Voice-Activated Assistants: Controlling Your Home and Appliances with Your Voice

Voice-Activated Assistants: Controlling Your Home and Appliances with Your Voice

Unrivaled Convenience

The ease of voice-activated home technology is difficult to top. Although some home appliances and devices can function independently, potentially through the use of a bespoke app, most voice-activated technology solutions require a home hub such as Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, or Google Assistant. Some products have the added benefit of allowing you to program them to carry out a series of orders, such as “If movement is detected in the bathroom, turn on the lights.”

Voice-Activated Door Locks

No more fumbling for your keys in the dark, thanks to the August Smart Lock Pro. You can manage the lock with voice commands with Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant to let people in or unlock the door for yourself. It may also be operated via an app, which opens the door automatically when you approach and can even be used remotely to open the door, for example, to accept delivery. This system is also compatible with existing locks.

Voice-Activated Lighting

Have you ever gotten into bed only to realize you forgot to turn off the kitchen light? You can now simply utter the word and your lights will turn off instantly. However, smart lighting house technology is capable of much more than merely turning lights on and off. The Philips Hue system allows you to program a variety of lighting settings, such as soothing light to wake you up and assist you in winding down, strong light for working, and even different colored ambiances depending on your mood. It allows for specific lighting setups in various rooms, such as the kitchen and bedroom, as well as security lighting, outdoor illumination, and even home entertainment. This solution works with the most popular home hubs.

Voice-Activated Home Thermostat

Precise temperature control not only keeps you comfortable in your house no matter what the weather is like, but it also helps you save money on your energy bills. This Honeywell WiFi Smart thermostat with voice activation is an excellent method to keep your home heating and cooling under control. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and its app, and you can use the touchscreen directly on the thermostat if you like. This thermostat is smart and beautiful, with 7-day programming, a humidity sensor, and even multiple backdrop colors.

Trash Can With Voice Recognition

If you’re tired of attempting to open your garbage can lid with your hands full or sticky, you’ll appreciate Simple Human’s clever trash can. This attractive home technology bin not only opens on voice command or movement sensor but is also infused with nano-silver particles to prevent germs from multiplying. There’s a built-in can holder, and the dual-compartment option makes recycling a breeze.

Voice-Activated Faucet

Installing this Delta smart tap reduces the need to clean your tap. You may turn it on and off, control the water temperature, and dispense exact amounts (in metric or imperial standards) using Touch2O technology and Alexa. You can even tell it to fill up a water bottle. Of course, it also works by hand!

Voice-Activated Window Blinds

Nobody wants to get up from their couch to adjust the window blinds, so now you can do it with your voice! This ingenious automation device works with Google Assistant or Alexa to operate your blinds simply by uttering a command. You can also use your smartphone to issue commands. This system also includes temperature sensors, allowing you to program your blinds to close when the sun comes out. And there is no increase in your energy cost with solar recharging.

Voice-Activated Television

Did you know that you can now do much more with your television than just binge-watch Game of Thrones? This LG UHD 65-inch TV integrates with Alexa to simplify voice-controlled TV. Voice commands can be used to change channels, modify volume, and browse channels. Don’t know which channel your show is on? Simply ask, and the TV will locate it for you. You can also use your TV to view images, play games, or browse the internet. When not in use, this TV transforms into a magnificent piece of wall art with changing visuals!

Microwave with Voice Recognition

We’ve all had the thrilling experience of squinting at the microwave’s computerized keypad to locate the exact setting we require. However, with Amazon’s voice-controlled microwave from the Basics collection, that will be a thing of the past. By connecting it to Alexa, you’ll be able to use the preset commands to cook rice, defrost veggies, reheat that forgotten cup of coffee, and create popcorn, among other things. It also integrates with Amazon Dash to reorder popcorn when you run out. And don’t worry about little hands turning it on—a child lock is incorporated for your protection.

Voice-Activated Air-Conditioning Control

Ambi-Climate’s voice-enabled controller works with Alexa and Google, as well as via an app, to manage a mind-boggling array of options. Adjust your air conditioning on the go, program presets, or utilize the If That Then This applets to automate tasks. Best of all, the built-in artificial intelligence function learns your behaviors, allowing the system to predict your demands and save you money on energy.

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