Top 15 Electronics Publications & Magazines

Top 15 Electronics Publications & Magazines

Today’s SMT

This print and online publication is aimed at OEMs, EMS businesses, and executives. The latest technologies driving new products, interviews with leaders at key electronics businesses, and planned events such as symposiums and trade exhibitions are all part of the global electronics industry news. SMT Today also covers software, supply chain news, and forecasted market forecasts.

Top Electronics Magazine in India | Electro Bits Magazine

Weekly Electronics

Electronics Weekly is an online information hub that offers a wide range of electrical products. Manufacturing, market research, design, products, events, and job postings are among the items on the menu.

Design engineers and purchasing teams will find fresh product development news as well as a component supplier list with valuable price comparisons to help with the purchasing process. 

EMS Now 

EMS is a global provider of electronics manufacturing services, with a focus on the automotive, computing, consumer, communications, industrial, and mil/aero markets. The newsletter aims to provide an evolving news cycle of issues such as market trends, financial analyses, and industry solutions to OEMs, EMS businesses, and PCB fabricators. The daily breaking news will be relevant and interesting to readers.

Top 15 Electronics Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2022

Magazine of Electronic Products

Engineers and customers looking for the most recent electronic goods and components will find this a valuable resource. The teaching center, downloads, white papers, and calculator tools will be valuable to engineers. Buyers will appreciate how the menu is organized into component categories and includes a presentation of the companies’ most recent product descriptions. The “Product Teardown” section shows the innards of a product.


ElectroPages is a global electronic industry platform that provides buyers and design engineers with up-to-date news and new product development. Semiconductors, connections, switches, lighting technologies, development boards, and test/measurement devices from the automotive technologies, power, and design manufacturing markets are among those featured.

World of R&D

R&D World provides technology news and insights on a wide range of issues for organizations in the R&D stage, with a concentration on 3D printing, AI/robotics, imaging, semiconductors, nanotechnology, and battery technology. The book also covers R&D management, testing, and laws.

Top 15 Electronics Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2022

World of Electronics

This article is intended for electronics design engineers and developers. The website design was thoughtfully created with the user in mind. The articles and blogs are divided into the following categories: products, design, business, applications, and research and development.

Magazine of Digital Engineering

A fantastic resource for engineering teams working on new product development and prototype. Along with the most recent technology news and products, this resource strives to investigate and uncover difficulties throughout the design phase to assist engineers in optimizing and shortening the product cycle time. The objective of the magazine is to combine engineering techniques with digital integration technologies like IoT, cloud computing, PLM, and data management.


This technical journal bills itself as the “Voice of the Engineer.” The content focuses on design components, problems, and solutions in a variety of industries such as medicine, power, 5G, automotive, communications, PCB, LEDs, sensors, and testing and measurement. There are numerous blogs and design ideas to keep engineers interested.

Design of Electronics

Electronic Design is another resource for design engineers to learn about new technologies and expand their knowledge of electronic design applications. Webinars, blogs, and white papers are all intended to inform and educate. The emphasis is mostly on electronic design for the automotive and industrial automation industries.

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The EE Times

This global electronics resource provides design engineers and EMS firm leaders with the most recent industry news and viewpoints. Military/aerospace, AI, automotive, industrial automation, IoT, medical, PCB, and analog/embedded electronics are among the featured industries. Readers will find an examination of new design breakthroughs and their impact on industry applications and markets. There are also links to online courses, technical papers, and webinars in the publication.

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Electronics Fierce

An online magazine for design engineers that provides industry news and product advancements, as well as data and product forecasts. Engineers in the medical, automotive, and industrial sectors will benefit from the white papers, tutorials, videos, and webinars.

Online EBN

An online resource for buyers and manufacturing experts in the electronics sector to connect and learn best practices for creating a more secure supply chain environment. EBN provides tools, analysis, and best practice recommendations in the following areas: supplier management and strategies, business procurement, demand/supply monitoring, outsourcing/insourcing, distribution, government laws, and so on.

Assembly of Circuits

Circuits Assembly Magazine is the go-to reference for PCB and SMT design engineers and manufacturers. The editorial section includes everything from design, fabrication, and market news to industry and product updates. The contributions and white papers are full of important statistics and information on how new technology and products affect the assembly process. Links to podcasts, PCB industry events/workshops, market research data, and other resources are also available.

No. #1 Electronics Magazine in India | Top 10 Electronics Magazines India

The IEEE Spectrum

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers sponsors IEEE Spectrum, an online journal. Engineering subjects contain information from the following industries: aircraft, energy, artificial intelligence (AI), biomedical, computing, semiconductors, sensors, telecommunications, and transportation. New green technology and intriguing devices are also investigated. There are numerous blogs, as well as a geek life area, to keep engineers interested and entertained.

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