Top Five Best DSLR under 30000 in 2021



Top Five Best DSLR under 30000 in 2021

If you like to capture moments or you are interested in photography and want to try your hand in professional photography then first step would be buying DSLR but we suggest you to begin with the basic DSLR with good features but at affordable price. And we are here to guide you about which DSLR will fit perfectly according to your pocket and desires simultaneously. Budding influencers or YouTubers should also follow this guide.

What is DSLR ?

 A Digital single lens camera. They’re adaptable and provide professional-looking photos with excellent image quality. They can also work with a variety of lenses that may be swapped out.

Why DSLR camera ?

A digital SLR camera is an excellent option. The majority of young people enjoy photography, which is the most creative skill. These cameras offer a fantastic opportunity for new photographers to improve their skills. You can purchase them at a reasonable price and fulfil your dreams.

Modern SLRs have the technical benefit of providing a direct, optical image from the lens. As a result, there is no latency or low-light noise in the viewfinder. Some mirrorless, bridge, and tiny cameras do not have this problem.

In today’s market, a budget of 30,000 Rupees is ideal for purchasing an entry-level DSLR.

Top five Best DSLR Camera under 30000 in India:

1. Canon EOS 1500D

The Canon EOS 1500D is a low-cost, high-quality DSLR camera that costs less  than 30000 rupees. DIGIC 4+ is the imaging processor in the Canon EOS 1500D. It isn’t Canon’s most recent chipset, but it gets the job done. Even in low-light images, the colour accuracy and details can be seen, so don’t worry about it being old. You’ll get the best picture quality possible.

The image sensor in the 1500D is an APS-C CMOS sensor with a 22.3 by 14.9 mm sensor size. It’s perfect for all forms of photography, including landscapes, wildlife, weddings, and portraits.

This DSLR has an ISO range of 100-6400, which is great even in low-light situations. Anything higher than that will result in blurry, noisy images.

The Canon 1500D has a 500-shot battery life. Most beginners will find it adequate for everyday photos, but if you plan on going on a trip, you should invest in a second battery.

Other Features:

  1. Reasonable pricing
  2. It comes with WiFi and Bluetooth connections.
  3. Two-year warranty.
  4. Excellent construction quality.

2. Fujifilm X-T100 24.2 MP Mirrorless Camera with XC 15-45 mm Lens (APS-C Sensor, Electronic Viewfinder, Face/Eye Detection, 3″ 3-Way Tilting Touchscreen, 4K Video, Vlogging, Film Simulation Modes) – Champagne Gold:

This X-T100 camera has everything you need to make your photos stand out. It has a 14-times-larger APS-C image sensor than a typical smartphone.

It works to capture higher-quality photographs in low-light situations while also creating a Bokeh backdrop defocus effect.

Even in bright sunlight, the high-performance EVF in a vintage body allows you to take images. Only the electronic viewfinder allows you to preview your finished image before viewing it.

Its 3.0 inch LCD flips horizontally and vertically, allowing you to record the moment in all directions. A touch screen is also available on the display. In both portrait and video modes, horizontal pictures are necessary to capture self-portraits.

You may use Bluetooth to connect this camera to a compatible smartphone or tablet for smooth image sharing with pals.

Other Features:

  1. Lightweight and retro.
  2. Simple to use function dial.
  3. LCD Monitor with 3-Way Tilt.
  4. Image quality is excellent.

3. Nikon 24.2MP D3200 Digital SLR Camera (Red) with W/18-105 Lens, 8GB Card and Camera Case:

It is easy to handle and transport due to its compact and light-weight design. It’s a terrific choice for capturing full HD video and high-quality photos.

It contains a CMOS sensor, which allows it to capture amazing images even in low light. The AF-S 18-55mm VR Kit lens that comes with this camera helps you get steadier shots. It’s a fantastic camera with a wide ISO sensitivity range.

This camera has a flash mode that allows you to capture photographs of high quality and clarity.

You can experiment with features like auto-red reduction, red-eye reduction, slow auto-sync, rear-curtain sync, rear-curtain with slow sync, and fill-flash with this camera.

Other Features:

  1. At high ISOs, the quality is excellent.
  2. Beginner’s Guide Mode.
  3. Deliver Outstanding Visuals.

4. Sony Alpha ILCE5100L 24.3MP Mirrorless Camera (Black) with 16-50mm Lens with Free Case (Bag):

Sensor: 24.3 megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor (high resolution for large prints and image cropping)

sensitivity range of ISO: 100-25600 (critical for obtaining grain-free pictures, especially in low light)

The Sony camera, like the Fuji A5, includes a 180-degree tiltable LCD screen. It operates as an electronic viewfinder and allows you to record yourself at full tilt. Because there isn’t an optical one, you’ll have to deal with this EV alone.

Given its budget, it can capture Full HD videos at 60 frames per second, which is to be anticipated. The autofocus is precise, and you won’t have any problems following a moving subject.

This camera has the most autofocus points of any camera on this list, with 179. You’ll be able to focus on any part of your frame.

This DSLR has a battery life of about 400 shots, which is average so its better if you buy an additional battery.

Other Features:

  1. One of the greatest DSLRs on the market.
  2. Extremely light and small.
  3. It features a 180-degree display and a variety of networking choices.
  4. Autofocus that is quick and precise.

5. Canon EOS 3000D 18MP Digital SLR Camera (Black) with 18-55mm is II Lens, 16GB Card and Carry Case:

The main dial allows for quick function switching and a solid grip for swift capturing of fleeting moments. The camera’s 18-megapixel APS-C CMOS picture sensor captures a lot of light and detail. It also has a sophisticated DIGIC 4+ image processing technology, which produces incredibly accurate colours, rich contrasts, and elevations.

Its bigger CMOS sensor makes it easier to get the shallow depth of field needed to generate stunning background blur when compared to smaller smartphone sensors.

Users can use the optical viewfinder to use AF to catch fast-moving objects. It has a big grip that gives a secure grasp, and the dials and controls are designed to be easy to operate even when looking through the viewfinder.

It has a ‘shoot by ambiance’ feature in addition to scene mode presets and creative filters. EOS Movie mode allows you to take video in a variety of codecs, including Full HD 30P/25P.

Other Features:

  1. Worth the price
  2. Excellent performance.
  3. Excellent design and construction.


The cameras offered are ideal for novices, and you don’t need a sophisticated camera to get started. You’ll be perplexed, and you’ll never use the extra features for which you spent extra money. Your imagination and creativity will have a greater impact on your photos than any DSLR. So begin your journey.

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