To Try in 2022: 22 Wine Club and Spirit Subscription Services

Insiders in Wine deal for: Anyone looking to buy premium wine in bulk.

Why it is worthwhile: Joining the Wine Insiders Wine Club is one of the quickest and easiest ways to keep wine enthusiasts stocked with high-quality international options, as each shipment includes at least 12 different reds, whites, or a combination of both. Wine Insiders will even toss in three free bottles of the award-winning 2018 Château De La Pierre Levée Castillon Côtes de Bordeaux for new subscribers.

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Winc Good for: Anyone looking for highly individualized wine recommendations.

Why it is worthwhile: Those who enjoy sniffing, sipping, and swilling wine like professionals may enjoy receiving this wine subscription box, which includes bottles of vino from all over the world, including California, France, and Australia. Winc proposes a variety of selections matched to your giftee’s tastes after they complete a short quiz on their wine preferences, and it continues to use their ratings and preferences to surface more possibilities that it believes they’ll appreciate. They can rate each bottle on a one-to-four-star scale and join a community of subscribers who have strong opinions on tasting notes, tannins, and other topics.


Firstleaf Good for: Anyone looking for a relaxing glass of wine.

Why it’s worth it: For the wine consumer who frequently enjoys a glass with dinner, Firstleaf Wine Club has a selection of largely award-winning wines that will keep their (or your) supply well-stocked through the holiday season and beyond. The brand will send customers a box including a selection of bottles based on a wine-taste study (up to 12 at a time). Future selections are influenced by how the recipient evaluates the wines that are sent their way.

Martha Stewart Wine & Spirits Co. Good for: Anyone looking for wine pairing suggestions.

Why it is worthwhile: Martha Stewart, the domestic goddess extraordinaire, knows a thing or two about wine, and her experience comes into play with her wine business Martha Stewart Wine Co. (which is owned by Wine Insiders). The program not only provides hand-picked selections from Martha herself but also exclusive serving and matching recommendations for each bottle of wine, allowing the giftee to maximize their wine and dining experience. When they sign up for a membership, they will receive 12 bottles of wine (chosen by Martha!) every 12 weeks, and each new member will receive the same first shipment of wine to give them a taste of what’s to come.

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12-Month Wine Club from Harry & David

Good for: Anyone who likes both red and white wine.

Why it’s worth it: Subscriptions get two bottles (one red and one white) of Harry & David’s wine, which is created from Oregon grapes. Selections change with the seasons, so people can always expect to experience a delightful new pair of wines. A Harry & David Wine of the Month Club membership goes well with one of the company’s holiday gift baskets.

Thursday Night Wine Club at The Wine Shop

Good for: Anyone who likes wine with their takeout.

Why it’s worth it: True to its name, Thursday Night Wine Club focuses on highly palatable, uncomplicated bottles that can be cracked open and enjoyed any day of the week, with no pomp or circumstance required. You can select an all-red or mixed plan, both of which include four to five bottles, and ship quarterly (March, May, October, and December). Aside from the wine, club membership provides access to unique events and curated content such as themed playlists, tasting notes, and recipes, which are included with every wine delivery.

Access to Wine

Who should read it: Anyone looking for lesser-known wine recommendations.

Why it’s worth it: Wine Access’s website is brimming with bottles recommended by Michelin-starred sommeliers and wine judges, making it simple for clients to receive their money’s worth. The program now offers a quarterly subscription that includes California and Oregon-grown wines, as well as rarer bottles from France, New Zealand, and Japan.

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Typically suitable for: Anyone who appreciates wine one glass at a time.

Why it’s worth it: Suitable for the health-conscious wine fan in your life, Usual wines are handcrafted in small batches in several regions across California, with no added pesticides, sweeteners, or sulfites. Shipments include single-serving bottles of wine, with each twist-off bottle delivering slightly more than a glass to enjoy on its own or with a meal. Usual’s mixed-pack sampling, which is available for continued monthly delivery to keep the fridge filled, makes it very easy to taste out each of its great wine options, including red, brut, and rosé.

Bright Cellars

Good for: Anyone who enjoys personalization.

Why it is worthwhile: Club members are connected with Bright Cellars’ wine selections via the brand’s unique algorithm after passing a short quiz on food and beverage preferences (developed by MIT graduates). Bright Cellars’ wine alternatives are scored by the algorithm based on 18 different factors that are linked to the subscriber’s taste preferences. If that isn’t enough customization, a Bright Cellars wine concierge can help you choose a complimentary replacement bottle from one of its small vineyards across the world in case the giftee isn’t pleased with their selections.

Saucey Good for: Anyone who needs wine right now.

Why it is worthwhile: While Saucey isn’t a wine subscription box (it also sells beer, spirits, mixers, and even munchies), it does provide a diverse assortment of wines, ranging from reds and whites to sparkling varietals and even sake. This service connects you with local vendors in major cities such as New York, Miami, and Los Angeles who may assist with at-home delivery alternatives via the brand’s app or website. The company claims to be able to give free delivery within 30 minutes, with no purchase minimum.

Wine Awesomeness  Good for: Anyone who is just getting into wine.

Why it is worthwhile: Wine Awesomeness is a wine club that offers instructions for buying and learning more about wine right at the subscriber’s fingertips, making it ideal for the aspiring wine connoisseur. Wine Awesomeness includes its in-house magazine, Thebacklabel, which provides related articles, recipes, and even music to enhance the recipient’s drinking experience, in addition to expert-selected wines sent to the recipient’s door. You can join the Discovery Club for a monthly three-, six-, or twelve-bottle membership, or you and a loved one can join the Mates Club for 12 bottles of Australian and New Zealand wines delivered every three months.

