Best Thoughts I Had While Watching Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan’s New Holiday Film

Best Thoughts I Had While Watching Falling for Christmas, Lindsay Lohan's New Holiday Film

Falling For Christmas is similar to what would happen if Hallmark and the Disney Channel collaborated on a film.After seeing Dove Cameron in Cloud 9, I couldn’t help but think of that movie when watching this one. This is primarily because they both contain winter sports and are silly movies. Jake (Chord Overstreet) is, on the other hand, 100 times more likable than judgy Will Cloud (Luke Benward). Falling for Christmas, in general, feels stupid in a Disney Channel sort of way. It contains cartoony-ridiculous characters, absurd scenarios, and a montage of a wealthy person learning to care for themselves. The characteristics of Disney Channel movies are then mixed with Hallmark movie stereotypes. We have two individuals from different cultures falling in love, a little village, a bereaved father, a cute child, and the Christmas season driving people to help their neighbors. When it comes to Christmas movies, Falling for Christmas takes some cues from Hallmark. To me, the combination of Disney Channel nonsense and Hallmark tenderness is ideal for some light Holiday romantic fun.

Falling For Christmas ticks every box in the Netflix algorithm

Tad Is Surprisingly Appealing

Falling for Christmas is a daring and unexpected choice: the boyfriend isn’t a total jerk. In so many movies like this, the partner is revealed to be the worst person ever. Tad (George Young), on the other hand, is superficial, narcissistic, greedy, and selfish, yet he’s not bad. He’s even entertaining and, dare I say, likable at times. I liked how he had his mishap when Sierra was at the North Star Lodge. Ralph (Sean J. Dillingham) and Tad are a charming couple. And I was hoping they would fall in love. I believe the writers did not aim to make Tad unredeemable. Finally, it is revealed that he is a gay character, and he has his own happily ever after. Though I believe the writers should have gone with Ralph and Tad rather than Tad and Terry (Chase Ramsey), it was a pleasant surprise. It gave Tad more depth, making him a more interesting figure. If Falling for Christmas gets a sequel, we’ll hopefully see Tad settle down with Terry (or Ralph, if you’re still thinking about it, authors), or perhaps a new character of any gender. This might give the character much more depth. Perhaps he will become a parent and become less self-centered.

43 Thoughts I Had Watching Lindsay Lohan's New Holiday Movie, 'Falling for  Christmas' | Vogue

Lindsay Lohan’s portrayal of a cool (potential) stepmother makes me feel old.

I spent my childhood watching Lindsay Lohan movies. As a result, she appeared considerably older than me. It’s difficult to conceive someone your age or comparable having a successful movie career in adolescence (as a teen or youngster).

I also binge-watched Glee for way longer than I should have. When I first saw Glee, I assumed Chord Overstreet was considerably younger than me because the show looked oriented at individuals younger than me. I knew the majority of the cast was my age or older, but he seemed youthful.

Chord Overstreet appeared too young to have a child Avy’s (Olivia Perez) age since I was misled about these actors’ genuine ages. Unless, of course, he was an adolescent father. I also assumed Lindsay Lohan was older than me, although she was always young and too young to play a mother in movies. The thought that both Overstreet and Lohan were of sufficient age to play parents made me realize how old I am. When stars you saw in your youth become movie or television parents, you know you’ve gotten old. Here I come, senior discounts!

It’s Gradually Progressive

When Jake decided not to kiss Sierra since they don’t know her relationship status, I almost applauded. This was a rather wise approach because it ensured that none of these characters were acting unethically by taking advantage of someone who didn’t have all of the facts.

Many films and books play fast and loose with events taking place under pretenses. Sierra isn’t the worst, and Tad isn’t the worst either before losing her memories. She wants to establish a name for herself but is afraid of disappointing her father. She’s spoiled, yet she’s not proven to be particularly cruel or mean. Jake is also a genuinely kind person. He lacks any darkness, brooding, or meanness. He’s a straightforward good man. Sometimes, particularly in enemies-to-lovers films, authors appear to assume that male romantic leads must be a bit of a jerk to be fascinating. Falling for Christmas appears to be quite similar to other holiday romance films, but it makes some brilliant, subtle adjustments that allow it to solve some of those occasionally problematic features.

Lindsay Lohan Falling for Christmas review.

Chord Overstreet is an expert at establishing rapport with his co-stars.

Chord Overstreet was fantastic at making me like him with practically all of his love interests, as someone who watched almost every season of Glee (and some of his friends). With Rachel (Lea Michele) and Sam, the show went too far (Chord Overstreet). Apart from that, Sam collaborated with all of his love interests (and he had a lot of them). Overstreet deserves credit for this since he can establish chemistry with all of his on-screen co-stars. This ability is demonstrated once more in Falling for Christmas. Because of Lohan and Overstreet’s on-screen chemistry, you can’t help but root for Jake and Sierra.

Falling For Christmas Has Strong Rewatch Potential

Every year, I watch no more than five Christmas movies. The majority of them are Christmas classics like A Christmas Story, While You Were Sleeping, and Love. However, I am always open to adding a new holiday film to my rotation. I can’t promise I’ll see Falling for Christmas again, but it’s one of the 2022 Christmas movies I’d consider if I wanted a fun, romantic Christmas film.

7. Lindsay Lohan’s homage to Mean Girls was hilarious, as was her performance of “Jingle Bell Rock” at the finale.

Film Review: FALLING FOR CHRISTMAS (2022): Lindsay Lohan Stars in a Cute  Holiday Comedy That's Enjoyable But a Bit Silly | FilmBook

8. Chord Overstreet and Darren Criss’ holiday music playing in the background reminded me of Glee…in a good way?

Sierra discovering her passion for bacon is the best character arc of 2022.

9. You have to admire Netflix’s ability to find methods to promote itself in its many ventures.

10. Seeing more movies that include bloopers throughout the credits reminds me how much I missed them.

11. I adore it when an heiress loses her memories in a skiing accident.

12. Actually, this is a resounding endorsement of why I will never, ever go skiing. It’s far too risky!

13. Who puts on a beige eye mask?

14. Where is Lindsay’s opulent mansion? I’m guessing it’s Aspen or something?

15. Oh, it’s a five-star resort. My bad.

16. Lindsay’s father, a.k.a. “Daddy,” wants her to work in the hotel industry, but she isn’t interested.

17. Lindsay’s gay BFF is her boyfriend, and he refers to selfies of the two of them as “ussies.” No!!!!!

18. Every day, I want six people to dress me and serve me caviar. No way!

These New Photos of Lindsay Lohan's Christmas Movie Are So Fetch - E! Online

19. However, it seems unlikely that six persons are required to get an adult woman into a cheese-stained Kenyon College Class of ’15 T-shirt.

20.”This is a tremendously action-packed film,” my boyfriend remarks as some men glide down the slopes. No lie! 

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