Redefining Customer Engagement: Chatbots, Automation, and More

Redefining Customer Engagement: Chatbots, Automation, and More

Artificial intelligence (AI) is entirely redefining the customer support landscape. From visual search to automated messages, AI customer service chatbots permit companies to greatly support the customers’ requirements at more touching points along the journey.

What is a customer service chatbot, and do I want one?

A customer service chatbot is a bot that utilizes machine learning and AI to answer a business messenger and basic customer questions. For example, questions such as; how do I add on more users? or what is the pricing?

• You have a global, progressing base of customers, who need multi-lingual support.

• Support is required across multiple channels (e.g. social media, website, in-app, etc.).

• You wanted to lessen the customer service costs and explore more efficient pathways to scale up the customer support.

Supporting chatbots cover up – but don’t replacing – customer service agents

It’s true that chatbots support the customer service agents (we call them customer support engineers and specialists here at Intercom) do their jobs in a great way. In particular, they save your team time by resolving simple questions fast – free up the team to tackle the complex queries.

AI chatbots aren’t a renewal for real human interactions, though.

• Chatbots are good at augmenting these interactions and are best used to simplified tasks and removing repetition from the workflows.

• Human agents must handle conversations where someone is navigating a complex purchase or is feeling confused and frustrated. As advanced as the natural language process has become, it never really offers a genuine “I’m sorry” the pathway a person can.

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Redefining Customer Engagement: Chatbots, Automation, and More 6

Six major gains of customer service chatbots

Using AI chatbots coming with few pretty big profits – here are the most likely to notice righteous away.

1. Chatbots serve instant resolutions

2. Your business do offer 24/7 customer support

3. Chatbots continuous way learn

4. You do tailor answers to various types of customers

5. Your team has much more context on every customer

6. A consistent user experience is developed

Chatbots offers instant resolutions

When a customer asks a question, Intercom’s chatbots automatically resolve questions utilizing the source material, involving knowledge base FAQs and articles. Intercom’s Resolution Not taking this a step further by surface relevant answers based on what customers are typing – before they even hit the enter key.

Your business can offer 24/7 customer support

If your team is unavailable, a chatbot does step in to answer questions and serve links to resources. But if they can’t support, the bot does indicate the available hours to say when a person would be in touch.

Chatbots continuously learn

Customer service chatbots don’t just utilize AI to answer questions. They also utilize it to grasp and automatically refine the support quality offered in the future. For example, if a chatbot understands how to answer a question like how do I add another user? it automatically recognizes where I am adding another user? as having the similar meaning. 

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Redefining Customer Engagement: Chatbots, Automation, and More 7

You could tailor answers to various kind of customers

Even when customers have a similar question, they may not be satisfied with the similar answer. For example, if you have a customer on the Enterprise plan who asks if apps are involved in the cost, but your bot references the Startup plan, it may as well not answer at all.

With Intercom’s Resolution Bot, you have the potential to choose who the bot spoke to.You do resolve the customers’ issues with answers that are hyper-targeted to the requirements.

Your team has much more context on every customer

If an AI chatbot is quietly and present waiting, why not apply it? Customers who check out chatbots might be more likely to ask questions, rather than silently remaining and browsing an invisible lead.

With that first touchpoint from the customer, you have their info in the system. This is a good start: if they contact you again, your agents do use that conversation history to better understand their requirements and make certain their foremost question was proper way answered.

This deep context on every customer journey does provide certain ideas for refining your chatbot’s responses. If you check out certain conversations only being held with the agents, this might signify there are questions that the bot is not answering but must be able to. 

A consistent user experience is created

Finally, customer service chatbots do support you to set up a consistent, on-brand experience for the customers. Since you’re in control of the language, voice, and tone utilized in the bot’s responses, there won’t be any we don’t say that situations.

This consistency is only bolstered by how accurate chatbots are. With AI in control, conversations aren’t missing by accident, support emails do not go to spam and there’s no mistyping and copy-pasting that can result in the false information being sent to the customer.

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