Mobile Does Not Ring Well What To Do?


If your Android phone does not ring when someone calls, the cause can be any be it user-related or software-related.

Having a phone that does not ring in a way defeats the purpose of having a phone in the first place. So if you have problems with ringing your Android phone when someone calls, it can be understandably troubling. But there are some simple – and quick fixes – you can try before sending your phone for repair.

If your Android phone doesn’t ring when people call you or send you a text, there may be a few reasons related to the user, software, or hardware.

Here is a list of eight solutions

This is the most common reason that phones do not ring and are easy to repair. You may have just hung up the phone silently. If you can still hear other media, such as videos or music, this may be a problem.

The opening and closing methods are different from phone to phone. For most Android models, here’s how you do it.

Turn on your phone screen.

Press the “Volume Up” button on the side of your Android until it reaches your desired volume.

Make sure your Android phone’s ring is enabled and not in Vibrate or Silent.

Check that your phone is not in airplane mode

Another common ringtone issue your phone is set to accidentally in airplane mode. It’s very easy not to see that your phone is in Airplane Mode for a while as it will appear as if no one is calling you. If you also have trouble accessing the Internet when you are not on Wi-Fi, or you can send or receive messages, this is probably a problem. Here’s how to turn off flight mode.

Open the settings app.

Scroll down to “Network and Internet.”

Disable flight mode and gain access to calls, data, and more Go to “Airplane Mode” and make sure the switch is off.

Check that your phone is not in silent mode

Interruption is a feature of the phone that you turn on automatically when you do not want it to ring. While you can stop it in the timer, you can turn it on and let it open until you are ready to turn it off manually. Naturally, this feature is another common stumbling block for user-related problems with phone ringtones.

If you do not interrupt, the sound will still work, and you will still receive incoming calls and texts. You will not be notified when they enter.

Open the Settings app for your phone.

Go to “Network and Internet.”

Tap on “Sounds.”

Select “Do Not Disturb.”

Turn off Do not disturb and hear your incoming calls

Check that the setting is off. Then make sure that the “Auto Unlock” setting is also disabled to protect the setting that automatically comes and goes with the timer.

Check that Call Forwarding is not open

Some older Android models have call transfer settings in their settings app.


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