Best steering wheel control adapter

Best steering wheel control adapter

After few poking around here I didn’t explore anything definitive.

The alternatives I am conscious of are:

  • Metra Axxcess
  • iDatalink

My aim is to utilize the system that is the simplest to install and retain the most features (especially keeping the Bluetooth phone pickup-hangup will be breathtaking). I have expereince with the Metra when I had my Mazda3 but wasn’t certain if another solution was awesome for the Optima, thanks for the support everyone as steering wheel control adapter.

What Is a Steering Wheel Audio Control Adapter?

Steering wheel audio control adapters aren’t as understood or well known as flashier car audio system components. Still, they’re becoming increasingly significant as more and more cars come from the factory with certain kind of steering wheel audio controls with each new model year.

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What Are The Steering Wheel Audio Controls?

Steering wheel audio controls make it less menacing to interact with your car radio when you are driving. The major idea is to use these controls without taking your eyes off the road and taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Specific controls varied from one vehicle to the next, but they often permit you to adjust the volume, skip songs, switch from radio to auxiliary inputs, changed channels, and more as steering wheel control adapter.

Axxess ASWC Steering wheel control interface — connects your car's steering  wheel audio controls to an aftermarket stereo at Crutchfield

Axxess ASWC-1


  • Plugs into numerous Metra stereo installation harnesses for easier installation
  • Easiest to program — the auto-programming feature recognizes the car automatically in many scenerios, and programs the buttons accordingly.
  • Reads both analog and digital signals as steering wheel control adapter.

iDatalink Maestro ADS-MSW


  • Programmed online — set it up before you get out to the car and defined the buttons the way you needed
  • Supporting multi-function buttons — press once to do one stuff, hold it down to do something else
  • Watching the video demo on iDatalink’s website — under Video FAQ tab, looking for How to Flash a Maestro SW
  • PAC SWI-RC Steering Wheel Control Adapter Connects your car's steering  wheel audio controls to select aftermarket car stereos at Crutchfield



  • Least expensive alternative
  • Works in numerous older vehicles
  • Buy PAC SWI-CP5 Steering Wheel Control with CANbus Online at Low  Prices in India | TYCON Reviews & Ratings



  • Reads both analog and digital signals.
  • Supporting multi-function buttons — press once to do one matter, hold it down to do something else
  • Numerous programming modes — manual or via computer
  • Confirms manual programming with audio beeps along with flashing LEDs (the other adapters only use LEDs) as steering wheel control adapter.

The details explained

The chart above is pretty nice, but some of the points want a more thorough explanation.

Easy installation

  • Some stereo wiring harnesses (utilized to connect a newest stereo) have a built-in connection for the steering wheel control adapter. Purchase the matching steering wheel control adapter will result in an easy installation. For instance, the Axxess ASWC-1 adapter might plug right into the Metra wiring harness for your car, saving you the bunch of time as steering wheel control adapter.
  • Even when the stereo wiring harness doesn’t have a connection built in, we have other adapters for certain vehicles that will still let you plug in your SWC adapter. These extra harnesses are usually inexpensive and making the installation pretty simple.
  • Our advisors do let you know if one of these circumstances apply to your vehicle.
  • What are Analog and Digital Signals? Differences, Examples

Analog vs digital signals

  • Many modern vehicles send the signals coming from the steering wheel audio controls to the radio in the digital format. the PAC SWI-CP5 and The Axxess ASWC-1 adapters do read these digital signals as steering wheel control adapter.
  • You’ll required to tap into the wiring in your steering wheel if you’re utilizing the iDatalink adapter in a vehicle like this.
  • Identify your vehicle on our site will make certain you buy a compatible adapter.
  • Programming Concept: Computer Keyboard With Programmer Icon On Enter Button  Background, 3d Render Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image. Image  53993954.

Button programming

  • Some steering wheel adapters needed you to manually assigned a function to each of your steering wheel control buttons. The instructions that comes with your adapter will show you how to do this.
  • Certain steering wheel adapters (namely, the Axxess ASWC-1) having an auto-detect mode, so it’ll program itself to transmit the right signals from your steering wheel controls. If auto-detect mode doesn’t working to your satisfaction, you’ll still having the alternative of programming the adapter manually as steering wheel control adapter.
  • One neat advantage to manual programming is that you can select to assign functions to the buttons on your steering wheel that are custom to your requirements. This alternative is not accessible with all brands of aftermarket car stereos, so you’ll require to do certain research ahead of time to make certain your desired preset change would work.
  • The the PAC SWI-CP5 and iDatalink ADS-MSW adapters both let you utilize a computer to program the buttons (refer to as “flashing” the adapter). This is an easy manner to set up the buttons and offers you more control over what they do. Plus, you do program the adapter before you begin the installation.

Certain head unit feature lists do specified either SWI-X, SWI-JS, or SWI-JACK. These are specific kind of steering wheel audio control that both aftermarket car radios use and original equipment.

  • SWI-JS: Standing for Steering Wheel Input Sony and Jensen. Found in Sony head units and Jensen and other head units that utilize this standard as steering wheel control adapter.
  • SWI-JACK: Stand for Steering Wheel Input JVC, Alpine, Kenwood and Clarion. Utilized by these four large manufacturers and few tiny ones as well.
  • SWI-X: This is a universal standard that is found in few aftermarket headed units.

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