Top 10 Electric Switch Brands in India for Homes

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Every home requires electricity, and when there is source of power, electric switches are required. As a result, you won’t be able to use your electrical equipment at home without such switches. They come in a variety of styles and make it much easier by simplifying your job much easier. They can also be located in every household. They have been used in homes to operate a variety of equipment because to their adaptability. So, whether you’re replacing old switches or installing new cabling in your house, it’s critical to choose high-quality electric switches first from industry.

Let’s have a look at 10 Best Electric Switch Brands in India for homes:

Havells Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch

Havells Crabtree Athena 10A Two-Way Switch

Crabtree introduces Athena, a gleaming line of switches. Our wisdom has led us to build this range in such a manner that it enhances the beauty of the walls it adorns while also keeping it dust free thanks to an anti-static coating and a design that minimizes the gaps between the socket or switch and the plate. Crabtree is the finest because it combines advanced technology with exceptional service. Crabtree switches, sockets, and fittings are built to withstand the harsh Indian climate. The range, which is made of fire-resistant, self-extinguishing polycarbonate plastic, can endure an 850°C glow wire test. To reduce discoloration, ultraviolet stabilized substance is also employed.

SKIN4GADGETS MX 3-in-1 Universal Travel Adapter Multi-Plug with Individual Switch

SKIN4GADGETS MX 3-in-1 Universal Travel

Such switches are extremely long-lasting and provide excellent performance. The SKIN4GADGETS electric switches are easy to use due to their lightweight design. These switches are composed of strong plastic materials to ensure long-term functionality. Another advantage of this brand is that its products include useful features that can improve people’s experiences. These electric switches cost around 350 and 800 rupees each.

Hi Fi 20A Indicator Switch

Hi Fi 20A Indicator Switch

Hi-Fi electric switches are a great option for those looking for the highest quality items for their wiring needs. The flexible switches are extremely cost-effective and simple to operate. Such switches are a great choice for any home because of their modern style. Hi-Fi module switches can be used by mounting them on modular plates. Those looking for the most up-to-date layout electric switches for your residences should consider Hi-Fi electric switches. These switches have a push-button design that makes them easy to use and elegant. Furthermore, these switches are inexpensive and simple to operate.



Aerolite Industries is yet another leading electronics and appliance maker in the country. This company creates a variety of products to meet the demands of different individuals. This firm producers the top quality switches which are excellent for many functions due to its industry knowledge and deep awareness of consumer needs. Such electrical switches are also compatible with Roma modular plates. Aerolite Industries manufactures switches with brass terminals, which are long-lasting and work well. Aerolite Industrial switches have a unique white colour design that adds a distinctive appearance to any home.

CONA 14006 Platinum 2 Way Modular Switch 10A White with Blue LED Indicator

CONA 14006 Platinum 2 Way Modular Switch

CONA is well-known company for making high-quality electrical switches in India. The brand offers a diverse selection of switches to fulfil the requirements of diverse customers. CONA switches are very popular among Indians due to their attractive design and functions. If you’re seeking for high-quality electric switches for cabling, the CONA brand is a great choice. You can also get electrical accessories from this company for your house. The CONA company makes sure that outstanding electric switches are manufactured at economical prices with protection in mind.

Schneider Electric Opale Plastic 16A 1 Way Switch

Schneider Electric Opale Plastic 16A 1 Way Switch

Schneider Electric is a dependable name to choose when it comes to purchasing high-quality electrical equipment. This brand’s items are high-quality and give exceptional performance. Those seeking unique product electric switches for their homes might choose the Schneider Electric brand to achieve their goals. By delivering the highest quality products for folks, the Schneider Electric brand ensures that customers are satisfied. The company has a lot of experience in this industry and provides high-quality items to ensure customer happiness.

Anchor by Panasonic Polycarbonate Roma One Way Switch 6 Amp

Panasonic Polycarbonate

Anchor is also a well-known electric appliance manufacturer in the United States. Panasonic, one of India’s leading companies, is the sponsor of this brand. Anchor is known for producing a variety of non-modular switches as well as other electrical components. The firm provides high-quality items to satisfy people’s demands by guaranteeing stability and security. Electrical switches for People’s homes are manufactured using high Polycarbonate material. The Anchor brand is also recognised for being the first to introduce the nation’s first piano switch. Most Indian homes prefer Anchor goods because of their distinctive features and excellent value.

GM FourFive 10A One Way Switch

GM FourFive 10A One Way Switch

With such a strong R&D group and an equally motivated and talented product design team, GM was the first firm to release some groundbreaking items including next generational switches and Wi-Fi home automation.

With the goal of creating technology that is both functional and valuable, GM’s smart switch collection features unique designs that express beauty, refinement, and wealth.

Wipro North West Polycarbonate 1M 6A One Way Switch

Wipro North West Polycarbonate 1M 6A One Way Switch

Nowa was created with you in mind. North-west is committed to providing solutions that allow customers to utilise their switches in an acceptable and safe manner. Nowa was created by mapping all common user demands and translating them into different features in order to provide additional advantages and real value to its customers.

Lotics Indian Made, Single High Load (AC/Geyser) Smart Switch

Smart Switch

Exquisite Smart Wifi Touch Switches that is compatible with existing switchboards and plugs. Tempered glass is 2x tougher than regular glass, can tolerate extreme heat, and is thus safe and long-lasting. You can turn the light on/off with a delicate touch thanks to touch sensitive technology. Project will take around 5 minutes. Any electrician may easily install the switches thanks to the precise guidelines supplied.

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