals to entertaining games and workouts!

The best aspect is that they are quite easy to use! The child’s brain structure is changed as a result of these exercises and brain teasers, which also improve retention. Studies suggest that these mental exercises help kids become better at math!

Construct a memorial

This is not a kid-specific trick. You can keep mnemonic images in your mind’s eye in a place called a Memory Palace.

A system of patterns or pictures is referred to as a mnemonic. The most popular kind of memory palace is traveling through a familiar setting, such as a structure, like your home or school. There are certain places along that journey that you always stop at in the same sequence. You can impart that skill to your youngster to help them recall a history lesson or a narrative.

Create A Schedule And Routines Create an appropriate routine 

They are ideal for improving your child’s memory and are loved by young youngsters.

If your 3-year-old is aware that she gets to read a book before going to sleep every night, she will naturally start seeking the book after dinner.

Asking “What happens before you sleep?” as she gets older will help strengthen the connection between language and memory. Would you like to read a different book today? Incorporate your suggestions into your child’s schedule-making and daily routine planning.

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After We Do, I Do, and You Do,

Young children and babies imitate their parents’ behavior. If you want your child to learn how to do something new, like setting the table for dinner or organizing the magazine rack, do it yourself first, then ask your child for assistance, and then ask your child to complete the task independently. Your child’s working memory and retention will be improved by repetition. Your youngster will retain information better if they actively participate in learning rather than only observe. Make careful to perform the activity again on several occasions and at various times. 

10 Effective Ways on How to Improve Memory Power in Children

Train Your Concentration Through Music Our memory is one of the most important measures of our intelligence.

Music is a peaceful and effective approach to improving a child’s memory.

We can truly alter our minds through the use of music to help us focus and can also help us make and remember more vivid memories.

There are many ways to use music to help your child learn new things. Calm instrumental music in the background will help them focus, mnemonics and rhymes will help them retain and recall information, and most importantly, learning an instrument or a musical form will help them improve their focus, memory, and self-assurance.

11 Ways To Improve Kids' Memory Power | Oxford Learning

Positive Rewarding

Humans, as we all know, want to be praised for their accomplishments, and kids are no different. They enjoy being recognized, and it improves their ability to recall the work at hand. The method of encouraging or developing a pattern of behavior involves giving rewards in kind or speaking positively when the behavior is displayed. Simple duties like making the bed, setting up the shoe rack, or feeding the pet at the appropriate time could fall under this category. Remember that showing your child some gratitude will help him or she remember the pattern and keep it in their memory.

Keep Information Fresh With Board and Card Games Instead of Screens According to research, crossword puzzles are just as beneficial for aging brains as memory games are for developing ones.

And if you want to keep your kid away from a screen, this is unquestionably the way to go!

A child’s brain is always taking in new information, which can occasionally be overwhelming. It takes skill to know how much information to keep, and these memory games and tactics facilitate the process.

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Incorporate Personal Examples

For a tale or piece of information to pass through the brain filters and be retained as memory, children must be interested in it sufficiently and feel that it is significant to them personally.

To help your youngster relate to the subject matter, use her interests. Together, use the knowledge to create stories. Your child’s memory will improve significantly with stories, and the story’s structure will make it easier for him or her to recall knowledge quickly. Make a connection between a lesson or a rhyme and an experience your child has had, and then ask them several different questions regarding the lesson.

8. A balanced diet and superfoods can enhance brain function. Our bodies can benefit greatly from the proper foods consumed in the right quantities. A child’s focus, memory, and ability to concentrate can all be enhanced by a healthy, balanced diet.

The following superfoods can improve your child’s memory:

fatty fish, 

especially salmon, 

protein-filled eggs with yolks that are rich in vitamin E, peanut butter, and whole grains like bread and cereal. Oatmeal Fruits and Berries are High in Antioxidants

Lactose and yogurt

Fresh and Colorful Vegetables

11 Ways To Improve Kids' Memory Power | Oxford Learning

Practice and Repetition

Old and new information are both stored in a certain area of our brain. It is vital to repeat and review content using a variety of sensory modalities so that various brain regions work together and the correct information is remembered when it is needed. The brains of your children create various and distinct pathways that lead to stored memories. As a result, memory retrieval is quick and effective. It is very similar to working a muscle. A particular memory will become stronger with repeated practice, and acting will become much easier.

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Turn Experiences Into Stories

Concentrate on experiences that had a big emotional impact on him or her, such as a yearly daytime school event or a trip to the planetarium.

As kids get a bit older, assist them in creating stories from these memories. Your child will pay attention to detail and have richer recollections. They will get the ability to communicate them succinctly and clearly. Your child’s memory can be improved by having frequent discussions and asking questions about past occurrences.

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