New mg gloster vs fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs Mahindra Alturas

mg gloster vs fortuner vs Ford Endeavour vs Mahindra Alturas

SUVs may come in all shapes and sizes today, but the larger, three-dimensional, body shape in the frame still holds a special place in the hearts of Indian consumers. The arrival of the MG Gloster provides an excellent opportunity to unite all members of the nation.

Giving the Gloster company Mahindra’s Alturas G4 recently updated on Bharat Stage 6 (BS6) emission norms-spec. Ford’s Endeavor, which got a new engine and gearbox earlier this year, is also here for the new ‘Sport’, and of course, we should have had a human champion, Toyota’s Fortuner, too. The Isuzu MU-X would end the series but a Japanese SUV expert is in the process of launching the BS6 model at the moment.

SUVs are considered to be fully capable, automatic, and 4×4. What we would like to know is how the new Gloster meets its established competitors, and if it has the ammo of moving parts.

All of these SUVs are great in every aspect and will immediately attract a ‘bigger’ crowd. The MG Gloster is the longest SUV here, extending the tape to about 5m. But no matter how big it is, it is still unknown. The large SUV does not succeed in design and there is no clear visible link of Hector who invented the MG model in India. Indeed, the MG badge and the usual ‘Internet Inside’ logo are your greatest gifts associated with both models. There is, however, a magnificent spirit with the Gloster, paired with silver accents and chrome on the grille, in the window line, and even 19-inch wheels (which look smaller).


You won’t find much of a highlight in the recently launched Ford Endeavor Sport. Think of it as a dark version of Endy. All the glitter is gone, the black has replaced the chrome and silver on the macho Ford. Smoky-looking lamps and 18-inch black wheels are different in this version. Butch and Muscular Endeavor always seemed to have a certain amount of armor protection. The sport simply enhances the vision.

The Alturas G4, by contrast, does not have the presence of a road for some and that despite being very wide in the area. Clever and well-executed, no doubt, but SsangYong, doing that Mahindra, is less of a visual drama. The 18-inch wheels also look smaller in the middle of the wide body, while the bulk D-pillar prevents visibility from those sitting on the last row. More on that a little bit.

It is a Toyota Fortuner with a different style from these four SUVs. The small headlights and locked window line are a common break while the standard high-rise stand helps to hide the fact that the Fortuner is much smaller than its rivals. Note, the polished Fortuner with a solid style is coming to India in 2021.


MG Gloster Savvy 4×4 AT Mahindra Alturas G4 4×4 AT Ford Endeavor Sport 4×4 AT Toyota Fortuner 2.8 4×4 AT

Length 4985mm 4850mm 4903mm 4795mm

Diameter 1926mm 1960mm 1869mm 1855mm

Length 1865mm 1845mm 1837mm 1835mm

Wheelbase 2950mm 2865mm 2850mm 2745mm

Wheel size 255/55 R19 255/60 R18 265/60 R18 265/65 R17


Just look inside their closets and you will register Gloster and Alturas as quartet SUVs. Their glossy leather, special stitching, and attractive body-like touches for reclining drivers’ seats make it easy to take advantage of this view.

Gloster Dashboard is very similar to BMW in appearance. The material seems rich but the details are not so accurate.

Also, the Gloster closet is not very similar to other MGs and is more than just a passing resemblance to the BMW of the new age in terms of appearance and layout of the dash. To put it bluntly, the design is almost a copy. Quality though not a good German car; a closer look will reveal some shortcomings in sewing and there are also a few common buttons. The low dash cowl equals a very good preview while the direct, or indirect touch screen like other MGs) stays in the open. Drivers also get all the important information about the 8.0-inch high-resolution housing that sells for sale in a metal binnacle. Unfortunately, the front seats are not as comfortable as they look, with low-key support that hurts the feeling.

With Nappa leather and closed texture, the Mahindra Alturas G4 wardrobe looks and sounds great.

The well-adjusted Alturas driver’s seat is very comfortable but prepare for a short trip to get to it. Mahindra does not find the board as usual, although you can, and should, choose one from the resources menu. Once inside, you will love what you see. Of course, the dashboard does not break the new design base but there is high visibility of the space, with great attention to bold details. The window buttons look expensive and the impact of the metal attached to the knots to control some small bits makes a huge impact on Alturas. The multi-glazed detail display with its unique themes also touches well.

Endeavor Dash is neatly set but does not decorate. Ford feels very strong.

When Alturas excels at considered quality, Endeavor gets the most points for building quality. That surety door thunk is something you will never tire of even down the line. You’ll also love the controlling view from the Endy driver’s seat but the surprising absence of the steering wheel adjusts the flexibility limits in the driving area. However, the touch screen and other controls are easily accessible and the standard structure is easy to use. The soft-touch areas complement the ambiance but the cabinet is low in space and shiny in Gloster and Alturas.


The Endeavor Sport for Rs 35.1 lakh is a very popular SUV. That solid structure remains important to Ford’s liking, while the sleek ride makes it sound like it’s designed to hit. What is missing is that the wow factor within and space is below the rivals. And as fun, as it is, the new 2.0 diesel engine does not have the same name as the old 3.2.

If you are going to set a third line that you will use regularly, Alturas is not your model. That Mahindra does not feel as strong as some SUVs may break the contract with others. On the other hand, it is quiet and comfortable, and that well-placed cabinet makes you feel like your money is gone. It only helps that at Rs 31.73 lakh, Alturas is also the most affordable SUV here. Spend time in one place, and you will wonder why the popular Mahindra did not sell to the powerful.


On the other hand, MG may have an easier job of finding Gloster buyers. ‘The best in the class’ and ‘first in the class’ are sentences you will hear over and over again in the marketplace and the truth is, Gloster is the largest, coolest, and most well-equipped SUV here. Sure, the engine is not the most friendly in town and attention to detail can be improved, but look at the big picture and Gloster is the SUV that does it all. Prices have not yet been released at the time of publication but the buzz by top-spec Gloster Savvy will come in at around Rs 37 lakh. Preparing ADAS features (not worth the money for reliability) will reduce the sticker value in the Fortuner area, which changes the number. MG patent packages will enhance the agreement.

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