12 Trackpads That Bring the Laptop Experience Home

12 Trackpads That Bring the Laptop Experience Home

Trackpads that bring laptop experience home:

Apple Magic Trackpad

Apple Magic Trackpad

If you own a Mac or Chromebook, we recommend Apple’s trackpad, called Magic Trackpad. Measuring 6.3 inches in length x 4.5 inches in depth, it has the largest area of ​​any trackpad.

Also, it is fitted with a rechargeable battery that will last more than a month with a single charge. When the battery needs to be discharged, the trackpad charges with the USB-C cable to the installed light.

Works with a trackpad built into MacBook. I use one every day and prefer it to my mouse to edit photos in Photoshop. The trackpad easily recognizes clicks and tapes, supports multiple multitouch actions, and scrolls like a dream. Comes with silver or space gray color options.

Brydge W-Touch Wireless Precision touchpad

Brydge W-Touch Wireless Precision touchpad

W-Touch is an aluminum touchpad exactly like Apple’s Magic Trackpad, but this one is aimed at Windows 10 users. It supports both Precision drivers and multitouch touch, such as tapping to zoom and swiping multiple fingers to switch desktops.

Measuring 5.5×3.3 inches, much smaller than Apple’s trackpad, but wide open to get the job done. Although this option is more expensive than other PC trackpads, it is worth the splurge, as it is compatible with most devices and has no visible dent.

This option is wireless and recharges via USB-C. You can expect one month of battery life before it will need to be recharged.

Keymecher Mano 603 Touchpad

Keymecher Mano 603 Touchpad

For those looking for an accurate aluminum track and glass that is open, affordable, and will help reduce hand fatigue, look no further than Keymecher Mano 603. This phone is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7 computers and connects to your computer. immediately after connecting it.

Provides monthly battery life, multitouch support, and buttons left, center, and right, so you can easily select text and drag and drop. There are places on each side you can configure so you can easily scroll through long documents, too. This option is available in black or silver to better match your set.

If you hate cables, Keymecher also makes another accurate trackpad called Mano-703 UB that can connect to your computer via USB cable or wireless via Bluetooth. Man0-703 UB is also compatible with Windows 11.

Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics tablet

Wacom Intuos Pro Graphics tablet

If you are an artist, photographer, or graphic designer, consider using the Wacom Intuos Pro. It is a common gold painting tablet for professionals in the creative industry. Intuos Pro offers an accurate and open drawing space, customizable keys, and a durable structure.

What separates it from other tablets is its useful Touch Ring, which is used for scrolling, zooming, rotating your canvas, switching between layers, and adjusting brush size. Since the device supports multitouch, it works perfectly as a trackpad. You can leave your mouse and easily switch between tabs and applications, scroll, and select items on your PC or Mac. This option comes in three different sizes.



Seed trackpad has a quick plug-and-play function – which means you don’t have to worry about installing any drivers or software before using it. The trackpad is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 7.

It has smooth glass and supports multitouch touch. Also, it comes with a USB-C cable. It even offers simple temperature keys, including left, center, and right mouse buttons, a single touch button, and a push-button.

Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse

This touchpad from Microsoft offers you the best in both worlds. It works like a mouse and touchpad sensitive, so you can easily scroll straight or horizontally, or use your computer’s cursor as usual.

Other than that, it is very compact and portable: It even folds down to move easily. Arc Touch Mouse is a great option for those who like to work in coffee shops, airports, and wherever there is a Wi-Fi signal. Available in black, burgundy, cobalt blue, or gray.

Perixx PER IPAD-501 USB Trackpad with cable

Perixx PER IPAD-501 USB Trackpad with cable

The Perixx touchpad comes in two sizes: the small one weighs just 2.3×1.7 inches and the other 4.7×3.5 inches. If you prefer to have visible buttons instead of one smooth surface, both options have two buttons so you can easily click them on your computer interface.

