Top 5 Best Steam Vaporizer in India

Best Steam Vaporizer

If you wish to get rid of allergies and flu symptoms such as nosebleeds, respiratory problems, and cough without taking any medication, it is important to have a personal steamer at home.

HealthSense Nano-Cure FS 550 Medical Steam Inhaler Vaporizer & Facam Steamer

HealthSense Nano-Cure

Your search for a safe temperature device to take care of your child’s flu symptoms will be complemented by a medical system provided by HealthSense. It uses a state-of-the-art atomization system and nano ionic steam technology to provide 4,000-minute ionic particles more than conventional steamers.

Built with 55 ml water tank, Power On / Off switch, PTC ceramic element, and store steam. This child-friendly face mask can detect fog in just 40 seconds and has a timer to set up a hot cycle of 8 to 10 minutes.

Price: Rs. 1999


How to close UV sterilization

Temperatures at 40 ° C

One year production warranty

Lightweight and portable design

Made of odorless ABS plastic material

Treatment for sinusitis, allergies, and other respiratory problems


No refund policy

It smells hot

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Trust Home Spa Vapouriser Steamer

Trust Home Spa Vapouriser Steamer

Dr. Trust’s steamer is specifically designed to provide a personal experience of sniffing sufferers of allergies and flu, as it can replenish moisture in the respiratory tract and lungs. It plays a plastic hood with a patented design to match the line of your face while directing the cool air.

Price: Rs. 1199


15-17 minutes of working time

Heat design

6 months warranty services

Easy to use the device

Suitable for children and teens

2-level setting methods for easy operation


It is not a solid product

Product quality can be improved

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Healthgenie 3 In 1 Steam Sauna Vaporizer

Healthgenie 3 In 1 Steam Sauna Vaporizer

Whether it is a respiratory problem or a cold symptom, a vaporizer from Healthgenie can treat you well. The shock-resistant, high-quality plastic body in pink and white gives it a delicious look. This product can serve as a vaporizer, sauna, and steamer with a diameter of 105 cm.

You can also use it for hair spa and sauna process on the face to find a place that looks like a beauty effect at home. This steam comes with 3 attachments and a wing with strong enough water to hold water and essential oils. The top microphone is designed to provide steam as well.

Price: Rs. 339


It comes at cheap prices

3 in 1 vaporizer device

Attachments are made of solid materials

The portable environment makes it easy to manage


There is no auto-lock feature

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Healthgenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer & Facial Steamer

Healthgenie Steam Sauna Vaporizer & Facial Steamer

Healthgenie steam inhalers and facial steam can be used to cleanse the skin while cleansing and moisturizing it. Also, it can be used to get immediate relief from sore throat, headache, and nasal congestion. Displaying portable design, this system is designed with safety features to prevent hot sprays and electrical shock problems.

A flexible nasal mask helps you to use it comfortably. The facial attachment supports the flow of gentle air to bring the best feeling of the spa. The body is heated and has a flexible smoke control and power indicator.

Price: Rs. 1049


It is good to treat sinus and nasal congestion

A 50ml dose guarantees a working time of 15mins

360 ° flexible nose mask

Automatic power-off mode

One year warranty on the steamer


It’s not worth the money

It takes time to produce smoke

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Asbob 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer

Asbob 3 In 1 Steam Vaporizer

If you are looking for a hot machine that will keep your allergies or cold symptoms at bay, look no further than a three-in-one vaporizer from Asbob. It can produce smoke in a matter of seconds. It can also act as a facial moisturizer to get rid of blackheads, whiteheads, and other skin-covering impurities.

This product is suitable for aromatherapy, asthma, throat irritation, bronchitis, and symptoms of hay fever. It comes with a small clear 40 ml capacity container with water level indicators. The 3 attachments of this product help you to use it as a nasal vaporizer, steam steamer, and cough steamer.

Price: Rs. 299


Installs RO filter

Ergonomic design steam inhaler

It can be used face to face

Suitable for dry, sensitive, and oily skin types.

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