Google Pixel 6 camera review

Google Pixel 6 camera

Pixel 6 is a good example of what Google and Android 12 services offer. So much so that I can say that Pixel 6 is the most important phone upgrade Google has made since launching the Pixel line in 2016. New phone cameras, Google Tensor chip, and premium wishes follow months of hype – partly since Google announces the phone months before it is released – and its bold two-tone design. All of these changes come while keeping Pixel 6 priced at between $ 599, which easily removes the bad taste left by the Pixel 5 under the name. Google is joining the charging trend in this regard, with the Pixel 6 coming in half box length as it has become commonplace in the high market segment. The lid has a real phone print on top, and the sides are matched with colours as well.

Previous Pixel phones have been living in a safe, quiet, and crowded place where phones cost between $ 600 and $ 800. For many people, it was a good phone and sometimes good but with no gloss, details, and the appeal of many smartphones from Samsung and Huawei.

Battery life is good, but it’s hard to get over a day The ultrawide camera is decent but not at the same level as the main camera So what’s the problem? In short, Pixel phones are not well sold. It reminds me of the early days when Michael Jordan joined the Chicago Bulls but they had not yet won titles. Pixel 6 is an attempt to build the phone to be effective and attractive. It’s as if the Bulls decided to form a team around Jordan to help him win titles.

Instead of powering the phone with a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, Google has developed its chip: Tensor. This allows the Pixel 6 to perform calculations and AI more securely and faster on the phone than always using the cloud. Tensor unlocks a host of new software features that Google could not add using a different processor.

Google has increased its three-year OS and security updates to five. In the US, the Pixel 6 is available for both Google and all major carriers. And Google even made an app to register Apple’s iPhone Upgrade. It is called Pixel Pass and costs $ 45 a month for two years.

Even the Pixel crown jewel – its cameras – got improved lenses and extra premium hardware. Now that Google has improved everything, in and around Pixel.

This is the Pixel phone I always wanted on Google. I spent more than a week with the new phone and it lives up to a lot of hype. The Pixel 6 starts at $ 599 (£ 599, OR $ 999) and comes with 128GB of storage. At that price, I can’t think of a better phone than I would recommend right now.

The bold design of the two-tone Pixel 6 makes me faint .The Pixel 6 has a 6.4-inch screen, 1080p. It can be set to automatically switch from 60Hz to 90Hz depending on the on-screen content. There’s a hole-punch cutout camera for the photo you took and the screen is flat with thick bezels, like a Sharpie bleeding on aluminum matte finish. For comparison, it reminds me a little bit of the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, which also had the same bezels and rounded sides, and that’s not a bad thing.

The front is covered with Gorilla Glass Victus. At the bottom of the screen is a fingerprint reader, who first worked for me part-time. It was frustrating and not the best thing. After a couple of amazing days, I double-registered my thumbprints and they worked almost every time. Now I don’t even need to break my finger on the screen.

The bottom of the camera bar is light gray but depending on the light it may look light blue. It was then that the design of the phone made me faint. Made with Gorilla Glass 6 and has a two-colour system. My review unit is Sorta Seafoam, which means the bottom of the back is light gray or light blue depending on the light. The upper back row is light green, contrasting with the deep black of the camera bar. The overall look of the Pixel 6 reminds me of the Pixel 2 XL and its panda color.

The horizontal camera bar runs across the rear and looks bold and unique. The camera bar is not just designed to be a feature of Google’s product; you can put Pixel 6 without a case on the table and it does not stagnate.

In general, balance and finish are good. If you take the Pixel 6 Pro, which costs $ 300 more, you may see a few smaller ways you feel like a premium than the Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6 Camera Bar

The camera bar features a wide-angle camera and an ultrawide-angle camera.

Of all the upgrades, I was very excited to try the Pixel 6 cameras, and Google was delivered. The Pixel 6, with special lenses and sensors, captures beautiful images. Let me quickly reduce that to remind you that this is still a phone call. A camera without a mirror or DSLR can always take better pictures in a wide range of light and conditions. But people do not always have a camera without glasses.

The Pixel 6 has two rear cameras: a large camera with a wide-angle lens and a second camera with an ultrawide-angle lens. These are the same wide and wide range cameras found in the Pixel 6 Pro. The ultrawide camera offers 0.7x magnification instead of 0.6x magnification at Pixel 5. Overall ultrawide is good but not good. The details in the pictures are OK but usually soft.

Pixel 6 has made us complain about some legitimate, minor complaints. Competitors have moved to 120Hz displays, and this one is still at 90Hz, although the jump from 60Hz to 90Hz is probably the most noticeable. Charging is slow in a good system, but probably fine in the context of the Pixel 6 where that doesn’t seem to matter. Tensor throttles, but also the highly competitive Snapdragon / Exynoses. And with all its inclination to pick up the lint from your pockets, the rear camera line is an unusual design choice that looks interesting.

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