Wifi Calling: you can make calls even if you’re not connected to the internet if you enable WiFi calling.


There is a new name in the field of telecommunications besides Wi-Fi. Now, this term is very new so we understand that most people probably did not get it. However, it is worth noting that the Wi-Fi hotspot means it is the future of hitting and the best feature.

What is wifi calling

So if this is the first time you have heard of a WiFi call, it is a way to make calls with a solid network while dialing with the same mobile number. Imagine a situation where you have a good WiFi network but do not receive a good phone call, where WiFi hitting is most useful.

With the help of WiFi calling, the need to call only your service provider will be eliminated and you will be able to call WiFi. This means that in places like home where you have strong WiFi but your cell phone signals are low for some reason, you may still be able to make calls. Also, this will open a new case for use as sub-offices where people often complain about not receiving calls or messages when they have WiFi as wired but not network signal as it is wireless. WiFi calling is a complete tool for communicating with friends and family if you do not have a phone. Imagine this. You arrive at your destination airport. Your flight is delayed and you now need to call your host to pick you up.

You do not have an international call, but you can access the Internet thanks to the free WiFi available at the airport. Once connected, you can use a few smartphone apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Skype to make calls.

The problem has been resolved and you still have time left to fix your upcoming travel plan. That’s not how WiFi hitting works. It is a built-in smartphone app and is currently only available to new generations.

Now, it is important to note that both Apple and Android devices support WiFi hits which means you are not limited to this technology. Apart from simplicity, it should be noted that making calls over a strong WiFi network will also improve its quality which means that the decline in calls and such incidents will be a thing of the past.

How does WiFi hacking work and what are your costs

WiFi calling can also be understood as WiFi calls are made with a VoIP protocol representing Voice over the Internet rather than VoLTE which is the Voice over LTE network. To better understand this, applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Facebook Messenger also make calls over the VoIP network which is a WiFi call as VoLTE calls require a mobile network that may not be available in some remote locations.

Speaking of WiFi hitting and its benefits, it is important to note that you do not have to pay any additional costs for this service. It works exactly with your regular calls over the mobile network and the billing fee for those calls will also apply to these WiFi phones.

Another advantage of WiFi calling is that in VoLTE, mobile providers used to make calls over your LTE network using your monthly financial data. With WiFi calling, that data will be used on your WiFi which means you don’t have to worry about LTE data usage.

How can you use WiFi calling on your phone

As mentioned above, WiFi calling is supported on both iOS and Android devices and you should turn on the WiFi calling option. Once turned on, you can make calls over WiFi when signals are not available and it will happen automatically.

To enable WiFi hitting on an iOS device, you will need to follow the steps outlined below :-

How to use wifi calling in IOS

Go to Settings on your iPhone and click the Mobile Data section.

Here, you will see the WiFi hack option if your network supports the same.

In the available option, enable “Wi-Fi hitting on this iPhone” and WiFi hitting will be enabled.

To enable WiFi hitting on your Android device, follow the steps given below:

How to use wifi calling in android

Go to Settings on your Android device, press Network & Internet, and then click Wi-Fi Preferences> Advanced. (Or there may be a direct Advanced Strike option, depending entirely on the Android Skin used by your device)

Here, you will see the Wi-Fi hitting option that needs to be enabled.

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How to use WiFi calling on your device in India

Would you like to know how to use WiFi hotspots in India. Therefore, it is important to note that Airtel and Jio have already enabled WiFi hits across the country which means you can take the opportunity to make WiFi calls on your Android or iOS device. If you are using any of these networks and have a supported device, WiFi hacking will be enabled automatically and automatically again.

However, there are a limited number of devices currently supported by both Airtel and Jio. Currently, Airtel supports Apple iPhones from the iPhone 11 series to the iPhone SE.

On the Android side of things, the network supports the latest OnePlus devices including the OnePlus 7 series and the OnePlus 6 series. Xiaomi devices such as the Poco F1, Redmi K20 series, and Redmi Note 7 series are also supported. Also, most Samsung devices are supported.

On the other hand, Jio supports almost all devices from Samsung, Vivo, Mobistar, Tecno, Xiaomi’s latest devices such as the Redmi K20 series and Poco F1. Jio also supports other devices from Infinix, Motorola, Coolpad, and the Google Pixel 3 series. Also, most iPhones up to the iPhone SE are listed.

Note that Jio currently does not officially support OnePlus devices while other reports indicate that WiFi hotspots on the Jio network on OnePlus devices are working properly. Both Airtel and Jio also claim to be working on support for Android and many iPhones to add to the list.

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