The Best Coffee Gadgets To Buy For Caffeine Addicts

coffee gadgets

Want to channel your inner barista? There are tons of great technologies out there to help caffeine fans fuel their love of coffee. We’ve put together the best coffee gadgets to fill your cupboards and cups to the brim.

Whether you’re a filter fanatic or a latte lover, our list includes a variety of gadgets at various price points to enhance your coffee drinking experience.So whether you want to turn your kitchen into a modern cafe with a luxury coffee machine or prepare a delicious drink while camping in the wilderness, we’ve got you covered.

AeroPress coffee machine and espresso machine

Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker : Home & Kitchen

This convenient coffee maker is a popular choice among coffee lovers, and for good reason. The AeroPress is a coffee press that aims to reduce the bitterness and high acidity that can often occur with a traditional French press. This is a quick, full immersion cooking process that can take less than a minute. AeroPress filter paper helps reduce grit and cleaning time, so it’s a win-win.Another great feature is its portable and lightweight nature as you can enjoy the benefits of pressed coffee when you are away from your kitchen. It can also make espresso coffee, adding cappuccino and latte to the menu! In addition to the press itself, you get a funnel, a scoop, a stirrer, filters and a filter holder.

Barista & Co brew it stick coffee machine

Barista & Co Brew It Stick Coffee Maker, Single Serve BPA Free Nylon Coffee  Infuser and Loose Leaf Tea Infuser with Drip Pot, Black: Buy Online in  INDIA at desertcart

Another portable and easy-to-clean option, this coffee gadget is a great choice if you’re making a cup of coffee for one. Simply place your favorite coarsely ground coffee into the small brewing basket, attach the handle and submerge in boiling water. You can even rotate and mix the coffee strength. The 360˚ filter is incredibly gentle and aims to prevent unwanted coffee grounds from entering your delicious hot drink. There’s even a handy potty to keep your counter clean! If you are a “coffee” person, you can use it with loose tea.

Express espresso coffee machine Sage barista

Buy Sage by Heston Blumenthal Bes875Uk the Barista Express with Temp  Control Milk Jug, Brushed Stainless Steel Online at Low Prices in India -

If you’re ready to take the plunge and treat yourself to a coffee maker that sings and dances, this option from Sage has some pretty jazzy features. This bean-to-cup model has a built-in grinder so you can serve freshly ground coffee as needed, and with 15 grind settings you can change the coarseness to your preference. Digital temperature control ensures that water is served at the correct temperature for efficient espresso extraction. And if you want to try your hand at latte art, you can bust out the steam wand and create your own masterpiece.

Command Coffee Grinder

COMANDANTE Coffee Grinder | Expect the best

When it comes to portable coffee grinders, the Comandante series is particularly impressive. This model features a strong and sharp “nitro blade” technology for cutting coffee beans. If you like to spend money and are serious about the quality and consistency of your coffee grinding skills, this could be a game changer. With a grinding speed of approximately one bean per revolution, this unit is perfect for those lazy Sunday mornings when you’re happy to take the time to make a very special velvety drink.

Smeg milk frother


This Smeg coffee gadget is for the ultimate fans of milk and foam. You can froth both hot and cold milk and it has non-slip feet to keep it in one place. We love the retro vibe and it’s a quick and easy way to spice up your coffee and hot chocolate and enjoy your coffee in the comfort of your own home.

Stanley pours

Stanley The Camp Pour Over Coffee Set, Polar, 1 set (20oz/12oz) : Home Improvement

If you love camping as much as you love coffee, this might be the coffee gadget for you. This coffee pot consists of a stainless steel body, a removable and reusable filter and a filter holder. Simply place the mug underneath, take your chosen ground coffee, pour boiling water over it and let it brew. The stainless steel filter means you don’t have to worry about paper filters, making it an eco-friendly choice. There’s a measuring cup in place and you can brew up to six cups, so it’s perfect for outdoor group activities. Known for its durability and ruggedness, Stanley is a solid choice when it comes to outdoor gear.

Bioletti induction mocha coffee maker

Induction coffee maker - Bialetti

The Bialetti mocha induction coffee maker is quite beautiful. It works on all hobs, even induction, thanks to the steel outer layer of the boiler. It’s a great way to combine traditional coffee preparation methods with modern kitchen appliances. It can brew up to six cups, so it’s a handy coffee gadget to have in your cupboard when you’re on the go.

Airscape Coffee Storage Box

Buy Airscape Coffee Storage Canister (2.5 lb Dry Beans) - Big Kilo Size  Canister with Patented CO2 Releasing Airtight Lid Pushes Air Out to  Preserve Food Freshness - Matte Finish Food Container (

Wondering how to improve your coffee bean storage? This elegant coffee container has been specially designed to trap moisture and air, so your coffee beans stay fresh and tasty. It can also be used to extend the shelf life of other tasty treats such as cookies, nuts and cereals. This size holds up to 250g of whole coffee beans, but if you think you’ll go through it too quickly, you can opt for a larger size.

Golden spoon and tongs


This gold tea spoon also doubles as a clip on your coffee bag, so you can keep your coffee fresh. It’s a very practical yet thoughtful gift and will work well as an affordable Secret Santa gift. It’s also a handy way to keep your spoon in one place so you don’t lose it!

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