10 Best Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies On Amazon Prime For Movie Night

10 Best Hindi Dubbed Horror Movies On Amazon Prime For Movie Night

Are there any decent horror movies in Hindi on Amazon Prime? Horror films are a shelter for individuals who like to be scared. The texts and images in Hollywood stories set them apart. The only problem with Hollywood movies is their occasionally difficult-to-understand jargon. So we’ve produced a list of Hindi dubbed horror movies available on Amazon Prime.

Bus to Busan

Bus to Busan | JejFlix | Alex Gonzaga - YouTube

‘Train to Busan,’ directed by Yeon Sang-Ho, is a South Korean action horror film. Passengers on a train from Seoul to Busan fight for their lives during a zombie outbreak. The virus spread occurs throughout the country, although most of the film takes place on a train. Seok Woo, represented by Gong Yo, undergoes a transformation from a greedy to a sacrificial character. ‘Train to Busan: Peninsula,’ a solo sequel to this film, was released in 2020.

The Conjuring Universe

The Conjuring Universe Explained: From Annabelle to Valak

The Conjuring film series is comprised of three films: ‘The Conjuring’ (2013), ‘The Conjuring 2’ (2016), and ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2017). (2021). The films are based on real-life events involving Ed and Lorraine Warren. Authors and paranormal investigators have been tied to well-known but divisive haunting stories. The spin-off films focus on the origins of some of the creatures seen by the Warrens, while the main series follows their efforts to help people who become possessed by demonic spirits. The contentious Enfield Poltergeist case is featured in the second film. While the third is based on Arne Cheyenne Johnson’s trial.

Annabelle Series

The Conjuring & Annabelle movies in order | chronological timeline | Radio  Times

The ‘Annabelle’ series, like ‘The Conjuring series, is part of the Conjuring Universe franchise. The Annabelle film series consists of three films: ‘Annabelle’ (2014), ‘Annabelle: Creation,’ and ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ (2019). The film depicts the deeds of the same-named doll before the Warren family’s encounter with it at the start of the first film. We see Annabelle bring the disturbing artefacts in the Warrens Artifact room to life throughout the films.

The Wailing

The Wailing movie review & film summary (2016) | Roger Ebert

‘The Wailing’ is a South Korean horror film released in 2016. After a Japanese man arrives in Gokseong, a small town in the South Korean mountains, a mysterious virus causes the people to go insane and ruthlessly slaughter their families. A police officer examines the unknown ailment in order to save his daughter. The Wailing is successful in combining violence and a trippy blend of horror cliches with a sense of deep discomfort.

The Witch

The Witch (2015 film) - Wikipedia

The Witch is a 2015 folk horror film starring Anya Taylor Joy. The story takes place in the 1630s. It is based on the Puritan family’s encounter with demonic forces. The family was broken by the forces of witchcraft, black magic, and possession. Is this simply a case of bad luck, or does each family members share some of the guilt for their misfortune? The story has an intriguing element of uncertainty.

Cold Skin

Cold Skin (2017) - IMDb

The film is based on Albert Sánchez Piol’s 2002 novel of the same name. When a young man travels to a remote island to work as a weather observer. He realizes he must protect the watchtower from the terrible monsters that hide on the island’s beaches.

Lights Out.


‘Lights Out,’ directed by David F. Sandberg, is based on his 2013 short film of the same name. In the film, a young woman (Rebecca) is compelled to confront past fears in order to protect her brother from a furious supernatural being with an unusual connection to their mother. Rebecca must confront a mystery force linked to their mother in order to uncover the dread underlying her younger brother’s experiences that previously made her question her sanity.

Watch you.

You (TV Series 2018– ) - IMDb

Helen Hunt plays the lead in the psychological thriller. The principal detective in a missing person case tries to manage work and personal life. Strange events befall a small-town investigator as he investigates the abduction of a little boy. However, as the family confronts imminent death, a dreadful secret about their home is finally exposed.

Chapter Two.

It Chapter Two (2019) - IMDb

‘It Chapter Two,’ an adaptation of Stephen King’s 1986 novel, was published in 2019. Pennywise, the malignant clown defeated by members of the Losers’ Club, returns 27 years later to menace Derry, Maine. As adults, childhood friends have long since drifted away. But as people start to disappear, Mike Hanlon becomes concerned and invites the others to his residence for a final stand. To overcome the shape-shifting Pennywise, who is now more powerful than ever, the united Losers, scarred by the past, must confront their deepest fears.

The Lodge

The Lodge (2019) - IMDb

‘The Lodge’ is a psychological horror film from 2019. The plot centers around a soon-to-be stepmother who is stuck with her fiancé’s two children at his family’s isolated resort around Christmas. There, she has a series of unusual happenings with the youngsters that appear to be connected to her history. “The Lodge” is more distressing than terrifying, with its eerie setting and unsettling plot handling the majority of the scares.

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