Best 200cc Motorcycle? Apache vs Pulsar vs Hornet 2.0 vs MT-15

Apache vs Pulsar vs Hornet 2.0 vs MT-15

When we first rode the new Honda Hornet 2.0, the bike was impressive enough to say it deserved to be compared to its more powerful rivals from Bajaj and TVs. And here we are, with Hornet directly dealing with the Bajaj Pulsar NS200 and the TVS Apache RTR 200 4V. Now, why are we comparing Honda 180cc vs 200cc Honda machines? Well, Honda has set a price for it in the 200s, so the idea here is to find out if this bike hits more than its weight or is just another promising price issue.

Honda made for you a sharp and attractive design, especially from scratch. The bike gains a more muscular body than the original Hornet and this goes well with the new USD fork – the first part. The engine-shaped engine cowl also adds to the sports theme.

Side and back, Hornet takes on a more casual avatar, and the rear end looks very similar to the old model. The passenger is provided with a simple and clear LCD. This unit has five levels of variable light, a battery voltage meter, two travel meters, and a geographical location indicator. Like the other two, the Hornet uses a 12-liter fuel tank, but instead of the usual lock, the key goes in just before the fuel tank.

The Hornet is the only one with LED lights all around; The gold-colored USD fork adds to the look of a premium.

Apache vs Pulsar vs Hornet 2.0 vs MT-15

If Honda has a very new design here, the Bajaj is the oldest. Little has changed since the NS200 first broke the cover nine years ago, but I think this is still a very good motorcycle. The NS has clean, sporty, and rather European lines, which is not surprising because it was designed by a European person. The latest 2021 color schemes are calling for attention and the bike we are riding has not only white wheels but even a white frame. There is very little noise in my liking, but that is a deeply personal matter. When NS feels that its age is on the instrument console, and even when the switches are turned on back, they look and feel cheaper. However, there is no doubt that this is a very large and wide bike here – something that tall riders will appreciate.

While Bajaj did little to revive the NS, other than to meet the government’s mandate, TVS has been focusing on RTR. The latest update has given the bike a face that I am not accustomed to, but also several new features (more on that later) that I can certainly know. Aside from the DRLs that make you look like a terrified Pokémon, the RTR remains a good motorcycle with good sports lines. However, it sounds like a combination. The MT-15 is a hyper-bred hyper nude, one of the flexible lightweights from the MT stable. This bike has all the features of hyper-nudity and fast grip, a wide handle, and lightweight 138 kgs.


The stylish MT-15 and its Bifunctional LED headlights give the motorcycle an aggressive and shocking look. This very nude bike will not only give you the pleasure you want but also encourage a lot of confidence in the rider.

With its bright combination of colors, it makes for an amazing look. It evokes feelings of energy, anger, and excitement that arouses the passenger’s enthusiasm and leaves a lasting impression ”.The full MT-15 seat width provides a better ride and easier leg access for the pillion rider while its easy-to-hold grip gives a better grip. The blacktail of this black hero demands attention with its magnificent LED light that cuts through the dark.

In appearance, each bike can hold itself in this comparison, but when it comes to engines, the difference is noticeable. You have three very different engine modes here. Honda’s is a simple two-valve air-conditioning engine that produces more than 17 percent power. The RTR takes a complex, four-valve head and oil-cooler system, and generates approximately 21 power. And finally, you have an NS200, which is strange, with a very modern powertrain. The NS uses a four-valve, cooler engine that delivers 24.5 horsepower. It is also the only one with a 6-speed gearbox.

honda- hornet

Not surprisingly, the Pulsar is a fast-moving bike here and the Honda is slow, but the difference is not as great as you might think. At 0-60km / h, the Honda travels 0.4sec slower than the NS, although the gap reaches about 3sec at 100km / h. However, there is more to these engines than the raw speed data. Whereas in MT15 The A&S clutch (assist and slipper) is adopted to reduce clutch pull weight and provide low-pressure conversion during shrinkage. A&S helps reduce passenger fatigue. This also prevents excessive engine braking, thereby reducing its effects on chassis behavior. The A&S clutch makes for a smooth, fun descent. Now change gears without worrying about the economy. The MT-15 6-speed transmission allows for lower RPM and even higher gears, thus saving fuel without losing joy.

Performance is one thing, but even in this cycling class, efficiency is equally important, especially when we look at how we pay with these things these days. Hornet is very dominant in this department, with RTR still a second away, and NS does not return more than 40kpl in the city or highway.

