OPPO Color OS 12 Review: Top Features to know

OPPO Color OS 12

After the initial release of the China-specific edition in September, Oppo ColorOS 12 beta (international version) running Android 12 was released. The implementation of the new operating system (OS) in India began in November. The new version, according to Oppo, includes a redesigned user interface (UI), enhanced performance, and “functions that help enhance daily productivity.”

OPPO Color OS 12 Review

Oppo claims that their Android 12-based OS has stock Android capabilities such as Material You. ColorOS 12 features an Android 12 standard capability of theme modification utilizing wallpapers. In the theme, and there are unique animations for 3D icons. Emoji, which combines your visual data and metrics to create a unique animated character that could be used in emojis, was also unveiled by Oppo.

OPPO Color OS 12 Review

Devices eligible for newest update i.e. Color OS 12

Oppo has released a timeline for when all of its devices will get the ColorOS 12 update. The Find X3 Pro 5G got an update in October 2021, whereas the Find X2 and Reno 6 series smartphones got it in November 2021, according to the graphic.

Devices eligible for newest update i.e. Color OS 12

The upgrade will be available in December 2021 for the A745G, F19 Pro+, and Reno 5 Pro 5G. Other F-series and A-series smartphones, as well as the Reno 10X Zoom, will receive the updates.

What’s new? : Features and specifications


The redesigned ColorOS 12 is one of the most significant modifications. Oppo currently refers to its design as a ‘Borderless Design,’ as it does not utilize borders to separate icons. Instead of using paper to differentiate icons, an acrylic sheet has been used, and the icons are dubbed ‘Acrylic Icons.’

The use of colors has expanded in ColorOS 12 as the term implies. Bright shades are used to differentiate among different types of data. ColorOS 12 has become more interoperable with a wider range of smart devices.

Icons in three dimensions

ColorOS 12 features redesigned transparent app icons that are pleasing to the sight. For the finest user interfaces, subtle light and shadow features work together to create perspective and a sense of space. Every design is inspired by reality to ensure that the apps are easily recognizable.

Smooth Animations

The ‘Quantum Animation Engine 3.0’ is included in ColorOS 12. Simply swswipingcross the display is significantly more smooth and quick with this engine. The ‘AI Self Smooth Engine 2.0’ cuts power usage by 20% while increasing battery capacity by 12%.

Connecting a PC

ColorOS 12 includes a system-level cross-screen networking option. It may be used in the ColorOS 12 system after installing an OPPO proprietary installer file on the pc and downloading and operating it on a Windows 10 computer. To enable cross-screen interaction, mobile phones are used. It not only mirrors the phone’s screen on the pc screen, but it also allows for data copying and pasting, as well as file dragging and interaction. The way of functioning is similar to plugging a phone into a computer and converting it into a built-in computer device, thus bridging the gap. Control and communication are much more effective because of physical boundaries between devices.


Users can utilize the Free Floating Window functionality to adjust and relocate windows anywhere else on the screen by tapping and dragging them. ColorOS 12 introduces Smart Sidebar 2.0, which is yet another big enhancement. With the touch of a button, you may accomplish a variety of critical functions such as price comparison, listening to the news, and so on. The sidebar is even better now that it has a read-aloud capability and a real-time translation alternative for multiple languages.

2.0 Accessibility

With industry-leading accessible capabilities in color, vision, and sound, ColorOS 12 goes above and beyond other operating systems in synchronizing to your individual needs.

Color Vision Improvement in ColorOS 12 alters color tones to improve the distinguishing between colors and levels. Do you prefer to listen rather than read, or do you simply desire the ability to multitask? Rather, tap the words on the screen to get it to read to you. ColorOS 12’s one-tap magnification expands text on command to reduce visual fatigue or make the tiny text easier to read.

Measures to protect your privacy

ColorOS 12 also include several additional privacy and security options. It offers a ‘Privacy Dashboard,’ a ‘Approximate Location,’ and a camera, microphone, and clipboard notification feature. As the name implies, ‘Notification Smart Anti-Peeping’ prevents others from spying on what you’re doing or using. It wouldn’t even enable metadata-free media sharing.

Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 

With smooth swiping and screen interactions that effectively match real-world physics, Quantum Animation Engine 3.0 provides hyper-smooth responses to touch. Widgets, for instance, have a “digital mass” that allows them to respond differently when pulled.

Booster for the AI System

AI System Booster offers optimum reactivity under all circumstances, even when you switch between applications and tasks quickly, for hyper-smooth operation from your OS, by concentrating CPU power on applications in use.

Location Sharing 

It’s the same as every other Android 12 feature that is featured in Color OS 12 and aims to help you protect your privacy even more. If an app requests your location permission again, you don’t want to give them your exact location. Alternatively, you might give a rough location. This is useful for weather-related apps, for example, if you don’t need them to track your exact location.

OmojEmoji’sji, 3D animated emojis, are also part of the new operating system. Users can make their cucustomizedmoji avatars using Oppo’s face capture system. OmEmojilike Apple’s Animoji can imitate facial motions and emotions in live time. Users will be able to cucustomizeheir Omojis by changing things like skin cocolorhair, eyes, nose, and accessories, among other things.

Consumption of energy

With Color OS 12, Oppo has prioritized power usage. This contains a one-touch power-saving application that enables users to optimize their device’s power usage efficiently. It looks for significant power hogs, turned-on features that aren’t needed, and other useful hints. Users will receive messages about power consumption if an app is consuming power in the meantime.

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