10 Best honda two wheeler in 2022

10 Best honda two wheeler in 2022

Our India is home to the largest manufacturers of bicycles and motorcycles in the world, with several two-wheeled products such as TVS, Hero, Honda, KTM, Bajaj, Yamaha, etc. Many of the top foreign companies in the country have also set up. their activities here. There are many bikes up there, from which it is very difficult to choose a bike.

Our article is based on the Top 10 Best Bikes in India 2022, where we will get a brief overview of the top ten Indian bikes. The top 10 bikes were selected based on the need and economic situation of the local people.

In this article, we have proposed such bikes, which are currently in high demand, and expect these bikes to remain high by 2022 again, although many electric bikes and excellent scooters will be introduced in 2022. We have selected the top 10 Bicycles that remember the need and economy of Indians, and these bikes stand like this-

Yamaha MT-15, Price: Rs. 1.46 lakh

Yamaha MT

The price of this bike model ranges from Rs 1.46 to 1.49 lakhs, and this price varies in four different models (MT-15 Metallic Black, Dark Matte Blue, Fluo Vermillion, and MotoGP Edition). It gets a 155cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder motor, producing 18.5 PS power and 13.9 Nm of torque. This bike can show a top speed of 52.02 km / h on this motor and fuel-saving at 48 kmpl.This bike can easily be bought by Indians, is not very big, and is easy to use.

TVS Apache RTR 160, Price: Rs. 1.07 lakh

TVS Apache RTR

The price of this bike model ranges from Rs.1.07 to 1.10 lakh and is currently available in two variants. The 159.7 cc engine was added to it by TVS, which produces 15.53 PS power and 13.9 Nm of torque. It looks great in construction and is good for the price. In my opinion, this bike is great because you can use it for family and office work and it is financially viable.

Royal Enfield Classic 350, Price: Rs. 1.84 lakh

Royal Enfield Classic 350

The starting price for this bike is Rs.1.84 Lakh and the final price is Rs 2.15 Lakh, and currently, there are 5 variants available. Royal Enfield has added a 349.34 cc engine to this model, producing 20.21 PS power and 27 Nm of torque for the bike. The bike brings 37 km miles and looks very attractive in style. Its price is also not very high, and Indians can easily buy it.

TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Price: Rs. 1.15 lakh

TVS Apache RTR

Prices for this TVS model start at Rs.1.15 Lakh and end at Rs.1.21 Lakh, and currently, there are 4 variants available. In this bike model, you get a 159.7 cc engine, which produces 17.63 PS power and 14.73 Nm of torque for the bike.The look of this bike is also very good, and the price is also low, so you can easily buy this bike and increase your pride.

Yamaha YZF R15 V3, Price: Rs. 1.57 lakh

Yamaha YZF R15 V3

The price of this bike model ranges from Rs 1.57 to 1.59 lakhs, and currently, there are a total of 5 variants available. For this, you will find a 155 cc engine, which produces 18.6 PS power and 14.1 Nm of torque, and with the help of this engine makes a mileage of 18.75 kmpl.This is a sports bike, which you get at a very good price and affordable.

Hero Splendor Plus Price: Rs. 64,850

Hero Splendor Plus

Prices for this bike start at Rs.64,850 and end at Rs.70,710 and are currently available in 5 different variants. This bike is a great choice for repair and office and homework, as it gives you a great distance too. Its price is also low, which everyone in India can easily buy.

You will find a 97.2cc engine on this bike, capable of producing 8.02 PS and 8.05 Nm of torque, and the bike displays 80.6 kmpl miles with the help of this engine.

TVS Radeon

TVS Radeon

This bike is also similar to Hero Splendor Plus, which is a free and home use bike. Its price ranges from Rs 59,900 to 71,082 for the 3 variants available. For this, you get a 109.7 cc engine, which produces 8.19 PS power and 8.7 Nm of torque. This is the best option for Indians, everyone can buy it.It is also very beautiful in style and appearance, and also has a long life.

TVS Apache RTR 180, Price: Rs. 1.14 lakh

TVS Apache RTR 180

Currently, only one variant of this bike is available, valued at Rs. 1.14 lakh. It is a very attractive and complete bike to look at, while its price is also low. On this bike, you will find a 177.4 cc engine, capable of producing 17.79 PS and 15.5 Nm of torque on the bike.

TVS Sport

TVS Sport

You must have heard the name of this bike, its price from Rs 58,130 to 64,655 and at the moment there are only two variants. On TVS Sport, you will find a 109.7 cc engine, which produces 8.29 PS power and 8.7 Nm of torque on the bike. And it is an excellent bike to watch and ride and adds to your beauty too.

TVS Apache RR 310

TVS Apache RR 310

Currently, there is only one variation of this Indian bike, which costs Rs 2.59 lakh. In this case, you see a 312.2 cc engine, which produces 25.8 PS power and 25 Nm of torque, while Sport, Track produces 34 PS power and 27.3 Nm of torque. This sports bike delivers 33.1 kmpl miles and offers an excellent ride.

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