Both trackpads are PC-based and support multiple touches to rotate, zoom in, and scroll. Perixx PERIPAD is comfortable, quick to set up, and supports multitouch. Compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Jelly Comb Ultra Slim Portable Aluminum USB with touchpad

Jelly Comb Ultra Slim

Windows 10 and Chromebook users will love the multi-touch multitouch trackpad. You can zoom in as you do on your smartphone by pressing outside, scrolling easily with your fingers, or going back to web pages with a single tap. The trackpad detects fluid, and it helps prevent the arms fatigue you often experience with a normal mouse. It only works with Windows computers and connects to a standard USB port.

Brydge W-Touch Wireless Precision Touchpad | Compatible with Surface & Windows | Designed for Surface

Brydge W-Touch

Featuring a large touch area of ​​140 mm x 84 mm, W-Touch brings the sharpest experience ever seen on Windows Wireless Touchpad.

It Includes multi-touch DNA like Surface keyboards, W-Touch gives you full control of your touch – whether two, three or four fingers.

Brydge W-Touch is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Surface devices.

Industry-leading Bluetooth wireless technology 4.2 for fast connection at all times. With a battery life of up to 1 month on each charge, the Brydge W-Touch will let you operate with confidence.

Be confident that your W-Touch is designed and designed to meet the standards set by Microsoft.

Pardarsey Replacement Touchpad Trackpad with Flex Cable Compatible for MacBook Pro Unibody A1278 2009 2010 2011 13.3″

Pardarsey Replacement Touchpad

This device is Compliant with A1278 Macbook Pro 13 “, Year Relevant: 2009-2012. It is Compatible with Apple Order Number: MB467LL / A, MB991LL / A, MC374LL / A,  MC375LL / A, MC700LL / A, MD313LL / A, MC724LL / A, MD314LL / A, MD101LL / A, MD102LL /【Universal repair tool】 Please check the bin B07S9YFQJH if you need pry scewdrive Fix Compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android phone, PSP, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, SSD, MP3, players, PC, Clock, and other everyday devices.

USB Touchpad Mouse Multi-Touch Wired Trackpad for Win 7 and Win10 Computer, Notebook, PC, Laptop touchpad Keyboard touchpad Mouse

USB Touchpad Mouse Multi-Touch

The large glass surface with an advanced sensor provides an amazing user experience, quick and sensitive response in your hands, fluid clicks on the screen, scrolling pages up and down, click to zoom in, and more.

Just plug the USB cable into the USB port of your computer, the touchpad is ready to operate, no additional driver is required. a reliable and stable connection with the USB C cable enables you to use it freely without any connection problem. Full touch support provides easy and natural control of your Windows computer: click, scroll, drag and swipe through web pages; very comfortable to use with a smooth upper surface and ergonomic slope design. The numeric keypad can be activated when connected, no battery is required, do not worry that the touchpad will expire. For Windows 10, Windows 7 PC, portable computer, desktop, computers only.

Win plus Graphics Drawing Tablet, 8192 Pressure Sensitivity Level TouchPad with Pen 8.3 x 5.5in Work Area Support for Windows, OS, Android Red


The Most Active Photo Tablet is suitable for digital drawing, design, animation, online tutorial software, and online video conference. Operating area: 210 * 140mm. Sensitivity to stress: 8192. With a Battery-free Stylus with pen pressure 8192; Report level 266 PPS, 5080LPI resolution, you can draw, paint or paint smoothly. No recharge or battery handling and 3 refills are required. 5 keys can be customized. You can customize the left shortcut keys and set the corresponding keyboard keys so you can use the shortcut keys in the software when drawing. The Graphics tablet is compatible with Windows 7 or higher, Mac 10.12 or higher, and Andriod 4.3 or higher. It is also compatible with many common photo applications, such as Corel Painter, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Krita, SAI2, SketchBookPro, FireAlpaca, OpenCanvas, Manga Studio, etc It has a very small and compact design, 9.5mm durability, weight 425g, size 286 * 190mm for easy handling; workspace large enough to accommodate limited desktop areas.

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