Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike | Which One To Buy? Full Comparison

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike

As the electric era progresses in India, many major EV manufacturers are introducing all their electric bicycles to India, so people may be confused about buying an electric bicycle or a gasoline bicycle. Here in this article, you will find information about electric bikes vs petrol bikes.

What is a Gasoline Bicycle?

The petrol bike runs on fuel like gasoline, with an ICE engine namely; an internal combustion engine, which burns fuel to generate fuel for the vehicle. Gasoline bicycles have a place to emit CO2 carbon dioxide gas (CO2), which is very dangerous and pollutes the environment.

What is an electric bicycle?

Electric bicycles are electrically powered, there is a battery inside the bike that needs to be charged to run the electric engine. The electric bicycle runs on electricity so it does not produce harmful gases in the environment. Electric bicycles are also considered to be the safest means of transportation because they do not emit carbon dioxide and harmful gases. Helps to reduce pollution.

Electric bike vs petrol bike

What’s the Big Difference Between an Electric Bike and a Fuel Bike? and what to Buy Electric Bike Vs Petrol Bike in India?

Environmental Concerns- Electric Bike Vs Burning Bike

As mentioned earlier, gasoline-powered bicycles produce CO2 gas, which leads to pollution. But on the other hand, electric bicycles are battery-powered and have no negative impact on the environment. This is another major difference between electric bicycles and gasoline bikes.

Electric cars are the future of India and originate in India as electric bicycles are safe, economical, and require minimal repairs. Air pollution and noise are major causes of gasoline / Fuel bikes.

Note: Considering global warming concerns, electric vehicles are a blessing in disguise. Electric vehicles are the first and foremost decision to reduce air pollution and save the environment

Electric Bike vs Petrol Bike Cost

Keeping in mind the environment, we should choose an electric bike, but when we consider the price range, the basic price of an electric bike is more than the basic human capacity of the average person.

Despite all government subsidies, the cost of electric bicycles is still high. If we compare the price range of a conventional petrol bike with an electric bicycle, then the price of a conventional fuel bike is much more economical than an electric bicycle.

Why Do Electric Bikes Dig So Much?

Why are electric bicycles so expensive? However, the battery response is the most expensive part of any electric car. Batteries used in electric bicycles are made of lithium-ion. These components are essential for the proper functioning of the battery so that the bike will function properly.

Also, This is a major reason why electric bicycles are more expensive than conventional fuel bicycles. If one day the price of a battery is reduced and finally the price of an electric bike can also be reduced, it will be cheaper than a gasoline bicycle. But still, the battery is the most important part of an electric bike.

However, the era of electric vehicles does not stop here (Even now it has not started), the Indian government is taking all necessary steps to promote the acquisition of EVs in India.

Recently, Rajasthan announced funding for electric vehicles with tax cuts following the EV policy of Maharashtra and Gujarat.

And the fact is that the basic cost of an electric bicycle is higher than regular petrol or petrol bike, but when you compare the travel costs of an electric bike with a gasoline bike, electric bicycles are more affordable than ever.

Distance Concern- Electric Bikes Vs Fuel Bicycles

Before we talk about the range of electric bikes and petrol bikes, let’s talk about some of the biggest disadvantages of electric bicycles.

Now if we need to refill our fuel bike, it does not take 5-10 minutes to fully charge it, but the electric car takes about 6-7 hours to fully charge. Even if it comes with a rechargeable battery, it will take up to 1-hour full charge.

So if you plan a long drive, and even if you charge your electric bike from 0 to 100%, it will only cover a distance of 80 to 100 km. This is the standard category for electric bicycles; Some electric bikes say a distance of 150 to 200 km.

Although petrol bikes give you between 500 and 700 km depending on your engine. So a person traveling less than 100 km a day can choose an electric bike.

Electric Bike Vs Petrol Bikes- Running Cost

In the short term, electric bicycles may look cheap but if we talk about the cost of running electric bikes vs petrol bikes in India, then these electric bikes are much cheaper than petrol bikes.

Here is an example of how?

Now if you charge your electric bike from 0 to 100% then it will cover a maximum distance of 100-120 km, the cost of electricity per unit of this distance will range from 2rs to 5rs depending on where you live. The electric bike requires 4 units to be fully charged, so your total operating costs will range from 10rs to 15rs or 20rs.

1 km will cost 10 to 15 paises. On the other hand, when it comes to fuel bicycles, the average price is 40 to 50 km a liter and will cost 90 to 100 rupees. So per 1 mile, it costs 2rs. And next time, you will be driving 50,000 miles on your bike.

So if we compare an electric bike with a petrol bike, an electric bike will cost you about Rs 5000 per 50,000 km, namely; 1km = 10-15 paisa and petrol bike will cost you about Rs 1 lakh per 50,000km i.e.; 1 km = Rs.2. Now you know, what is the difference between the effective cost of an electric bike and a gasoline bike.

Comparing the Cost of Running Between Electric Scooters and Fuel Scooters

Running costs for Honda Activa 6G are Rs 2 per KM

on the other hand, the operating cost of Ather 450 Plus is 0.125 per Km

As we have made a comparison between electric bicycles and petrol bikes in the article, Electric Bikes Vs Petrol Bikes by comparing their price, width, and operating costs. And when you consider these points, it is easier for you to decide whether you are buying an electric bike or a gasoline bike.

Electric bicycles have significant advantages due to their cost, efficiency, economy, minimal maintenance, and being eco-friendly.

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