11 Ways to Play Badminton Game

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Who wouldn’t need to play the universal quickest racket game? As it can be played with four or two participants. The basis of the match is to score points by fortunately strike the shuttlecock over the net. Though the game seems to be as any other similar game, the guidelines of badminton are significant and distinct to understand before you take a swing at your first game. If you need to be a badminton master or just impress that sweet chic at the garden, then let’s get started.


Learning the Rules

1. Understand the basis of the game

This game is a racket sport that is played by two teams of two players each else either two players. The basic is for you or your team to get to 21 points first. You score a point whenever you victoriously serve the shuttlecock and your fellow rival commits a fault, which denotes that the team fails to suitably return the shuttlecock.

2 .Identify the basics of play

Here’s what you require to understand before you begin your badminton game, beyond the court details and the scoring rules:

  • Toss a coin or have another rival to decide which side they will play on and which team will be serving initially.
  • After each game, rival change ends of the court, and the side that won the previous game gets to serve at the start of the next game.

3. Learn the basic ways to strike the shuttlecock

Generally rackets are manufactured with strings of metal and nylon, and you’ll require to create enough power to effectively strike the shuttlecock with this light racket. The main strokes are the backhand and the forehand (as in other games) and you’ll need a quick, light wrist to effectively hit the shuttle. Here’s what you need to understand about striking the shuttlecock:

  • It’s all about the footwork. See the shuttle and apply some tiny steps to position yourself so that you can easy way strike it instead of having to stretch too much.
  • Perfect your clear shot. This is the most usual shot and the aim is to hit the shuttle in a manner that moves your opposer away from the net, which offers you time to set up your next shot.
  • Do practice the drop shot. To hit this shot impactful, you’ll have to hit a gentle, slow shot that makes the shuttle fall just over the net, making it tough to reach for your rival, no matter how quick he runs.
  • Smash the shuttle. This is a strong shot that you utilize to strike a shuttle that is pretty above the height of the net. You’ll require to raise you’re racket behind your back, as if you were going to scratch it, anticipate the shuttle coming your way, and then hit it quiet hard, as if you were excellently done it over a fence.
  • Drive the shuttle. It may be forehand or a backhand shot that makes the shuttle move parallel to the ground, just barely passing over the net, making it tough for your rival to anticipate or return your shot.

4. Master the forehan

Mastering the Strokes

Once you see that the shuttle is coming pretty low and in front of you, you’ll require to strike that forehand to beat your opposer.

  • Drop the racket behind and head down you.
  • Keep your knees ready to move and bent.
  • Move pretty forward with your racket foot.
  • Keep your arm properly straight as you swing the racket, snap your wrist at the last possible second before you hit the shuttle.
  • Swing the racket upward and have an open racket face to create momentum. Follow through until the racket strike near your opposing shoulder.


5. Grasp to hit an overhead shot

Also familiar as a smash shot, this shot permits you to utilize your power and to strike the shuttle at the top of its arc. Aiming is significant here try to aim the shuttle in a place that will be tough for your rival to reach.

6. Make certain to always return to “the attitude of readiness” after each hit

Mastering the Strategy

After you strike your shot, come to the middle of the court, so if they hit it to your right or left, you have more time line to react and run to their strike, and return it back. Stay on your toes, and slightly move right and left, so your momentum and energy is still active and you can be ready to play for the next move.

  • This stance denotes that your feet must be even with your shoulders and parallel and your toes must be pointed toward the net.
  • Keep your knees bent a little bit and your racket in the hand with your arm across the front of your body.
  • Don’t stand like if you were just usually standing up, or your body will be far too rigid to move well.

7. Get attentive to move anywhere any time

Be ready to run cross court, run up to the net, back up all the way to the back service line, or to get hit the shuttle from any position. The component of surprise is significant here, too, so watch out for your opposer tricks.

8. Go for the high up as often as you can

The high up smash is the most influential strike in the game as it permit you to strike the shot as fast and hard as you can, making it as tough as possible for your opposer to return your shot. Look for chances to hit the shot when the shuttle is being there high in the air.

9. Keep your opposer running around

Don’t strike the shuttle right back to your rival every time, or you’ll just be making it easy for her or him to strike the shuttle right back. Your aim must be to move your rival or fellow contestant back and forth across the court or up and down the court so they get tired and winded and don’t have the chance to properly return the shuttle.

10. Have a method to your madness

Don’t just aim to strike the shuttle back and hope that your fellow rival messes up; have an plan of where you’re going to strike it, how you’re going to give more shots, and why you’re going to strike it in a certain way. If you just blindly waver at the shuttle, you won’t get quiet far.

11. Exploit your opponent’s weaknesses

If you need to win, then you have to make your opposer play your game and make him as not comfortable as possible. If your fellow rival has a dim backhand, then you suppose to hit the shuttle in continuous manner toward his backhand. If he likes to play near the net, hit your shots hard and long. If your opposer likes the smash hit, then don’t strike the shuttle in the air. Be attuned to your opponent’s weaknesses and strengths so you do win as easily as possible. It’s significant to notice your fellow rival closely. Whether you’re initiating a game or just picking it for fun, be on the lookout for your rivals weaknesses and strengths as early as possible.

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