Amazon Echo vs. Google Nest : Which Smart speaker is best ?


Amazon Echo vs. Google Nest : Which Smart speaker is best ?

Whereas Amazon was the first one to introduce both a voice assistant and a smart display, Google has continually responded with services that satisfy or, in some cases, surpass Amazon’s benchmark. Now Google and Amazon have developed new smart speakers that are identical in every way be it size or function, making it even more difficult to determine which is the best.

There seem to be a lot of things to think about when choosing a smart home hub with an integrated voice assistant. If you purchase a smart speaker from one business, it makes much more sense to purchase other smart gadgets from the same firm. You’re analysing each maker’s entire industry of smart devices, not just the Amazon Echo or Google Nest.

There are quite a lot of factors which are considered while buying a speakers so let’s discuss each one of them and compare which will turn out the best speaker Amazon Echo or Google Nest speakers.

Design & Hardware

Only the speaker and a DC power adaptor are included with the Google Nest Audio box. The pillow-shaped gadget is relatively basic, with only a silent switch as a haptic button. It disables the microphones when plugged, giving you peace of mind that Google isn’t listening in on conversation. The LED lights illuminate amber while the microphone is disabled.

Hidden touchscreen panels lie against the gap at the head of the speakers, and 4 LED lights embellish the front. Google Assistant activation, Bluetooth pairing mode, and an ongoing call are all indicated via the LEDs. The touchscreen panel is divided into three sections: the outermost two allow you to change the volume, while the centre allows you to manage media streaming.

Google Nest Audio lacks a 3.5mm headset connector, thus you won’t be able to listen to music with wired headphones.

Which one is smarter ?

A smart speaker is designed to make the process easier; it ought to be capable of answering inquiries and music playing, among other things. It must also be capable of fulfilling more complex needs, such as daily routines. The both Google Nest Audio and the Amazon Echo are capable of performing tasks, although they both have their very own quirks.

You’ll require the Google Home app to start up the Google Nest Audio. The software will then effortlessly assist you via the setup procedure. After you’ve established your Nest Audio, you can customise your own settings, such as Voice Match. This option enables you to programme certain voices Google should answer to so that it isn’t activated all the time time a “Okay Google” advertisement airs on Television.

Sound Quality

All along rear of the Amazon Echo is a power input and a headset. A 75mm mid-woofer and a 19mm tweeter are included in the Google Nest Audio. The Google Nest Audio should be installed centrally at the edge of a shelf to reduce sound waves reflecting off the wall surface, which is good practise for any speaker.

Google’s speaker under-emphasizes sub-bass frequencies, which is also not ideal, but it compensates with excellent intermediate and treble rendition. With the exception of EDM, almost any music will sound great with the Google Nest Audio.

The Amazon Echo, on either hand, has a strong bass response that makes for a pleasant sound, although that does downplay some intermediate sounds.

Since bass tones are conveyed or over twice as loud as other mid – range notes, you may feel some information lacking from your songs while playing with the Amazon Echo.


If you are using your Google Nest Audio for online purchase, Google will most likely utilise the interpret of that order to serve you targeted adverts depending on different types of products its algorithm believes you’ll be interested in. You may stop Google’s capacity to customise adverts, and Google claims to only get voice files when the actually woke phrase is triggered. We advise to go through the Google’s privacy policies.

Amazon records your conversations with Alexa and saves them. You can access and erase your recordings using Amazon’s Alexa Privacy Settings, or users can choose to have them not stored at all. Deactivating this feature, according to Amazon, could result in less accuracy speech recognition. Alexa, according to Amazon, only listens when it is called by its wakeup phrase.

So, now you know about the features of both the speakers hopefully it will be easy for you to choose the one which suits your requirements full anf is best smart speaker for you.

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