How to Use a Selfie Stick

Selfie sticks are a wonderful tool for documenting jaw-dropping scenery, amazing, legendary vacations, or plain quality time with family and friends. Though these devices can be threatening effect to new users, anyone can grasp to use a selfie stick with just a small practice and instruction.


Using Your Best Selfie Stick with Bluetooth

1. Using Bluetooth pairing, connect your new selfie stick to the device

Open the Bluetooth region on your digital camera or smartphone and explore for the name of your selfie stick. When you look out the name of your selfie stick, you can utilize your camera or phone to pair with the device. Bluetooth pairing would not certainly improve the quality of your photos, but this process will be effective if you don’t require to utilize any extra wires or cables.

  • If you don’t identify the name of the selfie stick, then see instruction manual for the name of the selfie stick’s.
  • If the device have trouble pairing, turn off each device for few time. try pairing them again as you switch them on.

2.Connect the phone to the selfie stick applying a Bluetooth cable

Your selfie stick for mobile will come with a tiny Bluetooth cable. You must plug one end of the cable into your device and the other end into your selfie stick. Applying a Bluetooth cable won’t effectively transform the quality of the photos, but the cable is a good choice if you really need to ignore wireless connectivity issues. Using the phone’s headphone jack as Plug the cord into your smartphone.

 3.Press the shutter button to snap a image as you secure the device to your selfie stick

Fix up the device in the phone holder at the end of the selfie stick, making certain that it is tightly fasten between the phone holder’s bottom and top sections. When you need to take a picture, press round shutter button on the pole of the selfie stick.

  • Don’t fret to remove out the phone case to mount the device. Just secure the phone holder around the phone case and initiate shooting!
  • Not all selfie sticks have portable phone holders. If you need the option to detach your phone holder so that you can turn and twist a digital camera onto the tip of the selfie stick, try to research and study your selfie stick’s phone holder before you buy it.

Using Your Selfie Stick without Bluetooth

4. By securing it tightly in the phone holder as mount your device on the selfie stick

Extend the bottom and top sections of the phone holder. Carefully fix up the phone between these bottom and top sections. Your phone must be dynamically secured in the phone holder.

  • You won’t require to remove the phone case to utilize the phone with a selfie stick. Plainly make fasten the phone holder around the phone case.
  • Many selfie sticks have portable phone holders. If you like to tighten a digital camera onto the tip of the selfie stick instead of utilizing the holder, try to purchase a selfie stick with a phone holder that can be rotated.


5. Position the selfie stick at your required angle and length

Increase the pole of your selfie stick as far as you needed. You do adjust the angle of your phone holder. If you can, effort to decide on a position that you love before you set the timer for your pic.

6. Set a few second photo timer on the device and be ready

Utilize the camera software on the device to set a timer. Those who have timer functions, do download those photo apps. Smile, wait and pose for the camera to snap the pic!

  • Try out a various kind of camera apps that are adaptable with selfie sticks. you do explore numerous camera apps tailored to selfie sticks as in case if you simply desire a new alternative to your normal camera software or if you require better photo editing options.

Do take out nice Photos with the help of a Selfie Stick

7. Play around with lighting effect to ignore rough shadows in the selfie stick shots

If the shadows and lighting in your shot are pretty harsh, try adjust out by turning away from or into the sunshine.Cloudy skies are awesome for portraits as the misty diffuse light, so try taking some shots in foggy weather. Try to test lighting in a few places to discover out the best lighting for your image.

8. Angle the selfie stick quiet higher for the flattering angles

Hold the selfie stick at a very high angle do lessen up the shadows and compose more complimentary and unique shots. You can also utilize a high angle to lessen the appearance of the stick in your images.

  • Try to capture interesting, innovative angles by tipping the device backward or forward on the stick.

9. Hold back from applying your selfie stick in dangerous or crowded locations

Move the selfie stick in huge crowds of humans do hurt others or damage your device.Similarly, utilizing your selfie stick in a dangerous zone like a mountainside might put your life at risk. Apply common sense and only take images when it is pretty safe to do so. Find out if your selfie sticks are permitted at the destination. Few crowded tourist destinations have banned selfie sticks. If you’re traveling to a famous place, be certain that the device is permitted.

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