Demystifying Blockchain: Rules of cryptocurrency trading for new investors

Demystifying Blockchain: Rules of cryptocurrency trading for new investors

The past few years have been most fruitful to cryptocurrency investors. Unfazed by the uttermost volatility, a feature of the latest industry, investors mainly appear to remain committed to the longer-term possibility of investing in crypto. In this backdrop, how the cryptocurrency industry is looking to behave in the New Year is one of the crucial questions that all investors are struggling with. It is nearly out of the question to foretell or predict the market. But there are certain rules that every investor must follow to maximize their gains and minimize risks in 2022. 

Unlike 2021, the market has remained low-spirited in this New Year. Most cryptocurrency coins have shed a chunk of the gains built towards the last year. However, the overall sentiment is constructive as new listings do take up the center stage. It is expected that 2022 will continue the happy adoption of crypto that was a distinctive feature of the year gone by. Each year comes with its own system and investors want to take into account the quickly changing dynamics to make gains and stay afloat. Here are certain things that all investors must do:

Primary Research

One of the most significant trading plans of action is to do primary research. You require not to be a specialist at trading to direct primary research on the value of the asset you desire to purchase. This includes being updated with all the news flow with regard to the crypto industry. WazirX supports you to do that rapidly by collating all the news items that you want to read before the start of your day.
Besides, you should assess your own finances and set up an investment goal well before placing a bet on the volatile asset class like cryptocurrency. You research Tron, Litecoin, Tron, Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and start out investing on WazirX.

Have a strategy

Just like a business, investing also wants a strategy. Organizing and Planning go a long way while investing in cryptocurrency. Such measures maximize gains while they lessen the risk of impulsive decisions which can be fatal. A good strategy must-have elements such as predetermined risk levels and fixed goals. Every move you make in the cryptocurrency market must have a definite purpose. Investors must know how to utilize Stop-loss orders. It is a nice tool to sell an asset when the price begins falling. Utilizing stop-loss orders successfully saves you from unneeded loss. Above all, a smart investor must ignore being greedy.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Do not put all your eggs in one basket! Diversify helps you grow your portfolio across several various markets, therefore lessening your overall risk.
This denotes that if one market falls, your all in all portfolio won’t crash entirely.
Here are a few manners to diversify with crypto:

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Industry: You can spread your portfolio across some high-growth industries. Utility coins, Privacy coins, and payment platforms are a few of the major industries to diversify across.

Coin market cap: Certain crypto traders mix their investments across low market caps and high market cap coins (such as Bitcoin) to average out their whole risk. You could discover a list of market cap rankings here.
Short-term & long-term: You can invest a slice of your portfolio in swing trading, whilst holding out a pot of long-term crypto too.
Investing in the single crypto is often signified as an immature investment plan. Yes, if the crypto price does take a dip, then all your investments would be gone. Do take Bitcoin as an example. Bitcoin investors face-up big price hits during the past couple of months. Over the fright of losing their capital, numerous withdrew out their bitcoin investment, pushing the crypto to further go into crisis. Luckily, crypto investors can keep away from a sudden fall by maintaining a healthy portfolio. A healthy portfolio includes investing in more than just one crypto. This crypto investment rule assists in maximizing profits and minimizing losses. It takes investors to a brand new level where losing some and winning some is brighter than losing it all.

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Stop, drop & roll. 

Everyone understands what to do must they catch on fire.
By contrast, financial literacy is exceedingly low, and many humans lack a fundamental understanding of financial management. A record number of individuals have collected the record level of debt. What are certain simple rules of financial management we must follow?
Financial analysts declared it’s not so easy. Financial investments are complex, and easier rules go beyond not placing all your eggs in the same basket directive are harder to come by.
However, some support can come from an unexpected realm of crypto trading.

Choose a platform to trade.

The foremost step a day trader has to take is determining what platform to utilize. US-based traders can utilize only domestically regulated cryptocurrency-trading platforms, so this is a crucial factor to consider when researching the fair platform.
Asset liquidity and Exchange liquidity are at the topmost of a trader’s list when selecting the right platform for them to sell and buy cryptocurrency. The volatility of the cryptocurrency market signifies that the value of digital assets can swing wildly. Traders looking for maximizing profits in this market, they require to make moves fast.


Investing in crypto is a great way to learn about things. But it is a high-reward high-risk game and you should be able to digest pretty high volatility. Do get into this market only if you can stomach utmost variations and the implications of investment going incorrect. Cryptocurrency trading will continue. Investors will be permitted to sell and buy crypto from exchange platforms that follow some guidelines.

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