How to Clean Your Electric Razor in 6 Easy Steps

How to Clean Your Electric Razor in 6 Easy Steps

You may have good intentions of keeping your electric razor as clean as possible, but if you run late in the morning, there is a good chance that you will simply provide a quick cleaning after shaving than a thorough cleaning of your razor. Cleaning your electric razor not only ensures that the razors last longer than they should without being dull prematurely, but it is also an important aspect of hygiene that is appropriate to prevent skin diseases.

Blade Cleaning Tips 

Blade Cleaning Tips

While you probably agree that cleaning the razor sounds like a good idea — and you may already be cleaning your razor to some degree — most of us do not learn how to clean an electric razor, so we just think we are doing it right. However, you may be surprised at the best razor cleaning procedures and things you should not do. Keep reading to see how your current cleaning process fits and that experts say you should clean your razor. Below, we teach you how to clean your electric razor in six easy steps to help you shave more efficiently and safely.

Why is it important to clean your razor?

Cleaning your razor helps keep the blades sharp and the jelly line smooth and anointed. Improperly treated blades will wear out quickly. More important, cleaning your razor is a matter of safety. Improperly cleaned blades after use can accumulate dead skin cells and debris, which can hold germs. If you cut yourself when shaving — which is especially true if your razor has gunk and buildup due to poor cleaning — bacteria from the grime can enter your bloodstream and cause skin infections. Even if you rarely cut yourself, shaving almost always results in small cuts called razor bumps, which are open invitations for pathogenic bacteria.

How to Clean Electric Razor

How to Clean Electric Razor

If you use an electric razor, you may be lucky enough to have one that comes with a sanitation and cleaning station, which automatically cleans and dries the razor to get ready for your next shave. That being said, if you do not have an automatic electric razor blade cleaner, you will need to clean the blades or foil by hand. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Remove clogged hair

Once you have dried the shave, you will need to remove the top of the electric razor to expose the blades or foil. Many electric razors with rotary blades open, while clips or foils often come out. Use a razor brush or a small soft toothbrush to swipe out loose hair. Try to avoid touching the razor on anything to loosen the hair, but if you need to, gently tap on the body or part of the razor blade, not near the blades. If you are shaving with shaving cream or gel, you will need to wash the razor to remove the gun. Replace the cutting block after removing most of the hair.

Step 2: Apply liquid soap on the sides

Moisten the blades and add a few drops of dishwashing liquid or antiseptic soap to the stems.

Step 3: Launch the razor to allow it to create suds

Open the razor and let the blades do the sudsy lather for 15 seconds. Add more water if needed.

Step 4: Thoroughly clean the razor

Wash the razors under warm water to wash off all the soap.

Step 5: Remove the head and wash it

Turn off the razor, remove the head or cassette, and clean it, making sure you find all the sides and between the foil or blades.

Step 6: Allow the razor to dry completely

Leave the razor blade to dry completely in a well-ventilated area.

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