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Parcelle Good for: Anyone with a sophisticated wine palate.

Why it is worthwhile: Sommelier Grant Reynolds, best known for his work with upscale New York City restaurants such as Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records, has contributed his wine knowledge to Parcelle, an online wine marketplace that offers a well-rounded sommelier-approved selection of daily wine deals as well as the option to buy bottles à la carte (including rare fine wine selections). Parcelle offers an expert-curated wine drop, which contains three bottles per month from around the world, including France, Italy, and Austria, for those who are open to surprises.

OG Wine Club Orange Glou

Good for: Anyone who has jumped on the orange-wine bandwagon.

Why it’s worth it: This subscription is a match made in wine heaven for people who love orange wine or are eager to try something new. Orange Glou’s wine club, founded in New York City in 2019, sends out highly curated monthly shipments of 3, 6, or 12 bottles of orange wine in a variety of shades and flavors. Wine is supplied from all over the world, and each shipment includes a bottle of sparkling wine.

Wine Club Primal

Anyone who enjoys funkier natural wines would enjoy this.

Why it’s worth it: Primal Wine Club takes pleasure in presenting a diverse selection of the greatest natural, organic, low-sulfate, and even vegan wines available in the United States and throughout the world. Primal Wine also has one-off bottles available in its web shop, offering a wide choice of natural orange and rosé types, for a thoughtful present idea or a little something extra.

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Anyone wishing to get right to the point when it comes to establishing a wine-club membership will appreciate Primal Wine’s no-nonsense sign-up process. Signing up is as simple as selecting their preferred wine kind (either red, white, or a mix of both) and the number of bottles they want to get each month.

WineSociety Good for: Anyone who enjoys the convenience of tinned wine over bottled wine.

Why it’s worth it: WineSociety, which attempts to make the experience of sampling wine more convenient through handheld cans that offer a sample rather than a full-on bottle, may appeal to those unfamiliar with the world of wine. The brand has six distinct flavors, including the popular Tempt (a Syrah blend), Chance (a Zinfandel-Syrah blend), and Fate (a Zinfandel-Syrah blend) (a Chardonnay blend). WineSociety subscriptions arrive every three months, containing three 500-milliliter cans of each of the three blends.

Vinesse Good for: Anyone wishing to expand their wine collection with a few boutique bottles.

Why it is worthwhile: Vinesse Wine Club provides its members with a diverse range of middle-of-the-road, award-winning, high-quality wines. Subscribers complete a brief survey to decide which options are best suited to their preferences. Vinesse’s wine selections are authorized by the company’s tasting panel of wine specialists, and they frequently include limited-edition picks that aren’t available in stores.


Anyone who wants to experience other regions would enjoy this.

Why it is worthwhile: Laithwaites’ incredibly flexible wine club sends subscribers only reds, whites, or a combination of both, with advance notification and no commitment to continue. These bottles could arrive from Bordeaux, New Zealand, California, or any number of classic wine areas around the world (previews of impending shipments are available via the subscriber’s profile).

The Leon Circle

Anyone who wishes to build greater wine tastes should try this.

Why it is worthwhile: With its wine club, Brooklyn-based Leon Circle cuts to the chase, offering subscribers a gently guided journey through its tastes and preferences. With each monthly shipment of three bottles, the giftee will gain a deeper understanding of what they like in a wine, in terms of background, flavor notes, and other aspects expressed in simple language that they won’t need a sommelier certification to understand.

SommSelect is ideal for anyone looking for the entire sommelier experience.

Why it is worthwhile: SommSelect’s staff of sommeliers and wine professionals carefully curate each box, from the Explore 4 plan’s box of four bottles for the novice drinker to the Somm 6 plan’s six bottles from new and up-and-coming producers to the Blind 6 plan’s six bottles with their labels hidden. Whatever plan they choose, you can be certain that they will learn something (and drink some damn fine wine, of course).

The Blue Apron

Good for: Anyone looking for a wine that goes nicely with midweek dinners.

Why it is worthwhile: One of the original meal kit delivery firms has entered the wine market, selling monthly boxes containing six 500-milliliter bottles of wine. Blue Apron Wine’s bottles are reduced from the typical 750 milliliters to the right size for two people to share, and each variety is designed to combine exceptionally well with Blue Apron dishes. When you give a Blue Apron gift card, the receiver can choose between all reds, all whites, or a mix of both.

Old Bridge Cellars

Vinebox is ideal for: Anyone who prefers to drink wine one glass at a time.

Why it’s worth it: Although Vinebox is not currently accepting new memberships, you can purchase one-time boxes of the brand’s distinctively packaged wines, which come in 100-milliliter portions. In this manner, consumers can do an at-home wine tasting with the varietals sent to them, decide which ones they prefer, and then purchase full-size bottles from Vinebox’s online store. Vinebox also sells a holiday advent calendar called “12 Nights of Wine,” which is filled with glass tubes of high-quality wines that may be savored throughout the holiday season.

International Wine of the Month Club Cratejoy

Good for: Anyone looking for high-quality wine at a tight price.

Why it’s worth it: Each monthly shipment includes not just two limited-production wines sourced from worldwide vineyards, but the Premier Series Wine of the Month Club also includes a tasting guide, food pairing suggestions, and recipes. You can choose to give them two reds, two whites, or one of each. And, as they recognize the standouts in their deliveries, it’s simple for them to reorder their favorite wines.

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