The NS is very open while the RTR’s ergos exit into a narrow area.

Not only is performance important but customers in this category often expect all the best from these bikes. Sure, they need to be athletic and attractive, but they also need to relax and exercise. We’ve already talked about riding positions, but what about pillion seats? NS and RTR are both free and while Hornet is not bad, it is not very open. In MTR15 The already naked Yamaha MT-15 155cc is now a testament to the future with its BS-VI appeal engine. Use the MT-15 cooler 155cc LC 4V engine which gives you more pump power.

MT 15 Flexible Valve Performance

Flexible Valve Actuation (VVA)

This is the first very effective VVA system that provides torque to make it easy to use even with low RPM. There are two output valve cameras: one low- to mid-range rpm and one high-speed rpm. They swap between the 7,400 rpm mark to ensure good power and torque are present throughout the rev range.

As for the luxury of suspension, they are all perfectly acceptable, but the RTR looks very good. Another point is that the RTR provides pre-load adjustment even with the front fork, which is great for setting sag suspension based on passenger weight. The suspension of the Pulsar is a bit tight and the Honda is probably the strongest here. However, it is not strong or uncomfortable – it will not just walk in broken areas with the same level of contempt.

Bajaj Pulsar NS200 vs Honda Hornet 2.0 vs TVS Apache RTR 200 4V: Handling

The RTR passenger surface shows itself when you feel like you are hitting a winding road. Now, all three are fun and exciting bosses, but the RTR is cut above. Its balance between quick response and stability keeps it attractive, but it is also invested and guaranteed. The TVS Eurogrip tires are durable and sound good, and when you add the brakes and brakes, the RTR is pretty cool.NS is capable of carrying beautiful small angles, but the main stand is easily scratched. It is also the heaviest here and the back feels soft when pushed hard.

Apache vs Pulsar vs Hornet 2.0 vs MT-15

The Hornet is very close, especially in terms of chassis power – and has an exciting determination to sink into a corner that sounds good from the end. The downside of this bike is the inability of the car to provide energy levels of up to 200cc and the speed when you turn it off.

The NS is the one that sounds like the strongest on the chassis and its engine, but a large scratch stand can give you a lot of shocks if you lean the whole bike. We also found that the rear mono-shock is very soft on the edge and this also erodes the confidence the rider feels.

Therefore, we have combined performance, efficiency, comfort, and performance. But there is one more important factor to consider – features and value! Surprisingly, the oldest bike here is less equipped. Pulsar has some very interesting mechanical specifications, but when it comes to features, the list is much smaller. It is the only one here with a halogen headlamp, its instrument console has no trip computer or gear position indicator and its ABS only works on the front wheel. On the other hand, the Pulsar analog rev counter comes from the past, but it is still a pleasure to have it. This is also the only bike with a single-engine kill feature.

The Hornet runs better, has LED lighting all around, and is the only one with dangerous lights. Other than that, it seems Honda has chosen to focus on the USD fork, while Hornet has no other outstanding features.

Pulsar’s age is evident in the company. Its functionality is solid on paper, but you need to update it to achieve it, and as a result, it does not work for the everyday rider like the other two. But if you like that revvy character, and if you rate a fun sports engine and low performance as your top priority, NS Rs 1.33 lakh (ex-showroom) NS is always your best option at this price point. As for the Honda, I’m still fascinated by it or riding back-to-back with these bikes. I think the best bike to ride in the conditions of a big city proves to be incredibly economical as well. But when you analyze the overall picture, there is no escaping the fact that Honda still offers you less performance and significantly fewer features at a more expensive price of Rs 1.28 lakh (showroom), which is the same as a single channel. ABS version of RTR 200. In MT-15 While others on the road admire the look and style of your MT-15, you can admire the look and use all the information it provides to help you ride better. An experienced rider is a better rider. The new MT-15 adopts the new Deltabox framework with a solid balance. With the Deltabox frame, the top and bottom of the head pipe and pivot points form a triangle, so the “Deltabox” gives it a solid balance.

If Honda costs about Rs 5,000- 7,000, it would be a different story, but as things stand, TVS continues its dominance over the 200cc category. With the same amount of Rs 1.33 lakh (front showroom) in Bajaj, TVS is the best-equipped bike here, but it goes deeper than that. It also has a smooth engine, strong performance, decent performance, and above all, it excels at putting a smile on your face. Considering everything this bike offers, there is no denying the fact that it is the best here.

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