8 Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Sticks


8 Best Live TV Apps for Amazon Fire Sticks

If you’ve switched to an Amazon Fire Stick, there are few applications you must download right away to get as much out of your new gadget. Dozens of apps are accessible for installation, the most of them are completely free, due to their versatility and interoperability.

Through their Amazon Fire TV and Stick, Amazon have changed home TV experience. You wouldn’t need a cable and internet Cable subscription with the gadget if you have a sufficient internet service.

Because Amazon Firestick is based on a version of Google, this can run lots of different applications to watch everything from live TV to the newest movies and shows, live as well as on sports, and just about anything else. You’ll need to know the best applications for each task if you want to get as much out of the Firestick.

Let us just glance at a few of the finest live tv applications for Firestick in this blog, which allows users to stream your favourite Television networks just about anywhere in the globe.


Almost certainly, you even have a Netflix membership on your Fire Stick. The software usually pre-installed  on your phone, and it is virtually unanimously praised for pioneering the streaming platform craze that we are now experiencing. Netflix has spent the past few years shifting its focus away from amassing quite so much media as feasible for your viewing enjoyment, and is now home to a slew of original programming.

Despite the fact that Netflix was founded on the premise of enabling you to watch films the corporation that created our contemporary entertainment landscape has changed its attention to television.

You really don’t need something else for your binge-watching enjoyment than Netflix, which has over 100,000 hours of programming and around 50,000 on-demand movies and TV episodes. A Netflix subscription isn’t inexpensive, but you get the most bang for your buck.


Despite a drive to stream certain elevated movies, Hulu was founded as a television-focused service, and it stays so in 2020. Hulu has a far greater balance of purchased and unique material available for viewing, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to watch some fantastic programmes.

Hulu also offers a live television service called Hulu with Live TV. It’s pricey, but if you can afford it, it’s a fantastic cable substitute with about each channel anyone could possibly desire. More information on Hulu with Live TV can be found in our rolling of the finest online video TV providers right here.

3. Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime falls midway between Netflix and Hulu, providing original programmes and films as well as a good selection of online movies and TV episodes, albeit the selection is limited compared to Hulu and Netflix. If you don’t want to pay for Amazon Prime, you can receive Prime Video for $10 a month if you wouldn’t want to pay for the other Prime benefits. Even most of the bollywood & pollywood movies are now directly releasing on Amazon prime.

4. Disney Plus

Disney Plus has been available for over a year and is an ought to for any Disney fan. Disney’s collection, as one of the world’s oldest media organisations, is famous, with animated classics spanning the golden period of cartoon and the Disney Renaissance.

Disney Plus is a renowned streaming platform that includes Disney content as well as a lot more.

The Disney App can be downloaded to watch movies and TV shows from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and National Geographic.

Disney Plus is an app that can be installed on Roku and Android boxes in addition to the Firestick/Fire TV.

When you’re a Star Wars or Marvel enthusiast, Disney Plus’ original programming, such as The Mandalorian and the complete MCU slate, will keep you enrolled.

5. Crackle

After being purchased by Sony in 2006, Crackle, formerly known as Grouper, has grown to be one of the most famous streaming video platforms.

Advertising support a free app, which features constantly updated high-quality programmes straight from the FireStick. Original Sony TV shows, ranging from drama to miniseries, are also available, in addition to hits produced by Sony Pictures and its affiliates.

This application is only accessible in 21 countries and three languages, which is a drawback (English, Spanish and Portuguese). You’ll want to utilise IPVanish to alter your location specific if you’re not in one of the nations it currently serves.

All our Best Free Online Movie Websites and Top Streaming Sites for TV Shows guides contain Crackle.

6. Kodi

Kodi is a free, fully accessible media centre that can be downloaded on a Firestick and then used to watch practically any type of video. The programme stands out for its clean operating system, but it’s the fact that it supports third-party addons that makes it so effective.

You could use Kodi to view IPTV channels, live sports, movies, TV shows, music, and more thanks to the dozens of addons accessible. All of these are available in HD, rendering it one of the most significant apps on this list of the Finest Apps for Amazon Firestick or Fire TV; nevertheless, you will need to install the best Kodi addons to do so. When using third-party Kodi addons, also ensure to use a VPN.

7. Live NetTV

Live NetTV allows you to view live TV channels from all around the world, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and more. The benefit of Live NetTV is that it offers various sources for a single show or channel. You could always try alternative source to enjoy your favorite material if one can not work.

It has a variety of categories where you may watch TV channels, including Sports, Comedy, Cinema, Kids, News, and much more. In addition, the app has an on-demand area for movies and TV episodes.

One of Live NetTV’s most notable features is its live events area, which lists all significant current and forthcoming events. You may see activities happening that same day and the next day, and most events offer many streams from which to choose.

Although Live NetTV is free, there is already a pro edition that needs consent to exploit unused resources.

8. Tubi TV

TubiTV features a lot of good content, and the site is organised in a logical, user-friendly way that makes locating content—especially good stuff that you’ll want to watch—pretty simple. Because the site rotates material, it’s safe to assume that won’t have seen the same show or movie on the app repeatedly.

There are a variety of ways to browse through content to discover the movie you would like to view, with categories like “Not on Netflix” and “Leaving Soon” making it simple to find something worthwhile.

TubiTV requires a login, which is somewhat frustrating. There seem to be a lot of advertising, which might be annoying once you’re at home watching your favourite shows.

The advertising are broken up into three to five ad pieces, and the service isn’t great at neatly breaking up the material. Worse, lacking Crackle’s graphical interface, the web player doesn’t show when an advertisement is about to start playing. Still, there are some excellent options for every genre on this list, and if you’re searching for the greatest streaming service available that doesn’t involve the use of a VPN, here is the place to go.

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