Which things can you do instead of utilizing technology?

Which things can you do instead of utilizing technology?

Hey there, instead of social media you could do the following stuff & embracing the newest you !

1. Go through some cook books & attempt to cook.

2. Painting your heart out.

3. Pen up a letter to the loved ones (be creative, include glitter, stickers etc )

4. Planning a super date with yourself & exploring any place closeby, do something out of compassion for some needy you explore in the way. ( it could be just distributing a few candies to poor childrens ).

5. Donate your time/ knowledge/ money/old toys /meal to few organisations ( there are humans out there who don’t have meal, who don’t have their loved ones and few who don’t have both, they might need your support ! )

6. Blowing the dust of the old board game.

7. Calling the grandparents & just checking in.

8. Reading those books which I crave to read.

9. Pen up a journal.

10. Making a lemonade for the family 😉 (why not adding up few zing to those tasty buds )

11. Walk up to the closeby park & indulge into nature.

12. Wait, asking yourself when was the last time you danced ? ( I supposed it was not in the last decade)

Put on some crazy dance and music such as a freak 😉

If you do even one thing that’s differ from the routine or something that you had never done then believe me you will be immensely happier within !!!!

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Books although most of the recent books are all electronic. I did purchase a few new/old ones [you understand, on that weird paper stuff] the other day that I have not been able to get totally involved in as simply, I’m too busy.

Apart from no use of technology, I like to read actual books ( not e books), I open up and play music along with my dearest ones, love going to art and museums galleries, and am a big fan of opera, theatre, cinema and ballet. Become interested in photography these days, longer walks in forests looking at wildlife. There really is a ton more to life than being pissed about with smartphones, Pcs and the like all day. Everybody in my opinion must take a huge step back from the global headlong rush to apply technology for everything. Get a life.

Read the newspaper. I understand this may sound old school but reading the newspaper supports keeping you updated regarding numerous things and also helps to increase the vocabulary.

Listening to music. Listening to a few old classics and jogging down the memory lane.

Movie marathons are my personal favourite. Watching differ genres of movies could be fun and exciting at the same time.

Cooking different delicacies and treating the loved ones with it.

Talking to the family people and spending a little time with them. It would make them feel good.

Catching up with a few old friends.

Reading magazines and books could also be done.

Go through a few old albums and try to make a few sort of collages. Pictures could make you recollect hell a lot of memories.

You would get ample time to pursue hobbies. Apply it to the fullest.

Join some sports club or some physical activity. Health comes foremost !

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There are few things that I have and would probably always prefer to do old school. I much preferred taking notes and making lists with a regular old paper and pen. I can not stand online calendars. But the huge one is reading.

What to do instead of social media varies depending on if you are looking out for something productive or not. You can simply practice getting great at Sudoku (there are numerous app versions), or something similar.

I’d suggest investing in the future by discovering something to work towards . Some might disagree, but I’ve found that we have to go out searching for hobbies and passions, they are not innate, and they would not come explore us if we don’t explore them, or get luckier to be introduced to them by something, someone else.

I’d open up a list of things I had come across that I thought were interesting, and then I’d spend hours researching each of them. Then I’d select 1 to commit to learning for a time period. I’d gamify it by adding on a few rewards for learning it by a particular date, or for putting in x amount of hours a week (or day).

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Sleep in

A good night’s sleep is necessary to a healthy and happier life and sometimes sleeping in the past the usual waking up can also be a tiny exhilarating. Allowing the body to naturally awaken, rather than jarring it with the alarm.

Watching a sunset

Sit back, relax and watch the globe go from day to night. Be conscious of how magical and precious time is and enjoy the moment, without some distractions.


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