Smart Living: How to Use a Smartphone

Smart Living: How to Use a Smartphone

Communication has evolved over time making methods simple to contact someone thousands of miles away. Technology continues to advance; as a result, we should adapt and learn how to evolve with it. This blog taught you how to utilize a smartphone in a good way.

Setting Up Your Smartphone

Understand what type of smartphone you have. While there numerous makes and models of smartphones in the market today, the two key platforms they are running on are Android and iOS.

• On certain older smartphones, you wanted to eliminate the back and take out the battery to access the SIM card storage space.

• If you don’t have a SIM card tool, you do utilize a paperclip to open the SIM card compartment.

• Some new cell phones having an eSIM 

Using the Phone and Text Features

Adding Contacts to the phone. The Contacts app keeps an organized list of all the contacts and the contact information. Apply the following steps to add on contacts to your smartphone:

• Tap up the Contacts app icon.

• Tap up the plus (+) icon.

• Entering the contacts name.

• Entering your contact’s phone number.

• Enter any other contact information you are keen to add.

Making calls on the smartphone. You make phone calls utilizing the Phone app on the smartphone. It normally has an icon that resembles an older fashioned phone. Apply the following steps to make a phone call on your phone.

• Tap up the Phone app icon.

• Tap Keypad and Contacts.

• Tap up a contact or utilize the keypad to dial a mobile number.

• Tap up the green button with the phone to place the call.

• Tapping the red button with a phone to end up a call.

Sending and receiving text messages. In addition to receiving and making phone calls, you do also receive and send text messages. Apply the following steps to receive and send text messages:

• Tap up the Messages app icon.

• Tap up the existing conversation to view any newest text messages from that human.

• Tap up the icon that resembles a pencil and paper on iPhone

• Entering a mobile number or name of a contact in “To:” field.

• Type the message.

Check your voicemail. Before you check the voicemail, you wanted to set up the voicemail on the Android and iPhone. Utilize the following steps to open the voicemail on the smartphone:

• Opening the Visual Voicemail app.

• Tap up a new voicemail.

• Tap up the play triangle icon.

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Using the Camera

Tap up the Camera app to open it. The Camera app has an icon that is similar to a camera. Tap up the Camera app to open it. The Camera app takes both still videos and photographs.

Apply the image on the screen to frame the video and photo. The camera feed is displayed on the screen. Apply the screen to line up the video and photo you need to take.

Tap the huge white button to take a picture or begin recording. If you are into photo mode, this would take an image. If you are in video mode, this would begin recording the video.

Tap the button with the red square to prevent recording. It’s the similar button you tap to begin recording. If you are shooting up a video, this button will be turned into a stop button with a reddish circle in the mid-way. Tap up the stop button to stop recording a video.

Tap up the icon that resembles your video and photo to view it. This displays the camera roll. This shows recent pictures and videos you have taken. Tapping a video and image to view it.

Accessing Additional Features

Turn Locations On and Off. Your smartphone has the potential to track the location. This could be useful when applying some apps such as Google Maps. However, many humans like to cover their privacy by turning away locations when they are not utilizing it. Apply the following steps to turn up Locations on and off:

• Opening the Settings app.

• Tap up the Magnifying glass icon in the upper-righteous corner.

• Type Locations in a search bar.

• Tap up Locations.

• Tap up the Toggle Switch next to “Locations”.

Setting a custom wallpaper. The wallpaper is the image you check on on the home screen. You changed the wallpaper image. Utilize the following steps to setting a custom wallpaper.

• Opening the Photos and Gallery app.

• Tapping an image you wanted to apply as the wallpaper.

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Access the Bluetooth menu 

Bluetooth could be utilized to connect wireless devices, such as headphones and speakers. Utilize the following steps to access the Bluetooth menu.

• Tap up and hold the Bluetooth icon to display connected devices.

• Tap up a Bluetooth device to pair it.

• Tap up a device to pair with it.

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