8 Best Internet Speed Test Sites

We all know the signs of a slow internet connection: the file you are trying to download appears static, your video stream stays blank, or you stare at a blank screen as your browser tries to load a web page. Whether you stay online (like 31% of Americans) or only access the internet a few times a day, the speed of your connection will have a huge impact on your browsing. An online speed check app can quickly tell you what prices you are working with.This guide explains the speed and internet speed you need to perform tasks such as live streaming, downloading, and playing. We’ve also compiled a list of the top 9 online speed testing apps so you can get started testing faster.

What Does the Speed ​​Test Tell Me?

An internet speed test provides real-time information about how fast your mobile or WiFi connection transmits data. The higher the level, the more data there is to support your online activities.

Speed ​​test tells you important information such as:

Delay: Delay or ping time in milliseconds (ms) which we take for the signal to go to or from the Internet server. Low latency means that your connection is very responsive, which is important when it comes to video games or video chats.

Download speed: Tasks such as browsing websites or viewing YouTube depend on download speed. Check this rate to see how fast the information you request online gets to your device.

Upload speed: Upload speed is important when sending data online. This is important when making video calls, sending documents, or making a backup copy of files to the cloud. Use this rating to see how fast information from your device arrives online.

Upload and download speeds are measured in Mbps or megabits per second. A speed ​​test only counts your internet speed over some time. Speed ​​may vary depending on the time of day or where you are in your home if you rely on a mobile Internet connection or WiFi.

How Do We Work To Speed ​​Testing?

When you start checking speed, your device sends a signal or ping to a nearby testing server to start speed testing. The server then sends the data to your device, and the app measures the amount of information downloaded over some time. To determine the upload speed, the application sends the information back to the server.

What Is A Good Internet Speed?

While the average mobile download speed in the United States in March 2021 was 76.15 Mbps, high speeds are not available everywhere. According to a source on HighSpeedInternet.com, 25 Mbps download speed and 3 Mbps download speed work for most people.There is no magic number that everyone needs to find when it comes to internet speed. Your personal needs depend on several factors.

Online activities

Some tasks require additional data. If you work from home and often participate in video conference calls, you need a faster connection than checking email or banking online. Here are some commonly recommended speeds:

Music streaming: 1 Mbps

Email: 1-5 Mbps

Web browsing: 5 Mbps

Communication sources: 10 Mbps

Video calls: 5 Mbps to 10 Mbps

Video streaming: 10 Mbps (HD) to 35 Mbps (4K)

Online Games: 25 Mbps to 75 Mbps

Large Downloads: 5 Mbps to 50 Mbps, depending on how fast you want the files to be downloaded

Ookla Speedtest

Ookla Speedtest

The Ookla Speedtest is full of features. In addition to download speeds, download speeds, delays, and jitter, it can perform video tests to measure clarity, upload time, and buffer. You can update your test history, view real-time graphs to see how your connection is compatible, and access a private VPN. Although the basic app is free, the premium version has no ads and includes an unlimited VPN.

Ookla Speedtest is rated at 4.3 in Apple and Google Play stores. Also available as a web version.



Signal’s Meteor speed monitor monitors your internet connection via Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G / LTE, and 5G. Meteor lets you test your connection to various applications, such as Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and Zoom. You can review detailed statistics and schedule previous tests in practice.

Meteor is rated at 4.7 in Apple and Google Play app stores.

SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master

SpeedTest Master offers standard speed tests and additional features. You can perform an advanced ping test to check network durability, find devices that use your Wi-Fi without permission, test signal strength to get the strongest location and find a less congested channel for your Wi-Fi route. SpeedTest Master also helps monitor data usage to avoid overuse. This app is available in 10 languages.SpeedTest Master was rated at 4.6 in the Apple app store and 4.9 in the Google Play store.



Available only as a mobile app, V-SPEED has a modern look and many setup options for those who like advanced settings. Includes Wi-Fi and mobile signal acquisition tool, mobile network maps, past filtering, and filtering options, and the ability to select default-test servers.V-SPEED is rated at 4.6 in the Apple App Store and 4.8 in the Google Play Store.

SpeedSmart Speed ​​Test

SpeedSmart Speed ​​Test

SpeedSmart has more than 100 servers worldwide that test Wi-Fi and mobile connectivity across all devices. Its simple interface clearly shows the delay, loading speed, and download speed. You can review the charts and compare your results with the average U.S. speed. with the ISP and follow up the test over time. The iOS version provides a Siri shortcut to start the speed test.SpeedSmart is rated at 4.7 in the Apple Apps Store and 4.5 in the Google Play Store. Also available as a web version.

Cloudflare Speed ​​Test

Cloudflare Speed ​​Test

Cloudflare Speed ​​Test provides detailed graphs with the loading speed, download speed, delay, and jitter. The app performs various tests, including 100 kB, 1 MB, 10 MB, 25 MB, and 100 MB downloads and downloads. You can see minimum, maximum, average, median, 25th percentile, and 75th percentile results for each test.

Cloudflare speed test is only available as a web version.



Powered by Netflix, FAST Speed ​​Test tests your mobile or broadband connections anywhere in the world. Fast, straightforward, and has no ads but limited features.FAST is rated at 3.7 in Apple’s app store and has 4.4 ratings in the Google Play Store. Also available as a web version.

Speed of.Me

Speed of.Me

This speed test uses HTML5 and works on mobile devices without installing an app. Displays both medium and high loading and download speeds. The data is visualized in a real-time graph. You must agree to use cookies to use this test.Speed of. It is only available as a web version.

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