Top 7 high Speed ceiling fan 2022

high Speed ceiling fan

When it comes to beating the heat, fans serve as the most economical solution. Although a fan can be either a ceiling fan, a table fan, or a wall fan, they are all essential. But when it comes to shopping for the best among the plethora of options, it becomes a hectic task in itself.

Here we have created a guide to help you with your next purchase if you are looking to buy a new fan for your home, shop, or office. But before that, you should first understand your needs. Here is a quick overview of the three – ceiling fan, table fan, and wall fan.

  • Ceiling fans: Ceiling fans are ideal for installation in any location; be it home, shop or office. Modern ceiling fans come in a variety of designs and run on conventional motors or brushless direct current (BLDC) motors. The latter is supposed to use less electricity, which means it also costs more than conventional fans.
  • Desk fans: Desk fans have more targeted air circulation and are also portable – which is why you’ll need them occasionally, if not regularly. It serves as the most selective cooling experience when one person requires it, like in the store or even when working from home.
  • Wall fans: Wall fans have proven themselves in circulating air in all directions in a room or hall. Whether it is your kitchen, toilet, living room, or even office space, you can easily install a wall fan for effective cooling and enjoy the maximum.

Orient Electric Apex-FX ceiling fan 1200 mm

Buy Orient Electric Apex-FX 1200mm Ceiling Fan (Brown) Online at Low Prices  in India -

The Orient Electric Apex-FX ceiling fan features a simple design with galvanized blades to ensure longer life. It features a copper-based motor that offers quiet operation. This fan kit is energy efficient and compatible with inverter operation. It offers an air delivery of 200 cubic meters per minute with 360 rpm. It offers a versatile service for installation in the bedroom, living room, or hall.

Crompton Hill Briz 1200mm High-Speed ​​Ceiling Fan

Buy Crompton Hill Briz 1200 mm (48 inch) High Speed Ceiling Fan (Brown)  Online at Low Prices in India -

The Crompton Hill Briz ceiling fan comes with powder-coated aluminum blades for high corrosion resistance. It works with a 100% copper motor, double ball bearings, and balanced blades. The simple yet adorable design complements all kinds of home decor. It offers quiet operation for a quiet experience.

Havells Ambrose ceiling fan 1200 mm

HAVELLS Ambrose 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Price in India - Buy HAVELLS  Ambrose 1200 mm 3 Blade Ceiling Fan online at

The Havells Ambrose ceiling fan features a high-quality metallic finish on all its parts. The engine has a decorative ring that looks elegant over the roof. It also has decorative edging on the blades and canopy. The fan is claimed to offer optimal performance even at low voltage. The sweeping size is 1200 mm, which sufficiently covers the entire room.

Ceiling fan with Atomberg Renesa 1200mm 28W BLDC motor

Buy Atomberg Renesa+ 1200mm 28W BLDC Motor with Remote Energy Saving Ceiling  Fan (Natural Oak Wood) Online at Low Prices in India -

The Stomberg Renesa BLDC ceiling fan comes with several premium features. It is said to consume only 28W at top speed to make it super energy efficient. It features inverter stabilization technology that helps it run consistently at the same speed. The smart remote control function allows the user to control the fan for boost mode, timer, and sleep mode. The fan speed and on/off can be easily controlled.

Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan

Buy Crompton Energion HS 1200 mm (48 inch) Energy Efficient 5 Star Rated  High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with Remote (Brown) Online at Low Prices in  India -

The Crompton Energion BLDC ceiling fan is powered by ActivBLDC technology for low energy consumption, saving over 50% on your electricity bill. The fan motor has a power of 35W. The remote works perfectly even when pointing anywhere. Allows multiple pairings with the same remote control.

V-Guard Finesta table fan

Finesta STS - Regular Pedestal Fan from V-Guard

The V-Guard Finesta table fan comes with an attractive design with a stainless steel grill cover with 120 spokes. It has the highest rating in the van with 65 m3 per minute. Consumes less power with only 55W and 400mm frame size. V Guard desktop fans have built-in thermal protection against overheating or overload with high-angle blades for better airflow. Enjoy a new cooling experience with V Gaurd table fans.

Crompton Wave Plus 16-Inch Table Fan

Buy Crompton HiFlo wave plus 16-inch Table Fan (White Online at Low Prices  in India -

This table fan from Crompton is a sleek and compact fan that is almost silent. It is very light and has three aerodynamic blades delivering an impressive amount of air. It comes with a solid base that stands on itself and works well. It features easy-to-press buttons and a speed and oscillation control knob. It offers energy-efficient performance that will save even more on your electricity bill.

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